The end of freedom and democracy.

Committing crimes against the American people - Comment on 2013 August 9

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Instructions of government authorities force all companies to cooperate with governments and to supply information. Anybody who does not like it has to close shop. And so everyone goes along with that. Read more:

Now follow extracts from news from today, which indicate the establishment of a dictatorship in America.

Here the extracts:


Freedom of the press under threat

With eagerness the American Justice Department leads a campaign against exposers of secret information. The freedom of the press under threat here.

US secret service affair

Email service forced to close

End-to-end encoding

Snowden’s email supplier warns about the USA

The internet services Lavabit and Silent Mail have been closed upon pressure of the USA and this had sharp criticism of the proceedings of the US government as consequences.

Ladar Levison, head of the email service Lavabit, announced Thursday its closing. Reason being that he does not want to commit crimes against the American people. He is not allowed to give more details. Background probably is that US undertakings are not allowed to share instructions of government authorities with the public. It can be assumed that Levison had been given the choice to cooperate or to shut down the service. Whistleblower Edward Snowden had used Lavabit when he was stuck at the Moscow airport.

Ad Levison wrote further, he now collects donations to be able to take legal action against the ban of information. He warns potential users to use services of US undertakings. Lavabit was ten years in the net and offered encoded communication possibilities. In the end about 350 000 users made use of the service.


So the owner of a company closed his business because government authorities demanded his cooperation. And this means that government authorities demand cooperation from all companies. He was the only one who did not cooperate. All the others did.

This therefore means that all companies cooperate with government authorities. All companies, which get somehow hold of information about their customers, or could get hold of, have to cooperate with government authorities. So the hardware producers have to build their hardware so that that they already work as bugs from the start and with the software producers it is exactly the same.

And this probably applies to the government authorities of all countries.

And this probably applies to all firms. Also to firms which produce and sell internet security software. So government authorities more or less know everything what a person does with the computer and what happens around the computer. And the reach increases and improves with every new piece of equipment. And the entire thing is not just limited to the computer. Potentially everything around a person is so equipped that information is stolen.

So there are no secrets. Internet banking is therefore, for instance, not secret. Government authorities know all details and are, when the situation makes it necessary, completely able to do what they want with an account.

And all this therefore also applies to all branches of life. Post, telephone, electricity, publications, publishing houses, radio and television, banks, retail trade, insurance companies, transport services, whatever one can think about, wherever the theft of information is somehow possible, there stealing is done.

And when the government authorities of one’s own country do not do it then those of another country or those of many other countries.

And this means that democracy and freedom is no longer possible in future. In Europe there were many dictatorships before 1990, and today there is almost only one. But this state of affairs was obviously only very short-lived. All governments will inevitably change into totalitarian regimes.

The helplessness of governments to keep away from this development was now revealed with the Snowden affair.

The direction is clear.

Because the former leading democracy is now on the way, on the very fast way, to a dictatorship, the remaining democracies have no chance of survival. Only a country like Russia can now assert itself against the USA. The European democracies are since the 3rd of July 2013 at the latest vassals of the USA and are no longer able to defend themselves against the USA. Actually already since 2008, when their peoples decided to elect Obama as their Messiah. And there Germany is world champion. In no other country in the world the approval for Obama is as high as in Germany.


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