Souls embody themselves to finally become free of every outer form.

Life-circumstances correspond to the degree of maturity of the soul - Comment on 2013 November 3

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No soul embodies itself without knowing about its course on Earth, and it takes up this last embodiment with full will, in the desire to finally become free of every outer form. Read more:

A message coming via Bertha Dudde follows. It explains quite clearly how the course of development of our soul takes place, particularly also that we know before the last embodiment as man what we are to expect as man on Earth and that it is us, who decides whether we want to take up life on Earth.

Here Bertha Dudde’s message:


Life-circumstances correspond to the degree of maturity of the soul. Knowledge of the being about that.

10. May 1942. B.D. NR. 2330.

The favour of embodiment as man is only then granted to the being when it is prepared to go the last way, i.e., when its will decides in favour of it. When the being has covered the course of development in all previous embodiments, it has reached through that the degree of maturity, which is the condition for the last embodiment as man, which is of course also different and therefore also causes different life-circumstances in the last stage. And life on Earth is introduced to the being – to the soul which is created through the joining together of different substances – which it has to live through for the purpose of the final liberation, and it is still up to it whether it wants to go the walk on Earth or not. Fully aware of the Earth-task it now takes up Earth-life, prepared to conquer every resistance in this state and to make itself free from form. It also knows about the fate, which it has to bear; but at first it only sees the outer life-circumstances, not its spiritual development and feels completely strong enough the overcome Earth-life. Corresponding to its degree of maturity, which could had been achieved previously in the most different gradations, but always allows an embodiment as man, Earth-life is now granted to it, and more or less full of grief and full of self-denial. Because the final possibilities to mature must be offered to the soul in such a way that it can form itself in this short Earth-life to the light being, when it uses it. But its life-circumstances will always be so that it has opportunity to lively love activity, and its maturing will depend on to what extent it fulfils its life with work of love. In all life-circumstances it is offered opportunities for that; man can also be willing to help and to serve, who lacks knowledge, who therefore does not know anything about the effect of his walk on Earth in eternity. The soul only has to decide for good or evil on Earth, and it can do so in all situations in life, also in most primitive conditions. But the earthly conditions are caused through its development in the pre-stages. When the being before has been exceptionally carnal, then it has to fight against its desires in Earth-life and needs for that corresponding life-circumstances, in which the soul can cleanse itself. The soul is in no way disadvantaged in possibilities of an ascent development, even though it looks like it that the earthly conditions are an obstacle to it. The resistances, which Earth-life offers to every individual man, must be overcome, and many a soul needs great resistances, and that is why the outside life-circumstances have been so allotted to it, as it is helpful for it. God knows about the formation of every soul at its embodiment as man; he also knows about its will power, and his love seeks to make the course of development easy for every soul. When the soul makes an effort to use every possibility, then the fate allotted to man will also be easily bearable, and God will shorten his journey through life, when he makes an effort to mature spiritually. God’s love brings men together so that they can serve each other, that one can instruct the other, that one can give to the other what he lacks, and so also a spiritual gift is offered to every man, even if in most different form and most different degree. But what is offered will always be enough to show him the right way, which he is to walk, and his willingness alone is decisive, which advantages his soul draws from this. Knowledge about God is also suggested to all men – when not from man to man, then the spiritual beings are active and give him indications mentally, and it is always up to him to accept a spiritual gift or not, i.e., to believe or to reject that what is imparted to him mentally or through men. And because God has given to every man intellect and free will, so he is also responsible for how he uses both. Every good will is recognized by God and help is granted to him accordingly. Already before this help was already given to him through endless times, and the being also knows before its embodiment that the power and love of God aids it. But Earth-life must be covered without any retro-memory to not endanger the free will of man. But no soul embodies itself without knowing about its course on Earth, and it takes up this last embodiment with full will, in the desire to finally become free of every outer form. Amen. B.D. NR. 2330.


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