The cause of cancer is known and there is a cure.

The politics of cancer - Comment on 2013 November 11 (2)

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That we still have no scientific understanding of the cause of cancer, and that there is no cure, are lies. Read more:

Two weeks ago we had
2013 Oct 28 – Cancer victim makes a case for alternative treatment
and there it was about the member of parliament Mario Oriani-Ambrosini and his fight against cancer and today I again read about this but this time it was an article written by the man himself.

I now bring the first part of this article:

Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, MP, struck down with cancer earlier this year, is asking the government to host a serious centre of alternative and integrated cancer therapy.

The politics of cancer

IFP MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini’s personal odyssey

In April, I was riding high. I was preparing parliamentary battles over the Legal Practice Bill, the Broad-based BEE Bill, the Special Economic Zones Bill and the ever important Parliamentary Rules.

My office was brewing with excitement. I felt that we alone represented the greater interest over petty political and group concerns. I had a magnificent life, with a wonderful son and dear friends. I desired nothing more. Perhaps to punish my hubris, I suddenly received a diagnosis of stage four cancer, and none of this mattered any longer.

Although drawn from my experience, this article is not about me. It is about the hundreds of millions of people who have died from cancer and the 10 million people a year worldwide who will suffer and die from cancer in the future, possibly unnecessarily. This epidemic is more widespread than TB or HIV/Aids and there are no condoms to prevent it.

Cancer is science’s greatest failure. After 100 years of research, with unlimited funding and under immense social pressure, we still have no scientific understanding of the cause of cancer, and there is no cure. Science appears to be looking in the wrong direction, with the wrong paradigm.

Now this man is something like an elder in the community. He is not an elder in a local community, or in a province or a national state, but an elder on national level. So he is a top elder.

Now he says there is no scientific understanding of the cause of cancer, and there is no cure.

This is now ultimate darkness. This man seems to be totally enshrouded in ignorance. And according to present circumstances he could actually be considered to be a man who is able to think outside the box because he thinks differently than most people. He can liberate himself from school medicine.

If we now go five thousand years back and have a look at elders at the time when Adam was still alive and then compare these elders with today’s elders, then we can only see a shocking decline.

I am here referring to webpages like
Sanskrit, pyramid, sphinx and Plato or
Adam's family
where the decline of mankind is shown and where it is shown how powerful and knowing elders were at the time of Adam.

Even at the time of Moses men still had an idea of the inner school of life. In Moses’ fifth book, in chapter 28, we have a detailed description of the cause of cancer and also of the cure. It is all there and easily available, but our blind elders cannot find it.

This elder in Cape Town makes the same mistake as most people do because he talks about scientific understanding of the problem and therefore demonstrates his ignorance because by using the word scientific he declares the spiritual side of life does not belong to a scientific understanding and with this he shows that he does not even understand the difference between real science and pseudo-science. A real scientist will not only include the spiritual side of life in his science but will know that everything is based on the spiritual side of life and without knowledge of spiritual things a scientist will actually understand nothing. What our elder considers to be science is just religion, the religion of the materialists.

Our elder is completely deluded and he actually documents his delusion in his own article, because he knows about his cause of cancer and describes it very nicely – in his article.

It is about punishment for wrongdoing or even better measures of correction for wrongdoings. He actually uses the word punish and then he also states the exact cause for his cancer. It is hubris.

And hubris is insolent pride or presumption. So our elder knows exactly what the problem is in his life. The cause of his cancer has been analysed by himself, but he says there is no understanding of the cause of cancer. What a nice case of ignorance. He contradicts himself in the first few paragraphs of his article and demonstrates his state of darkness.


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