Food, which is imperishable.

God feeds what is his in times of trouble - Comment on 2013 November 17

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A time will come were men will only get together in secret to hear about the love of God, about his will and his work, and men will have to be afraid that these meetings will be counted to them as crime. Read more:

Now in the reign of Tiberius Caesar, Agricola being minister of religious affairs in Rome, news came to Agricola about Jesus and he, Agricola, travelled to Jerusalem to meet Jesus and became a disciple of Jesus.

Now being in Israel, Agricola made the following statement about atheists:

See, we certainly are Romans, but we know in Rome about every condition in our Asiatic countries! And so we also know very exactly that you are certainly priests before the people according to appearance, but according to truth you are atheists, worse than our cynics and Epicureans. You believe in no God at all and are therefore also always prepared in secret to commit the greatest and most horrible crimes against every civil and even more so against every divine law. If you would not be afraid of our worldly laws, which are always handled unsparingly strictly, then already for a long time no life would be safe before you.

Now the peak time of the atheists will come at the times of the end. Then no life will be safe before them. They are always prepared to commit the greatest and most horrible crimes, and at the time of the end they will no longer do so secretly, but openly. Then they are no longer afraid of worldly laws, because the lawless one then rules.

Examples of such atheists are men like Stalin, Hitler and Mao, and their followers, but also priests at the time of Jesus and at our time, because they behave in many details contrasting to the commandments of Jesus and are therefore opponents of Jesus and therefore do not believe in him and are therefore unbelievers – atheists.

So Agricola is the man who brings the real definition of the priests to us: they are atheists, they blieve in no God at all.

Here a message from Bertha Dudde:


God feeds what is his in times of trouble. Favours.

1. June 1942. B.D. NR 2355.

Which fullness of favour flows out of the directly received word of God, that you men will only recognize when every possibility is taken from you to receive the word of God anywhere else. Times will come where nothing still admonishes the activity for the spreading of faith teachings, which were offered to men openly up to now – a time will come were men will only get together in secret to hear about the love of God, about his will and his work, and men will have to be afraid that these meetings will be counted to them as crime. And that is the time, which God has foreseen and has caused him to work unusually to be able to serve these men the bread of heaven in direct form. As men want it, so he lets it happen, but he helps those who must suffer under that will. And what is taken from them by men, that God himself gives to them again; he himself comes to men and feeds and strengthens and comforts them. He does not allow that they must starve, but he gives them food, which is imperishable; he feeds them with the bread of heaven; he supplies them with food, which is direct power transfer from God. Because he knows that men need such; he knows that they come into situations where their faith is in danger; he knows about the weakness of faith in the face of such dangers, and that is why he offers his word to them, which lets all fear and worry go away. Because in the word he himself descends to Earth and therefore is in the middle among them, who believingly accept his word. And therefore men, strong in faith and undaunted, will let everything wash over them and nevertheless be happy. They will let themselves be reviled; with patience they will bear all prosecutions and just recognize in them the truth of the divine word, and their strength will increase; their faith become deeper and deeper and more and more unshakeable. And they will no longer fear the world when they have submitted to him who also rules over the world. Where the word of God is offered there dwells the Lord in the midst of men, and he gives them refreshment and strengthens them for the fight, which they are to wage about his name. The time is close where the adversary gets ready for this fight, where he induces the will of men to unscrupulous action against all men who stand in faith. The time has come where the bad spiritual powers seek men submissively dependent on them, through whom they can work unhindered. And it will be their greatest ambition to prevent everything what favours spiritual striving, and destroy everything what points towards God or acknowledges Jesus Christ as the redeemer of the world – therefore to stop all knowledge about divine wisdoms, on the other hand show themselves to their best advantage with satanic cunning. And the followers of the world will comply with their wishes; without hesitation they, as already being far from God, will give up all spiritual, and content themselves with earthly consumptions, therefore pay tribute to the opponent of God, who wants to elevate himself to the throne. He will rule a time, but the power of faith is to be revealed with those who resist him and acknowledge God alone as their Lord. Because what the opponent of God offers them will always only be worldly good, because it has no continued existence. He will promise honour and fame to men who comply with his wishes, and threaten the others, who are loyal to their faith. And therefore he takes a stand against God. He is his adversary, his enemy, who devotes everything to win supreme power over the human soul. But he will not succeed in this with the souls, which are devoted to God. Only where lack of love predominates, there he will have a great triumph and present himself as god to them, and the blindness of them acknowledges him. But the ones who are God’s, he protects from his influence, by him imparting his power to them also then when the opponent of God wants to prevent this. He supplies his word to them and is with them himself in the word, distributing power and favour and blessing them, who are loyal to him and want to serve him. Because one thing is necessary in the coming time – that the divine word is distributed, which he supplies to men himself and which he has blessed with his power. Amen. B.D. NR. 2355.


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