The leaders of the world hijacked the president of Bolivia, Morales, and lost their moral.

No information gets lost - Comment on 2013 July 9

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A quarter of a century ago the Berlin Wall came down and freedom started and the slogan was “The Ninth of November, a Day to Remember.” And this year the freedom came to an end and the slogan is “July the Day Number Three, the World is No Longer Free.” Read more:

Two weeks ago I brought a statement of Edward Snowden, which he made in an interview, 2013 Jun 24 – Edward Snowden talks, and today I listened again to an Interview with Edward Snowden, and here an excerpt:

I don’t want to live in a world where everything that I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity or love or friendship … is recorded.

Now this sounds very good and idealistic, but is actually an illusion, and betrays a lack of knowledge, how this world really operates. And with world I mean the complete world, not just the material side of the world, but also the spiritual side of the world. There simply is no such thing as a secret.

For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. Mark 4:22.

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Luke_8:17

I refer to an article called Book of Life.

We can call it Book of Life or the Akashic Records, or the storage capacity of our cells, that is not important, but it is a system that is well-known in spiritual writings and a system we all use more or less or have access to.

And it actually works in a very simple way. If I just walk with God, then, for instance, needed information will just be available for me, without me doing anything, and that at the right time.

Now the official opposition to God wants to have and wants to create something like this and the development of technology goes in this direction and seems to make it possible.

The supporters of whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and he himself think that information can be kept a secret and that might be possible in the material world, but ultimately it is just not possible and that is why we should already now adjust ourselves and live our life so that everything we express we can underwrite also in future.

The opponents of whistleblowers like Edward Snowden now think, it is necessary to collect all information so that then, when someone is suspicious, information about him can get filtered out with search engines and with that terroristic acts prevented.

That sounds quite well and the logic of it seems to be right, but this process is connected to theft and the breaking of laws. Privacy of the post, secrecy of correspondence, are for example some terms. But as it is now transpiring this process will hardly be stopped. The politicians and politics will hardly change. They will simply make use of what is technically possible, and therefore one can expect that the spying out will become worse and worse; it simple cannot be avoided.

And now we seem to have arrived at that point in time where the possibilities of surveillance are not only applied to the possible terrorists but against everyone which a government does not like. And particularly of course against persons like Edward Snowden, who stand up and prove that such governments commit theft and criminal acts.

And when then such a government is busy changing from a democratic state, from a constitutional state founded on the rule of law, to a totalitarian state, then we have a situation where every citizen is completely naked and at the mercy of that system and the state can now completely control him and wipe him out. And there is then only one escape, and that is to join a system, which knows, controls and knows to use all means of communication still much better, and what is still more important, has all the power, which is far superior to the power of a dictatorship, exactly because it knows that the spiritual world controls the material one and even is the spiritual world.

And the system of communication of this supernatural power is exactly a system of communication that is not built upon material techniques and depending on them, but is completely independent of them and also works very much better.

What Edward Snowden has done is important, but more important is how people reacted to that. The reactions to Snowden’s revelations dealt with all kinds of things, but hardly with those, they really exposed, and that was the change of the government in Washington into a totalitarian system.

A system founded on the rule of law would have reacted to a crime by applying the law and would have taken action against the criminals of the offence. Now exactly the opposite happened. He, who brought the crime to daylight, is now persecuted. And the person who committed the crime is now the person who persecutes.

The German minister of justice has expressed this quite clearly. In 2013 Jul 06 – Stop thief she is quoted saying: “All bugs on the table.” And she said: "It would be completely wrong to exclude criminal investigation right from the start."

The complete situation is not really about surveillance, actually it is about power. It is about the power that a world ruler wants to accumulate, and of which he thinks he needs to fight God and to overcome him.

And in this phase Obama has won a victory because the relevant powers around him have failed, have failed to understand what actually happened. They, particularly Germany, have not learned to draw the right conclusions out of two dictatorships through which they already went and that is why they will also go through a third one. When they succumbed to the pressure of Obama to hinder the flight of the South American president, the Europeans joint themselves together with a criminal and with a crime and now it will be difficult, or even impossible, to get out of this state of complicity.

It was an action, which was planned to prevent the escape of a person, who had reported to the world the hijacking of their property and instead of thanking this person for reporting the theft, they joined the thief in persecuting the man who uncovered the thief.

It was a critical event, a critical moment, and Obama played his cards right and won. It was his first major step in trying to get world leaders to accompany him on a criminal path and they just fell for it. The pressure Obama put on governments not to grant asylum to Snowden or to even hand him over to him, is of the same making, but this forcing the South American president to land against his will, was just the right thing for Obama, because there they, the leaders of our world, had little time, because the plane was in the air, and their lack of really understanding power, and the politics of power, and even simple things like what is right and what is wrong, but also how to prevent a politician to become a dictator, caught up with them, and they got caught, and now they are in their own prison, and are all brothers in crime.

Angela Merkel has been caught as well, because she simply did not denounce this criminal act. She always kept her distance to Obama, even the awarding of the Medal of Freedom did not change that, it did not cause her to lose her cool, but now it has been shown that the distance she kept all the time was still too little.

Her minister of justice said all bugs on the table, that was the right decision, but it was not her job to resist Obama with this business of hijacking.

Now the hijackers sit there and wonder.

The leaders of the world hijacked the president of Bolivia, Morales, and lost their moral.

Angela Merkel could have decided against the USA, her predecessor Schröder did this 10 years ago, he did not participate in the liberation of Iraq and he could do this because the majority of Germans were biased against the American president, the one at that time. Ms Merkel cannot now, 10 years later, oppose the American president, the one at this time, because the majority of Germans are biased for him. An opposing attitude towards Obama would probably cost her the office or she could lose the coming elections.

So Ms Merkel has sold her soul and also her country. The countdown to the end seems to be unavoidable. But actually it is about every individual. Will one decide for or against God?

Two events shaped the middle of the year 2013. Both events were alignments of the leaders of the world with criminal activities of the American president. They aligned themselves with his stealing of the property of their people, him being a thief, and they aligned themselves of his hijacking of a person, him being a highwayman.

They formed a partnership in crime.

But let us come back to No information gets lost.

What is the reaction to this surveillance mania? On this website we have collected information about it. Today a person can meet another person, and they can switch off their mobile phones, they can even take out the batteries and separate the mobile phone from the battery and believe that no bugging is taking place, and still a camera can observe them and from quite a distance can measure their faces and compare them with information available and identify that person and can catch the sound of their voice or the movements of their lips and steal whatever they want to steal. Here some ideas: voice recognition systems, facial recognition, biometric recognition algorithms – face measurement, systems for behaviour recognition, dashboard cameras.

A drone can get dispatched to the meeting place and the operator of the drone can take action whatever he deems necessary. They might even send a mini drone into your living room.

Trying to fight this development is just a vain undertaking. It is good to know about it and therefore take the right actions. Staying away from many modern achievements will obviously help.

But the real solution is to know that no information gets lost and to act accordingly. Only speak things that can be presented at any time. And there the habit of right thinking helps a lot. And to placing things on record on a computer applies the same practice.

When we practise the presence of the Lord, when we communicate in thought with almighty God, then all their bugging and stealing achieves nothing and this system will defeat theirs always.

Then there is actually no need to communicate much with other people because when a person communicates with the Lord then he automatically is connected with all other children of God.

Think about David and him being persecuted by this type of Antichrist Saul who wanted to kill the prophet. The entire country was mobilized against David and still no harm came near his dwelling. Got was perfectly able to protect David. David was just communicating with almighty God, singing his Psalms, an enjoying God’s protection.

So the world leaders, the majority of them, have become slaves of the future ruler of the world. They tell us that surveillance is necessary to protect us from terrorism. But they themselves have become hijackers and are now the real terrorists.

A leader of a sovereign state, of Bolivia, is getting hijacked in the middle of Europe. Now imagine what chance a normal person has got whom Washington considers to be their enemy.

What nice state of affairs.

Just consider what development lies in front of us. Most of the people, especially in Germany, are cowards already and perfectly suited for dictatorship. Just read the media and see what is on the mind of journalists. The bringing into line is progressing well.

A quarter of a century ago the Berlin Wall came down and freedom started and the slogan was “The Ninth of November, a Day to Remember.” And this year the freedom came to an end and the slogan is “July the Day Number Three, the World is No Longer Free.”


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