The handful of white, English-speaking nations with membership privileges.

Merkel spying claim: with allies like these, who needs enemies? - Comment on 2013 October 25

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Even before this furor, Germany was incensed by what it has perceived as a dismissive U.S. attitude. Read more:

Yesterday I read articles about Ms Merkel and about her mobile phones and about them being bugged.

Two articles contained interesting opinions. And I now bring extracts from the two.

The first one comes from a British medium:

Merkel spying claim: with allies like these, who needs enemies?

It is clear from the trove of documents leaked by Snowden that the only protection against NSA or GCHQ intrusion is membership of Five Eyes: the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

New members do not seem to be welcome, and the lesson is that outside that tight circle, it does not matter how senior you are, and how close a friend you think you are to Washington or London, your communications could easily be being shared among the handful of white, English-speaking nations with membership privileges.

The second extract comes from an American medium, from the New York Times, the propaganda mouth for Obama. The columnist writes from Europe:

The Handyüberwachung Disaster

Even before this furor, Germany was incensed by what it has perceived as a dismissive U.S. attitude. A senior official close to Merkel recently took me through the “very painful” saga of the Obama administration’s response to Syrian use of chemical weapons. It began with Susan Rice, the national security adviser, telling the Chancellery on Aug. 24 that the United States had the intelligence proving President Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, that it would have to intervene and that it would be a matter of days. German pleas to wait for a United Nations report and to remember Iraq fell on deaf ears. Six days later, on Friday Aug. 30, Germany heard from France that the military strike on Syria was on and would happen that weekend — only for Obama to change tack the next day and say he would go to Congress.

Things got worse at the G-20 St. Petersburg summit meeting the next week. Again, Germany found the United States curtly dismissive. It wanted Germany’s signature at once on the joint statement on Syria; Germany wanted to wait a day until a joint European Union statement was ready and so declined. “The sense from Rice was that we are not interested in your view and not interested in the E.U. view,” the official said. “We left Petersburg very offended. This is not what you want your best partner to look like.”

Germany found the atmosphere at the summit terrible. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, insisted the Syrian opposition was behind the use of chemical weapons. He compared this to the Nazis burning of the Reichstag in 1933 in order to blame and crush their opponents (the fire’s origin is disputed). Putin, to the Germans, appeared much more powerful than Obama. His strengthened international standing after America’s Syrian back-and-forth worries a Germany focused on bringing East European nations like Ukraine and Moldavia into association accords with the E.U. This European rapprochement is strongly resisted by Putin, who wants a Eurasian Union that bears an eerie likeness to the old Soviet Union.

Ms Merkel gives the impression that she is mainly upset about herself that she has allowed herself to be caught as a slave by the slave master on the 3rd of July 2013 when she took part in the crime of Obama hijacking the South American president in Europe. See
2013 Jul 09 – No information gets lost
2013 Aug 19 – European governments hijack people and steal their goods

Now Merkel is furious – about herself.

It is doubtful that she, or she and other leaders of Europe, will seriously try to get out of that relationship to their slave master Obama. And even if they tried it would be difficult for them to succeed.

In France the national minded party seems to gain ground and the French president could use the present situation to regain some support in his country by trying to regain sovereignty for France and he could do something de Gaulle did when the American people decided to hand over their country to the chaotics Kennedy and Johnson and the Western world became leaderless and de Gaulle had to take over. De Gaulle then took the French troops out of Nato and that is something the French president could now do again and even come to an agreement with Merkel and both countries could remove their troops out of Nato.

If Merkel forms a coalition with the Social Democrats then such a move might even be supported by them, because they wanted to work closely together with their French socialist friend when they would come to power.

Taking troops out of Nato would rather be a crutch, the proper thing to do would be to leave Nato because Nato has lost its purpose since the chief terrorist has taken over the leadership of that alliance. Such a move would actually be highly necessary if a country wants to regain its freedom.

On the 3rd of July 2013 Merkel betrayed herself and she betrayed her country and it is quite upsetting to become more and more aware of that and now the frustration burst into the open and it remains to be seen, if something comes off it.

The longer Ms Merkel waits and does not draw a clear line between herself and her country, on one side, and this counter-Messiah in the White House, on the other side, the more she will become entangled in the crimes of this man and will lose control and go down the drain. The final end will be the bottomless pit.


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