Kurt Gödel and dictatorship.

Formula of Kurt Gödel: Mathematicians confirm proof of God - Comment on 2013 September 9

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A being exists that unites all positive qualities in itself. That was proven by legendary mathematician Kurt Gödel with a complicated structure of formulas. Two scientists have checked this proof of God – and found valid. Read more:

Today I read an article about Kurt Gödel. I now bring extracts from it. After that I bring extracts from two more articles; they serve as background information:


Formula of Kurt Gödel: Mathematicians confirm proof of God

A being exists that unites all positive qualities in itself. That was proven by legendary mathematician Kurt Gödel with a complicated structure of formulas. Two scientists have checked this proof of God – and found valid.

Now the last doubts are dispelled: God really exists. A computer has proven it with cold logic – the MacBook of the computer scientist Christoph Benzmüller of the Free University Berlin.

Benzmüller has charged his computer with a sequence of formulas, which the legendary Austrian mathematician Kurt Gödel first scribbled about the year 1941 upon a few lose sheets of paper and has further polished in the following decades. Not a minute the computer needed to find Gödel’s proof valid. Benzmüller and his Vienna specialist colleague Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo put a first one and a half pages paper upon the Preprint Server arxiv.org, in which the results are announced. The existence of God can now be regarded as safeguarded logical theorem.

For decades he kept his proof of God a secret. As he worked it out, he had fled from the National Socialists away from Vienna into the elitist American University city Princeton. There the confessing Christian Gödel regularly strolled with Albert Einstein through parks, who likewise liked to speculate about God.

But what kind of a thing is God anyway, pure logically seen? Gödel defined him as a being that unites all positive qualities in himself.

In the general public Kurt Gödel is hardly known. But among scientists he enjoys a similar high standing as Albert Einstein. “The greatest logician since Aristotle” the philosopher Rebecca Goldstein called him.


Kurt Friedrich Gödel (born April 28, 1906 in Brünn, Austria-Hungary, now Czech Republic; died January 14, 1978 in Princeton, New Jersey) was an Austrian-American mathematician and one of the most important logicians of the 20th century.

Later Gödel also occupied himself with theology. Among other things he postulated an ontological proof of God by means of formal logic, which was only published posthumously. There Gödel assumes that positive qualities do not exclude each other and “being” is a positive quality. On the basis of these axioms he shows that such a set is possible and therefore really exists. A variant of the proof could formally be proven in the year 2013 by means of the technique of machine supported proof of theorem. It could be shown that the basic assumption is consistent and chain of argument correct.


Gödel was a convinced theist. He rejected the notion of others like his friend Albert Einstein that God was impersonal.

He believed firmly in an afterlife, stating: "Of course this supposes that there are many relationships which today's science and received wisdom haven't any inkling of. But I am convinced of this [the afterlife], independently of any theology." It is "possible today to perceive, by pure reasoning" that it "is entirely consistent with known facts." "If the world is rationally constructed and has meaning, then there must be such a thing [as an afterlife]."

Albert Einstein was also living at Princeton during this time. Gödel and Einstein subsequently developed a strong friendship, and were known to take long walks together to and from the Institute for Advanced Study. The nature of their conversations was a mystery to the other Institute members. Economist Oskar Morgenstern recounts that toward the end of his life Einstein confided that his "own work no longer meant much, that he came to the Institute merely...to have the privilege of walking home with Gödel".

On December 5, 1947, Einstein and Morgenstern accompanied Gödel to his U.S. citizenship exam, where they acted as witnesses. Gödel had confided in them that he had discovered an inconsistency in the U.S. Constitution, one that would allow the U.S. to become a dictatorship. Einstein and Morgenstern were concerned that their friend's unpredictable behavior might jeopardize his chances. Fortunately, the judge turned out to be Phillip Forman. Forman knew Einstein and had administered the oath at Einstein's own citizenship hearing. Everything went smoothly until Forman happened to ask Gödel if he thought a dictatorship like the Nazi regime could happen in the U.S. Gödel then started to explain his discovery to Forman.


So these were the extracts from the material I read today and now a comment.

I find it interesting to read that Kurt Gödel thought a dictatorship like the Nazi regime could happen in the USA, and I also find it interesting that I read about this at a time when it is actually happening.

Obama is now in his second term. The re-election is behind him. On the 20th of January this year he was sworn in and now he does not have to worry about a future election. He has a free hand. Now he can quite openly go ahead and let it happen. And the more openly he does it the more he will hypnotize everyone around him, not the normal people because they intuitionally feel what is going on and show resistance, but the politicians. And there are two groups of politicians.

The first group are the ones in the USA. They are mainly the lawmakers in Washington and the governing politicians in the individual states. They deal with the tasks at hand and also have their sights set on 2016. And that means for them everything is as it is usually and democracy will just go ahead. The lawmakers in Washington have been robbed by Obama of their communications like emails and documents and they accepted that and therefore have proven that they are totally incapable of defending the constitution and their own rights and that of the people and with that have also proven that Obama can commit any crime he wants to commit without being stopped by them. So they have been eliminated as possible stumbling blocks and barriers and when they now are against Obama taking action in Syria then he will just ignore their opinion and so make their impotence visible to everyone.

And the second group of politicians are the leaders of Europe and they have just shown last week in St. Petersburg that they are as impotent as the guys of the first group. And therefore Obama has established himself as their lord and his regime as Antichrist is basically established. And should there really be some serious resistance then he has established a well working machinery with surveillance and physical means from all kinds of weapons, including drones, to deal with any situation that might come up. Hitler arrested many opponents after the Machtergreifung on the 30th of January 1933 but Obama’s way of doing things is much more elegant and effective. He has them all hypnotized and is now free to do whatever he wants. The CIA, the FBI and the NSA are all at his disposal, and so is the army, and the individual governors are also hypnotized and could not even think of leaving the union and even if they would they could not, because Obama is the head of the armed forces.

So Obama does not even have to use some shortcomings in the constitution. The country is in his hand and he can do as he likes. And the European leaders have been robbed of their goods as well and have accepted it and are now criminals as he is and willing executioners of his will. So the so-called Christian world is in his hand and he can now go ahead and establish himself fully and all the things foretold in the prophecies can now proceed in front of our eyes.

All these politicians deal with this man, this thief, who, just as it is described in John 10:10, steals, kills and destroys, and they accept it. He steals their data and they just talk generally about it but do not relate it directly to him, he kills with his drone attacks people all over the world, including his own compatriots, and they say nothing, he destroys the economy and therefore their possessions by spending money that is not there, and they are afraid to call him a social misfit. Everyone knows that this Scripture, John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy,” directly refers to the devil and politicians do their business with this devil and even self-confessed Christian politicians, like Merkel, work together with this man.

In Germany the election campaigns of the parties for the election in two weeks' time have reached their culmination and the opposition parties could tear the government to pieces with all the ammunition available. And what are they doing? Nothing. They all walk to the slaughter with closed eyes and are heading straight for the bottomless pit. And the opposition in America is in exactly the same position, totally helpless.


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