Russia has the strength and resolve and convictions to protect people from Obama.

Edward Snowden's father thanks Putin for protecting son - Comment on 2013 July 31

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The courage and strength of the Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government in protecting people persecuted by Obama. Read more:

Here follow extracts from a report which very nicely describe the present situation of development around Obama.

The only person who is really able to handle Obama seems to be Putin. All the others, the other leaders, do not really seem to remain independent of Obama. There are other leaders who resist Obama and voice this, especially in South America, but they might not really have the resources to stop Obama interfering in their country.

So here some extracts:


Edward Snowden's father thanks Putin for protecting son

Edward Snowden 's father said he was grateful to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government for their “courage” and “strength” in protecting his son, who is wanted for leaking top-secret U.S. security agency files.

In an interview broadcast Wednesday in Russia with the Rossiya-24 television news network, Lon Snowden said his son is unlikely to get a fair trial in the United States, so Russia remains the safest place for him at the moment.

“The fact is, no assurances have been made that he will be given a fair trial" in the United States, the elder Snowden said at the station's studios in Washington, where he was accompanied by a lawyer. “I feel Russia has the strength and resolve and convictions to protect my son.”

“I begin every day with a call to the migration authorities,” Snowden’s Russian lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, said Wednesday. “So far to no avail, which I attribute to bureaucratic hurdle surrounding this unique case.”

“Initially it was the FBI that wanted him to go to Russia and talk his son into returning to the United States,” Kucherena said. “But it is not the case now as his father is confident that his son can be safe only in Russia these days.”

The elder Snowden’s lawyer, Bruce Fein, said Edward Snowden was the victim of “a witch hunt.”

Manning “was stripped of his clothes, kept for 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, his glasses were removed,” the elder Snowden said. “That was unacceptable. I just don’t have a high level of trust in our justice system, not only because of what has happened to my son.”


Putin has “courage” and “strength” in protecting an US citizen from its own president.

US citizens need protection from their own president.

Putin has this “courage” and “strength.”

But what this actually also says, is that most of the other leaders of the world do not have this “courage” and “strength,” especially not the leaders of the EU. They always try to give the impression of defending freedom in all places of the world, but when it comes to Obama then they take part in his crimes, for example his crime of theft or him being a highwayman. He steals their property, as well as that of the American citizens, and they find plenty of words of approval and he hijacks a South American president und they take part in this kidnaping. They are not only receivers of stolen goods, they take active part in the stealing of these goods, they not just stand by when Obama abducts, they actually carry out this abduction for Obama.

Russia has the strength and resolve and convictions to protect somebody. The leaders of the EU are weak supporters of Obama, have no resolve and no will power, and their convictions have now proven to be pure farce.

Russia remains the safest place for a person at the moment.

What a turn. Russia, the country that was for most of the previous century the symbol of all negative things in the world, and that is now, this century, considered everything else than a true democracy, is suddenly the only country that has the ability and will to resist Obama and his crimes, and protect a person from being persecuted by this criminal.

If Russia manages to keep up with this kind of politics then it should not be a surprise when some countries might turn to Russia and rather have Russia as an ally than the US. Even Germany might be one of these countries. It actually has done so already when it did not go to war with the US against the dictator in Iraq. The present German leader was even a guest at the celebrations of Russia’s victory over Germany. See 2010 May 10 (5) – Russia celebrates, Merkel marches along.

So we might come closer to Ezekiel 38: 2010 Jun 02 – Who is Gomer?.

Suddenly we have a paradigm shift. The role of the bully, the dominating world power who wants to gain total control, has shifted from Russia to the United States, and the role of the fighter for freedom and peace has been taken over by Russia. What an interesting scenario.


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