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Mental transmission of the word of God - Comment on 2013 November 21 (2)

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We are mentally influenced by spiritual beings and when that goes wrong then men will bring the word of God to us and try to correct us and then it is up to us to make the decision what we are going to do. We have free will. We can go to hell or to heaven. Read more:

One of the biggest crimes of Orthodoxy is their theology. And this their theology, a devilish theology, one can describe with three words: God is dead.

For them God lived once, but now he is dead. He died 2000 years ago and now he does not talk any longer. The last revelation was the Revelation of John and that is the last book of the Bible and we theologians have rescued the word and still rescue it, and that is why we are the interpreters of his word and you must come to us to hear something about God and we only can interpret the word of God and explain it.

And whenever men then stand up and claim they have heard God speaking to them then the Orthodox are filled with indignation and start their persecution. Such men are then called fundamentalists or whatever. This goes hand in hand with the fight against everything what somehow looks like the supernatural. Our theologians are the true enemies of God and his most effective foes.

See 2013 Nov 18 Priests are atheists and criminals.

With previous entry, 2013 Nov 21 Divine word. Source. Love. Knowledge. Light., it was about how God talks to us and it closed with the sentence: Because these will also acknowledge God as source of his word; they can do no otherwise because through life in love they have as it were already united with him and therefore also recognize his work.

And this entry now continues with this subject:


Responsibility. Mental transmission of the word of God

7. June 1942. B.D. NR.2359

And that is why man is also responsible how he lives his life because through the word of God knowledge is given to him about his will. Because God also speaks in another way to men than just through direct imparting. He steers the thoughts of every individual so that they can know God when they are only willing. He has created countless works of wonder around men, which are all witnesses of their creator; therefore direct the thoughts of men again and again towards him. These thoughts can indeed be rejected or dropped. Man is not forced, once they emerge, to muse about them, therefore also now the recognizing of the eternal divinity depends on the will of man to approve them, because the willing man spins such emerging thoughts further out and through this gives the light beings caring for him the possibility of having an effect on him, i.e., they direct his thoughts towards the right recognizing and stimulate him towards always new thought activity. That is why a man, without any influence from the outside, without transmission of the divine word on the part of fellowman, can be far closer to truth and has this so to speak acquired through thought, because he has not resisted the work of light beings, who have instructed him mentally. So is every work of creation, every event and experience around man suitable to send him to the recognition of the eternal divinity, because through all this God himself speaks to men, to then still reinforce it through the directly spoken word, which he sends to men, so that man again and again can fetch from latter the confirmation, that his thinking corresponds with truth. Then he will so long not deviate from truth, as he devotes himself without resistance to the work of God through light beings. As soon as he feels an inner resistance and gives in to this feeling, therefore takes an unwilling view of what if offered to him, he has already become a slave of the counter power, which feeds this will into him, therefore wants to turn him away from God and the recognition of him. As soon as the thought of a highest and most perfect being, with regard to which man has to answer for his life, annoys him or is unpleasant, the opponent of God already influences the man. And then the light beings take increased action insofar that they now send the word of God through the mouth of man to the man, who is in danger. He is now warned and admonished, and that what does not want to appeal to him mentally, is urgently introduced to him, but the decision remains his, because he must live his Earth life in fullest freedom of will, otherwise it cannot earn him the final spiritual freedom. But from God all possibilities are offered to the being, all favours and means of help made available, which it just needs to use as long as it walks on Earth in the embodiment as man. Amen. B.D. NR. 2359.


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