Quantum particles can be at several places at the same time, as long as one does not observe them.

Astonishing experiment proves that Einstein was wrong - Comment on 2013 September 16

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The dispersion of quantum physical particles at the double slit: As long as it is unobserved every single particle seems to go through both slits of the opening. Read more:

Information from today:


Astonishing experiment proves that Einstein was wrong

Quantum particles can be at several places at the same time and even leave traces with it – German physicists now have proven these traces

All his life Albert Einstein was sceptical what concerns some quantum physical phenomena. So he doubted for example that quantum particles could be at several places at the same time, as long as one does not observe them. About this question he had a dispute with his physicist colleague Niels Bohr. Einstein’s argument: The ghostly particles actually were supposed to leave a visible trace along the course through the collisions with other particles. Physicists of the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main now were able to prove in an experiment that this trace really exists – and so show that Einstein was wrong.

“Our experiment is a late triumph for Niels Bohr and with it a further confirmation of the foundation of our today’s physical world-view”

The classical experiment, which also still is a worry to today’s physics students, is the dispersion of quantum physical particles at the double slit. As long as it is unobserved every single particle seems to go through both slits of the opening. It forms – similar as water waves – an interference pattern behind the slit. But this disappears as soon as one tries to obtain information about the way of the particle, for example through the interaction with a light particle.

Einstein thought one did not have to check at all where the particle is because it gives away its place indirectly by transmitting an impulse with passing the slit: Would it go through the left slit, the diffraction grating would experience a minimum thrust to the left, and correspondingly to the right when it goes through the right hand slit, that means it has to be deflected at the same time in both directions.

That this assumption is actually right has now been proven by Dörner and his co-workers through the dispersion of helium atoms at a double slit of hydrogen-deuterium molecules. The result agrees with predictions of colleagues from Paris, who have developed a quantum mechanical model about this – with the models of classical physics namely measured results cannot be described.

As the researchers write, the impulse transmission with the dispersion effects a rotation of the molecule with their experiment. In which direction it rotates the physicists can infer indirectly. They look at processes where the molecular double slit passes over in a stimulated state through the thrust and then breaks apart. From the debris they can reconstruct the rotary direction. “Because with this set-up for experiment it was not observable through which hole the particle went, exactly that happened what Bohr had predicted: The double slit rotated simultaneously clockwise and anticlockwise”


That means it all depends on observation. It all depends on whether observation takes place or not. And to observe means to do something consciously, to perceive something, therefore to employ consciousness. On this the entire micro cosmos is based. Consciousness determines what I perceive.

And that also means that when I now change my state of consciousness then I perceive a completely different world.

And my state of consciousness can adopt all kinds of possible forms, sleep is just one of them, death is another one. There are infinitely many of them and therefore all these worlds, or the multiverse, do exist.

And that is exactly where our dear physicists fail for almost a century; they do not study that what it is all about, consciousness, or the spiritual side of life. And so they run in circles and come to nothing. They run in circles, in the Cern ring, in the LHC.

For almost a century physicists prove to themselves again and again that Einstein is wrong and Bohr is right, and they still desperately cling to Einstein and do not let Bohr come close to them, because Einstein allows them to nurture their materialistic world-view and Bohr would force them to give up the world of matter and the world of space and the world of time, and face reality, the spiritual world.

The simple people, the so-called simple people, have no problems dealing with the spiritual world. It is reality for them. And they are not afraid, like the so-called sophisticated people, to talk about it and to live with its results. On this website the tokoloshe has been mentioned several times and just today I read again about this tokoloshe and bring here some extracts from what I read (just to get the sophisticated people really annoyed):


My son’s lover is a tokoloshe!

His horrified mum says he sleeps night and day – with a girl tokoloshe!

Pitse James (53) grieves for her son Tshepo (27), because he isn’t enjoying life like other young men.

Pitse says she watches in horror as her son has sex with the tokoloshe.

He just wants tea and food to share with the tokoloshe that only he can see.

He talks and laughs with her! But he attacks his family and wrecks things in their shack.

That’s why his father left. And his mum, brother and sister have fled from his attacks.

Pitse said Tshepo’s life changed when she took him to an old sangoma to help him heed his ancestral calling.

The old man made cuts on Tshepo’s forehead and lower legs and said: “If you don’t listen to me, you will see for yourself.”

But the sangoma turned his life and that of his family into a nightmare.

Tshepo wets himself. Insterad of bathing, he mixes mud and swims in it.

He eats under his blanket, sharing with the creature.

Tshepo said he was in love with the tokoloshe. “She is not an old woman but a young girl,” he said.

He feeds her as she can’t feed herself.


A preceding webpage, which dealt with the Tokolosh was 2012 Nov 01 – Tokoloshes, the power of language and paradise


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