God particle 'overhyped', says Peter Higgs.

Peter Higgs said the so-called God particle is being used by scientific institutions to justify massive research budgets - Comment on 2013 June 13 (3)

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"It worried me that once it was discovered they would be caught out and the perception would be that there was no need for the machine any more." Read more:

News from Peter Higgs.

Peter Higgs says what this website says for a long time:


God particle 'overhyped', says man behind discovery

The scientist who helped discover the so-called God particle has said it is "overhyped" and skewing the public's understanding of particle science

Peter Higgs, the British academic after whom the particle is named, said it is being used by scientific institutions to justify massive research budgets.

He warned that media interest in the Higgs boson was distorting the public's understanding of that area of science by dominating publicity.

In particular Professor Higgs singled out the CERN research organisation, which runs the £6 billion Large Hadron Collider, for criticism and urged them to spend more time promoting other projects.

"I think it's been overhyped ... The way it's been plugged by organisations like CERN has worried me," Mr Higgs said at the Cheltenham Science Festival yesterday.

"It worried me that once it was discovered they would be caught out and the perception would be that there was no need for the machine any more."


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In another article Peter Higgs is quoted as saying: I do not believe the particle holding the physical fabric of the universe together is the work of one almighty creator. And “First of all, I’m an atheist.” So the Higgs particle holds the physical fabric of the universe together. And there he might be quite correct. But he might actually underestimate the importance of this particle. Because it is the original, and out of this radiation everything is created and supplied with energy.

The spiritual writings say that this radiation is the original, and that out of this radiation everything is created and supplied with energy.

In yet another article there is this:

What would the world be like without the Higgs boson? According to the Standard Model theory, it would not be recognisable. Without something to give mass to the basic building blocks of matter, everything would behave as light does, floating freely and not combining with other particles. Ordinary matter, as we know it, would not exist.

And now the real thing:


Power source. Work of creation bearer of power.

27. August 1944. B.D. NR. 3234.

All creations must be seen as collection points of spiritual energies, but those are obviously expressed in the works of creation, which show life, so where a permanent activity proves these energies. So at these creations powers are recognized, which work in them, but the origin of power is regarded differently – and not rarely completely independent form the works of creation. That God himself is the source of power, from whom all life goes out, is in the main denied – when man cannot believe simple-mindedly. A power is certainly recognized, but it going out from itself and represented as to be result of itself. Because intellectual thinking only reckons with things which exist demonstrably, but not with such, which existence is not proven. This is a stage of spiritual ignorance, even though man is considered to be knowing. The power, which is sent to every living thing, is for the present clearly recognizable, because without it the being would be lifeless. But this power is also in every other work of creation; otherwise it would dissolve slowly like the cover of a living being after its death. But as long as it exists and is visible to the eyes of men, it is also bearer of spiritual power, which of necessity must have its starting point somewhere. Because this power is indestructible – it certainly can flow towards a container or flow from it, but it can never evaporate into nothing. The coming into being and the passing by of creation now obviously witnesses to the flowing in and flowing out of this life power – therefore the power must have its starting point somewhere. And this starting point is the power centre; it is God himself – no matter what term man uses for God. When every work of creation would be producer of the power itself, which it enlivens, then the work of creation could never ever pass by as such, because a power does not stop to exist. Therefore also man as such would have to be eternally immortal when he himself, independently of a power sponsor, would be viable out of himself. Because as he is bearer of a power during his life, but power is eternally indestructible or unsolvable, he as self-producer of this power would already be immortal as man. But when the power flows out of him, then it flows back from the primary source, or a new receptacle is fed with it, however again out of the primary source. Otherwise death and birth in human existence would have to replace itself directly, or at least the death of man would cause the birth of a new being at the same time. A source of power must always be acknowledged from which a power radiates in certain conformity to natural law and feeds the respective receptacles. And everything has to be considered as receptacles what is visible or perceptible in creation. Every work of creation is power bearer; every work of creation receives power out of the centre of power and becomes alive only through this, i. e., it can carry out an activity which is its duty; an activity which is purpose of existence and requires continuous power supply. How one now calls the source of power, how one imagines it to be, is unimportant, when it only is acknowledged and the dependence of all what is created on this power source is recognized. Then man, who is equipped with intellectual thinking, will also be able to grasp the connections; what he can never as long as he thinks himself to be independent of the power which sustains him. The power always and for ever remains as it is; it never changes, is not used up and does not lose effectiveness – it is there and cannot vanish by itself. And because continuous death and continuous passing is visible in creation, this must have a flowing out of this power as cause – therefore this power must also once have flown into creation – but the source must be sought somewhere else than in the created things themselves. But the power source is of eternity and will remain till all eternity. The power source is God himself, a being, which stands in highest perfection, is full of power, might, love and wisdom and radiates this power persistently upon everything what has been created from his love according to a superb plan full of wisdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 3234.


So to call the Higgs boson the God particle is really the right thing to do. Or it may be the neutrino.


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