Obama’s system lets totalitarian systems turn green with envy.

Freedom from imperialism lasted unfortunately only 20 years - Comment on 2013 November 26

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German chancellor betrays freedom and violates her oath of office: to protect the interests of the population. And the surveillance of millions of federal citizens surpasses even the fantasies of George Orwell and lets totalitarian systems turn green with envy. It is a regime of fear. Read more:

The end of the Soviet imperialism one can time wise best describe with the fall of the wall in Berlin. And that was on the 9th of November 1989.

The start of the Obama imperialism one can time wise describe with the 20th of January 2009 in Washington, the day when Obama was officially installed in office.

Between these two dates there are 20 years in which the world was free of imperialism.

A decisive event in the fall of the Soviet empire was the act of Mr Yeltsin taking Russia out of the Soviet Union. Russia became a democracy and the capital of the Soviet Union, Moscow and the Kremlin, suddenly were in a foreign country, in Russia, no longer in the territory of the Soviet Union. The rests of the Soviet Union were now situated around Russia, but no longer involved Russia. And they then also left the Soviet Union.

Today’s leader of Russia seems to base his power on the consent of the majority of the population of his country.

For many people the democracy in Russia does not seem to be the ideal case of a democracy. They seem to have reservations. One reservation seems to be that Russia does not push for circumstances as they are presented as ideal in the West. In the West for example a politician can hardly effort to express a view against introducing circumstances like those in Sodom and Gomorrah. In Russia this still seems to be possible.

In Russia it is, or rather it seems at least up to now still possible to not easily satisfy the demands of Mr Obama and Russia can protect a man like Edward Snowden, who has shown the world that Obama is a thief and steals from all people on Earth, their data, before the killer Obama, the man with the drones.

Therefore Russia succeeded, probably because of the personality of Mr Putin, in staying out of the sphere of influence of Mr Obama.

At the moment the Ukraine sees itself drawn to and fro between these two spheres of influence. The country may succeed not to be drawn into the current of Obama.

Everything westerly of the Ukraine is, perhaps already hopelessly, in this region of power of this new world ruler.

One difference between these two regions seems to be that the eastern is more or less aware what the situation is, while the western came into this totalitarian system without having noticed at all what happened and that it happened.

One interesting country in this connection is Germany. In all parties represented in the Bundestag there seem to be men who have reservations about Obama.

The chancellor thinks Obama is a liar. She expresses it by saying his predecessor, Mr Bush, has never lied to her. Already 5 years ago, at Obama’s inauguration, she expressed herself cautiously about the cooperation with him, quite clearly in opposition to the French president. See 2009 Jan 21 – Assumption of office:
German chancellor Angela Merkel sees many opportunities with Barack Obama's assumption of office and France's president Nicolas Sarkozy even said he wants to "change the world" with Obama.

Up to now Ms Merkel, with her country, kept out of the military undertakings of Obama and with the planned attack on Syria she actually did not want to go along and did not sign in Petersburg, only after it, when the EU agreed. But then the situation in Germany was so that the great majority of people thought Obama was the Messiah. Since now the mobile phone of Ms Merkel became world famous some things have changed.

That was the biggest party represented in the Bundestag, and in the second biggest there is now the most powerful man in Germany, Mr Gabriel, and he says, actually quite directly, Mr Obama is an egg-thief. See 2013 Nov 08 – Germany: Gabriel describes Obama as an egg-thief. He also talks about a break, which is not a total one, and that means a break, even if not a total one. For him a country like Poland is to be classified as hostile because it would hijack a man like Snowden when he would come into Poland’s air space. Und the decisive thing is that Gabriel thinks Snowden would not be safe in Germany. And that is a statement that Germany has lost its sovereignty and that is another description that Germany has submitted itself to a totalitarian system, has become part of a dictatorship. And then Mr Gabriel still says that the general federal prosecutor sleeps and has not issued an international warrant of arrest against Obama.

The apparent future opposition party, the Left, has expressed itself through Ms Wagenknecht, see 2013 Nov 04 (2) – Germany: Sahra Wagenknecht defends freedom and democracy and she says a chancellor who still now wants to continue business as usual betrays freedom and violates her oath of office: to protect the interests of the population. And she says the surveillance of millions of federal citizens surpasses even the fantasies of George Orwell and lets totalitarian systems turn green with envy. She talks about a regime of fear.

And the Green Ströbele has confessed his opinion through his trip to Moscow and his meeting with Snowden.

In the discussion about forming a government, the ones of the political parties and also the ones of those who publish opinions about it, this actual only important subject, the freedom of the country, is hushed up. This gives rise to expect trouble.

The business as usual has good chances to be continued and the Germans can again be happy, after 20 years of freedom, to again being able to live in a dictatorship, their third.


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