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The ignorance of diplomats - Comment on 2013 July 18 (4)

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No one in Congress believed that the counterterrorism laws enacted since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks were meant to allow for the collection of phone records of virtually everyone in America. Read more:

The first dictatorship started 80 years ago in Germany. The second then started 12 years later.

On this website it is pointed out quite often that the third has already started and has not been noticed by anybody. This certainly sounds quite strange but today I want to come back to how especially diplomats have hardly been able at all to recognize the political development despite them sitting in the centre of the development.

First I want to repeat something of that what I have written on the 30th of January 2013, the 80th anniversary of the seizing of power through Hitler, 2013 Jan 30 (2) – The blindness of scientists with the consequences of their research.

So first I repeat this:

Today 80 years ago a historic event took place. On the 30th of January 1933 Hitler became chancellor of the empire – Reichskanzler. An event which at that time was hardly seen in its consequences. Yesterday I read a report about the opinions of people who were then ambassadors of their country in Berlin and what they thought. They remained calm. The envoys in Berlin thought the NSDAP not being able to govern and expected its quick failure. Quite soon they were to regret their judgement.

I am interested in this event because the seizure of power 80 years ago gives nice indications how the future seizure of power will take place, when the real world ruler will appear. According to information getting collected on this website, the seizure of power has already started. Just 10 days ago I dealt with this: 2013 Jan 20 – The transformation of the USA into a dictatorship.

Here now an extract from an article I read yesterday. It is a statement, which the American consul general in Berlin, George S. Messersmith, sent 4 days after the Machtergreifung to the State Department:

But one can assume that the Hitler regime, whether it lasts a few months or longer, is only a phase in the development to more stable political conditions and that this government will be followed by one, which will show greater stability than those, which Germany had in the last years. People are politically exhausted.

The naivety of before 80 years can be compared with the one of today.

About the US ambassador Frederic M. Sackett the article writes that he simply did not believe the National Socialists are capable of government.

And out of this, one can certainly deduct that he did not believe at all them being capable of setting up something like a dictatorship. Such a thought probably hardly crossed his mind.

And so it is today, such a thought, that the USA is transformed into a dictatorship, does not occur to most people, particularly not to those who observe political developments and report about them. There the simple man might have less problems.

So that was therefore the repeated material, which I wrote half a year ago and now to something I read today.

Today I read an article, which was written by a diplomat.

The man’s name is John Kornblum, and is described like this:

The German expert of many years’ standing, John Kornblum, was American ambassador in Berlin from 1997 to 2001. After his leaving office he remained in the city. Up to today Kornblum is an alert analyst of political relations.

Now a quote from the article, a quote from John Kornblum:

The Prism program for instance is based on a careful controlled system, which has been authorised by Congress and which is supervised by special courts. It has a much more solid foundation for its control through government than it is the case in most of the European countries. Instead of condemning it the European could profit from a serious discussion about the implications of the program.

This quote is especially today interesting, where the reports appear about Congress, whose Judiciary Committee has just now met and where both parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, express exactly the opposite of what Mr Kornblum says.

There it was especially pointed out that exactly that contradicts what the lawgiver has agreed, what the administration is doing: “no one in Congress believed that the counterterrorism laws enacted since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were meant to allow for the collection of phone records of virtually everyone in America.”

Therefore Mr Kormblum is a liar.

He can’t even recognize a simple breaking of the law.

In his article he very much supports Mr Obama, therefore the man who committed this breaking of the law and who continues committing the breaking of the law.

Mr Kornblum therefore sits in that place, which was the centre of the first dictatorship in Germany, and which was the centre of all the consequences of this dictatorship worldwide, and he sits in that place, which was the centre of the second dictatorship in Germany, upon which the entire world looked, because it was the centre of the vassal dictatorship of Moscow, the prominent protruding venue of the conflict between the Stalin dictatorship and the free West.

So he sits in the middle of the place where dictatorships have been called into life and has grasped nothing of all this, probably because he simply cannot imagine that it is exactly his country in which now already the next dictatorship has started.

80 years ago the diplomats, especially also the American, did not have the ability recognizing a decisive development, even still then not when they had already become facts, and today, 80 years later, this inability of diplomats, especially also the American, is hardly different.


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