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Stop thief - Comment on 2013 July 6

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America faces a crucial decision. It just loses its moral course. Read more:

Once upon a time there was a man who had the name Edward and he discovered a theft. And he announced the theft to all the people. And he shouted: “Theft. Theft. Stop thief. Stop thief.” And the thief, who had the name Barack, was a very clever thief and when he heard the shouts, he did not fear the people and did not run fast away but stopped himself and turned around and shouted with a much louder voice: “Betrayal. Betrayal. Treason. Treason.” And he pointed at Edward threatening and accusing him. And he kept on shouting and all the people looked at him and then all the people turned and looked at Edward and the much louder shouts of Barack convinced them, that there was something wrong with Edward and because Barack also accused the few who were on Edwards side, all started to fear Barack and drew in their horns.

So the thief did not run away. He also did not drop the stolen goods. He also did not stop to steal, he just carried on. And all the people accepted it and this is now the new way to do things.

Now this spectacle we are observing is a major event in the history of the times of the end because it is the first event where the major figure, the major negative figure, openly turns against his opponents and fights them.

On this website we have shown several instances where this man displayed his dictatorial tendencies, and particularly several surveillance practices of him where shown, but all of them remained relatively unnoticed by the public.

But this event now is discussed on a very much broader basis and it shows very nicely how things are developing.

In Germany there are few voices that seem to also shout Stop Thief. Here an example:

Talks to the surveillance scandal in the USA: Justice minister: “All bugs on the table”

"It would be completely wrong to exclude criminal investigation right from the start", says the minister.

Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger demands an extensive clearing up of the affair.

"All bugs must come on the table."

Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger is known to insist on data protection. One of the few voices. In Germany is election campaign time and the FDP will rather win than lose votes with such announcements.

But the few FDP politicians are more the exception. Germans actually find the stealing of data in Switzerland as very honourable and are therefore in any case already brought into line.

And internationally there are also voices, which seem to be against the theft, but the great majority of voices, and particularly those who are in charge, seem to be on the side of the thief.

This international tendency shows clearly what we have to expect in future. All will more or less fall into line with Obama. No really influential politician has shouted Stop Thief. And the stuff stolen is not actually stolen information, but stolen freedom. They all have sold us. In the decisive moment all the leading politicians have assessed the situation completely wrong and therefore also reacted completely wrong. It should be quite unlikely that there will be a turning back. The direction is very clearly prescribed.

But the greatest wrongdoing and failure comes from those politicians, who actually have the power to really block the way for Obama, and those are the leading Republicans in the USA.

The only calls one hears from them are “betrayal, betrayal, treason, treason.”

These politicians have completely lost union with their traditional electorate and this electorate will therefore also fall in line with Obama or frustration will just carry on growing.

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Here anoother quote from today:

United Stasi of America.

America faces a crucial decision. It just loses its moral course.


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