America as ally is past, and Nato is past.

Germany: Gabriel calls Obama an egg-thief - Comment on 2013 November 8

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A Nato country like Poland is to be classified as hostile because it would hijack a man like Snowden when he comes into airspace of Poland. Read more:

That is quite interesting what is going on there in Germany.

The possible future government partner of Ms Merkel calls Obama an egg-thief.

He does not speak of a total break with America. With this he probably means one could actually in future maintain diplomatic relationships, so as with a similar dictatorship, for example China.

That probably means that America as ally is past, as Nato is past.

A Nato country like Poland is to be classified as hostile because a man like Snowden would be hijacked if he comes into Poland’s airspace.

Gabriel even thinks that Snowden is not save in German. That means, that he thinks, that Obama is not only an egg-thief but quite in general active as a criminal in Germany.

Mr Gabriel, the probably most powerful man in Germany at the moment, says the general federal prosecutor is asleep and does not do what he does with every egg-thief.

Well, there Ms Merkel has received a nice forward pass and just has to tick it off.

It will be interesting what Ms Merkel is going to do now.

There are then all 4 parties in the Bundestag in agreement, the future opposition party, the Left, with Ms Wagenknecht, the future opposition auxiliary party, the Greens, with Mr Ströbele, the future government junior party, the Social Democrats, with Mr Gabriel, and then probably also the future main government party or group, the Christian parties, with Ms Merkel.

Here some extracts from an article of today:


Germany trend

Germans have lost their trust in the USA

The NSA affair puts the trans-Atlantic relationship under strain. Only every third German still trusts the USA at all. Also Britain is no longer of interest. France on the other hand is first in reputation.

Obama’s reputation plunges, new hero is Snowden

Satisfaction with US President Obama

Question: How is it with Barack Obama? Are you very satisfied with his political work, satisfied, less satisfied or not satisfied at all?

Very satisfied          8 ( -9)

Satisfied              35 (-23)

Less satisfied         36 (+23)

Not satisfied at all   16 (+13)

In view of the NSA listening scandal the German American relations have reached a dramatic low. Only still 35 per cent of Germans think of the USA as a trustworthy ally. 61 per cent of Germans are of the opinion that one cannot trust the USA at all.

This follows from a new Germany trend from Infratest Dimap for the ARD-"Tagesthemen" and "Die Welt". From the 4th to the 5th of November about 1000 Germans from 18 years were questioned telephonically for this.

The disappointment also has an effect on the sympathy values for US President Barack Obama. In October 2012 still 75 per cent of Germans were satisfied with his work, but in the meantime it is only 43 per cent. A bit more than half of them (53 per cent) report however, to be “less” or “not at all satisfied” with Obama. How great the loss of popularity is becomes clear when one looks at the values in the course of time. Until September the approval with Obama in the past always turned out clearly higher than the critical assessment of his work.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden on the other hand has done the right thing according to the opinion of many Germans: Six of ten questioned people are of the opinion that he is a hero.

Gabriel doubts the security of Snowden

Already earlier the SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel has given his view on Snowden and the trans-Atlantic relation. The safety of the former American secret service worker Snowden is not guaranteed in Germany. “I do not believe that Mr Snowden is safe on the ground of the Federal Republic of Germany”, said Gabriel Wednesday evening in Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

In addition there is the question: “How is Snowden to get here?” A flight over Polish airspace is probably not safe, Gabriel mentioned. He reminded that the plane of the Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced to a stopover in Vienna in summer – because the suspicion existed, Snowden is on board of the machine. Therefore he is simply worried said the SPD chairman.

No total break with America

Gabriel put the rhetoric question: “What happens when our relation to America is broken completely?” In an evaluation he would come to the conclusion that one cannot make a total break with America. Nevertheless one has to talk with Washington "about a fair contact with Edward Snowden".

He would “do everything to move Mr Snowden to be available to us as witness,” said Gabriel: “But I have great reservations getting Mr Snowden here, only so that we feel good about it.” Gabriel directed violent accusations against the federal prosecutor in the context of the NSA spy affair. It is “a scandal the general federal prosecutor’s office sleeps and does not do what it does with every egg-thief” – namely taking up investigations.


It would actually be desirable when Mr Gabriel further only remains SPD chairman and does not take over a minister office. In such a situation he could perhaps be more influential than when he is a member of the cabinet. Sometimes to say that the general federal prosecutor is a tramp brings much more than waking up civil servants within the government apparatus.

Calling the US president an egg-thief is also not the noblest way, but as a high ranking politician without the office of a minister it works well.

Well, Ms Merkel, tomorrow is the ninth of November, that would certainly be the right day, to once again make a decisive step towards freedom. On the ninth of November 1989 the wall came down, and Germany became free of the Soviet dictatorship and tomorrow would then be the day where Germany becomes free from the dictatorship of the counter Messiah.

With the EU and Schengen it is certainly then also over because then everyone could enter into Germany, for example from a Nato country and fetch Mr Snowden and leave with him, in case Mr Snowden would live in Germany.

At the moment it looks as if Russia is the only country in Europe, actually in the world, which is able to protect a man like Snowden from egg thieves and put a stop to Obama’s Gestapo activities.

When Mr Gabriel says that the safety of Mr Snowden is not guaranteed in Germany then this indicates the problem that now exists since an ally, and even the leading one, has become a dictatorship. The sovereignty of Germany is gone. There can be only one solution and that is leaving the alliance. And the leaving of Schengen is inevitable when members are now part of this dictatorship and can practically enter and leave and do what they want.

What Mr Gabriel is actually saying here is that Germany is no longer a sovereign country and that it should regain its freedom and that an international warrant of arrest should have been issued against Obama since a long time. It is actually a government statement of a new government in Germany should the Social Democrats be part of a new government.

Already long ago Obama should be in a situation in which Pope Benedict XVI is, that whenever he leaves his country he must expect to be arrested.


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