Germany is part of Obama’s dictatorship and the Ukraine keeps out of it.

The Ukraine and Germany and freedom - Comment on 2013 November 21 (3)

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The Ukraine seems to avoid joining Obama’s dictatorship and Germany has to decide if it wants to remain in it. Read more:

Today I read two interesting news items.

The first one was this:

EU agreement on ice: Putin sets the Ukraine on easterly course

The parliament of the Ukraine first refuses Julija Timoschenko permission to leave the country and then stops the negotiations about a trade agreement with the Europeans. The Kremlin had first put Kiev under massive pressure.

And this is the second:

NSA affair: Merkel and Gauck give US delegation the brush-off

It is difficult with the reconsiliation in the NSA affair: Despite question Chancellor Merkel and Federal President Gauck will not receive the US delegation, which comes to Berlin on Monday. Merely Foreign Minister Westerwelle is prepared for a meeting with the Americans.

At the beginning of the month we had 2013 Nov 04 (3) – Guttenberg meets Merkel and there it as reported that Guttenberg had called upon the American president Barack Obama for a “believable apology” to Angela Merkel for the bugging action of the NSA and that through the fact, that Merkel received Guttenberg, she underlined his demand because it was also hers.

Obama as dictator of his world empire is of course not able to afford to apologize to his slaves, and so his accomplices have to do it, and that it is exactly what Ms Merkel feels and wants to prevent, because she insists on a direct apology from the one who insulted her. And Mr Gauck seems to understand that fully and to support it. And so Obama’s emissaries will probably not be able to fulfil their task and will have to return to Washington without result.

And the Ukraine also seems to have lost interest in being integrated into the EU and to become slaves to Mr Obama. The distance to Russia they probably would like to keep, but at the moment Russia seems to be the only country, which is capable to resist Mr Obama.

Ms Merkel always had reservation against Obama and thinks him, in opposition to Bush, to be liar, and her probable future partner in government, Mr Gabriel, thinks Mr Obama is an egg-thief, see 2013 Nov 08 – Germany: Gabriel calls Obama an egg-thief.

This foreign policy matter the two, Merkel and Gabriel, will probably keep out of their official negotiations, because that would probably make their parties, especially the one of Mr Gabriel, become confused and disturbed, and so it remains to be seen in which direction this develops.

And that means that the negotiations about a new government in Germany will deal with all possible things, especially with money, but that the only real important matter, the freedom of Germany, plays no role. That creates interesting conditions for government work.

The Ukraine may have avoided, in the last moment, the leap into the dictatorship of Mr Obama and whether Germany succeeds in getting out of the dictatorship in which it is now, that the future will show.


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