Obama’s regime of fear.

Germany: The blind Westerwelle - Comment on 2013 November 10 (2)

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The actual scandal is the surveillance of millions of federal citizens, which even surpasses the fantasy of Orwell and lets totalitarian systems turn green with envy. Read more:

Today I read an interview with the German foreign minister and there I found a statement, which is actually hard to believe. That man says: “The United States of America are a parliamentarian democracy and a state founded on the rule of law. They are and they remain our most important partner outside of Europe.”

That reminds me of the time after the Machtergreifung, the seizure of power, on the 30th of January 1933 in Germany. The diplomatic representatives of western countries in Berlin turned out to be diplomats, who were completely unable to recognize the situation, to recognize that a dictatorship had come into being on that day.

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Such so-called diplomats and superiors of such so-called diplomats seem to so caught up in their diplomatic business that they are not able to add up most simple things and connections. As it was 80 years ago, so it repeats itself today.

The American president commits one crime after the other, the majority of the lower house, which is allegedly in opposition to the president, is unable to fulfil its duty, and chase this man out of his office and bring him behind bars, everywhere on Earth there is outrage about this man, in Germany itself the chairman of the party still in opposition says Obama is an egg-thief and is incensed that the general federal prosecutor still has not issued an international warrant of arrest against Obama, the vice president of the Bundestag wants him sentenced, the vice chairman of the group that will probably be the future opposition attacks the USA severely and calls it a regime of fear, which even surpasses the fantasy of Orwell and lets totalitarian systems turn green with envy, and demands the closure of military installations of the Americans in Germany, and the German foreign minister Westerwelle says, the United States are and remain the most important partners of Germany outside of Europe.

That is the opinion of the German government. And one can assume that this is also the official and personal opinion of the chancellor.

There one can only agree with Ms Wagenknecht and confirm that Ms Merkel betrays freedom and violates her oath of office: to protect the interests of the people.


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