Will Obama manage to entice the Iranians out of their reserve?

Is this Daniel chapter eight? - Comment on 2013 August 27

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Will Obama manage, with a limited military attack on Syria, to entice the Iranians to start a war of aggression as it is described in the Book of Daniel? Read more:

What I am observing in world politics at the moment reminds me of Daniel chapter eight. I dealt with this years ago: 2009 Feb 20 – An he goat came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground.

It could be that the ability to start world wars is no longer the privilege of Germans.

I first bring extracts from news of today:


In the face of a possible military intervention in Syria the USA have applied for the use of two bases in South Greece and on Crete. This was reported on Tuesday by the pro-government conservative Athens paper «Kathimerini» referring to circles of the defence and foreign ministry.

It is about the Nato base of Souda on West Crete and then the also military used airport of Kalamata on the Peloponnese peninsula, it is said.

The American foreign ministry cancelled a meeting planned for Wednesday with representatives of Russia because of the currents discussions about the further taking actions against Syria. The current consultations about appropriate reactions to the poison gas attack in Syria are the reason.

The deputy Russian foreign minister Gennadi Gatilow announced Russia regrets the refusal. He emphasized the decision had been done on the USA’s own.

In the meantime the scenarios for a military blow against Syria are becoming more and more concrete. After a supposed poison gas employment in Syria the USA consider a military blow lasting up to two days according to a newspaper report.

President Barack Obama checks an intervention of limited scale and limited duration the «Washington Post» reported on Tuesday referring to high ranking government representatives.

The action is to be executed with Marsch missiles fired from warships or long-range bombers. They are to be directed against military objects, which do not directly belong to the chemical weapon program of the country.

America’s Foreign Minister John Kerry had already announced the USA are convinced about a poison gas employment in Syria.

Their speaker Jay Carney explained that there is hardly any doubt for Washington that Damascus is behind the supposed attack with hundreds of dead.


So Damascus is supposed to be behind the alleged attack. But the rebels could of course also be behind it and besides one cannot exclude that the CIA, say Obama, is behind it. His phase is one of deception and of causing conflict.

Yesterday I read:

“When the United States step over this red line, then this will have serious consequences for the White House,” the deputy head of Iranian general staff, Massud Dschasajeri, said according to the Fars news agency.

This is probably an important message for Obama because it shows him that the Iranians will react to a provocation from his side, that therefore a provocation, an attack of Syria, will cause a reaction of Iran. So with relative little effort he could therefore bring the Iranians out of their shell.

Besides Obama tries to play the waverer, successfully, and to strengthen with this the belief of Iran that he is a toothless tiger.

Years ago I read about a statement of an Iranian commander that when Iran reacts militarily it will happen simultaneously in different directions.

This would agree with what is said in Daniel chapter eight that Iran would advance to the West (Syria), to the North (Azerbaijan) and to the South (Saudi Arabia).

Iraq is probably hardly a hindrance, rather an ally. Already now Iraq allows Iranian planes to fly over it with supplies to Syria.

And then Obama will carry on playing the irresolute person, until the time where he will think to win the greatest effect to really be acclaimed by the entire world as the messiah, therefore the he goat that came from the west on the face of the whole earth, and touched not the ground

On the 21st of August 2013 an employment of poisonous gas occurs in settlements of the Syrian region of Ghuta near Damascus.

In August 1914 World War I started. Perhaps the third world war started 99 years later.

Putin reacts very skilfully; he seems to see through Obama, one of the few, and controls himself. He warns, but he does not threaten; he does not put himself in zugzwang. But whether Russia will be able in the long run to keep away from the source of the fire is questionable. Ezekiel 38 seems to indicate that God will put hooks into the jaws of the country and turn the country back, perhaps together with others. Germany now refuses, with the USA, a participation. Whether this will also happen in the long run is questionable, and also on which side.

The participation of the Chinese could look like this: “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.” Revelation 16:12.

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So it could be that the priority position that the Germans have, being the only people in a position to get a world war going, might come to an end.


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