The long-lasting solidarity from leftists, not just the Greens, with paedophiles.

The Catholic Mafia in Germany - Comment on 2013 May 8

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The Greens had groups, which were firmly in favour of legalizing sexual relationships between adults and children. There was a long-lasting solidarity from leftists, not just the Greens, with the allegedly persecuted paedophiles. Read more:

Today I was still busy with working on the last entries and there I became aware of the connection of different entries.

I was interested in the entries about Australia because they, the ones about the Royal Commission, seemed to be quite suited for similar investigations in other countries, for instance in Germany. Why not also such investigation in Germany?

The other entries about Australia had to do with the Catholic mafia there. And then the thought struck me, how does it look with such a mafia, a Catholic mafia, in German.

So there were already two items which had something in common. And then there was this entry about the 1968ers, and there it was also about child abuse.

Now the 68ers are particularly interesting today, because today it is 68 years ago that the first dictatorship found its end in Germany. And it also was more or less the beginning of the second dictatorship. Hitler's had stopped and Stalin's had started. The second replaced the first one.

And dictatorships are violent matters, and so are the raping of children.

This entry of three days ago, 2013 May 05 (3) – The 1968er and terror, brought interesting information. It was information about the Greens. Their violence. Their violence against children.

Now I want to go back to the article from which I had brought extracts three days ago and quote more further from it:

It was about legalizing sexual relationships between adults and children. Also the Greens had groups, which were firmly in favour of it. Paedophile activists published texts in the taz, zitty and Pflasterstrand. In several cities there were communes in which paedophiles lived together with children, often run-away children from the street.

Claudia Roth has now said she supports the review of paedophile movements from the time of the beginning of the Greens. So often it is so portrayed as if there had been some few confused people in the eightieth and as if the entire thing had been finished quite quickly.

That is not true. There was a long-lasting solidarity from leftists, not just the Greens, with the allegedly persecuted paedophiles. The organisation Kind im Zentrum (child in the centre) was still attacked in the ninetieth for its work; that was daily routine.

So the Greens did not just have a few child abusers among them, and tolerated them, they even wanted to introduce this raping of children as lawful right, legalize it.

The best known politician of the Greens was once Fischer. Again and again there were reports about his violence in his career.

But the Greens were just one group of the leftists. The largest group were the social democrats and there the best known was once Schröder and he was active with the 1968ers in the student division of this party and it was the spiritual ringleader of the 1968ers. And when he then later was approached about this he also dismissed it, like Cohn-Bendit. Schröder then made a joke out of it. This student organisation of the social democrats had devoted itself to absolute violence. It's aim was to annex the entire Germany, therefore also West Germany, into the Stalinist dictatorship. Their fight was unambiguously orientated towards this direction. And that included expressly military attack on the West, completely according to the model of their comrade in arms in Vietnam. The Vietcong was their shining model and the slogan was Ho-Ho-Ho-Chi-Minh.

Schröder was an absolute violently minded person and that has not changed until today. Whenever the political situation allowed it and allows it, then he has pulled in this direction. And when it was about freeing a country from the dictatorship, then Schröder was of course against it because dictatorships were his ideal and dictators his model. Mao and Ho Chi Minh were their ideal personalities and Mao’s little red book their inspiration.

And Schröder’s predecessor Schmidt undertook only something against terrorists because his direct authority had become the point of attack, but all the years as social democrat leader and minister under Brandt he went along with the promotion of the 1968ers. He became a member of the social democrats because a half blind man is king among the blind, but his basic motive is and was atheism. He still stands up for this today warmly and his admiration for Mao is unbroken.

And for the Christian democrats Kohl became the leader. Already his predecessor Barzel had to offer an approach towards the 1968ers as recipe against them and Kohl then more or less took over the ideology of the 1968ers. The student organization of the union parties at the FU Berlin aspired to a coalition with the Dutschke people and admired them and these people then became the intellectual backup for Kohl and then determined the direction of the Christian democrats until Ms Merkel then managed to make an end to the hypnotizing through Kohl and liberated the Christian democrats, and with it also Germany, from this man.

With Kohl it was never about the freedom of all Germans, for him it was about the extension of his authority. This was expressed most clearly that the holiday of the German liberation fighters, the 17th of June, was abolished, and that day is now celebrated instead, where Kohl extended his Reich.

A successful jurist has reached the culmination of his career and now considers whether he should take action against the organization which raped him as child. When he thinks of all the resistances which he might encounter then he will probably refrain from his plan. The Catholic mafia is everywhere and seems to be unconquerable.

A boy, who was not raped decades ago, but now and continually, has the entire world against him when he should try to get out of this.

The entire left is against investigating the past of the Catholic Church; their own actions could easily catch sight of the light of the public world.

The Christian parties are afraid of losing voters when they stop paying court to the Catholic Church. Merkel once expressed critic against the pope and was immediately criticised herself.

The free democrats always fancied the 1968ers and have perverse top people. Their minister for foreign affairs tries to persuade other countries to introduce Sodom and Gomorrah also there. These Sodom and Gomorrah people now think they are a little bit better than those who rape children, but perversity they have in common and also the need to make propaganda for their obscene and degenerated practices and to provoke normal people with it. Their minister of justice seems to be the only leading politician who is not afraid to denounce the mistakes and crimes of the Catholic Church. One can only hope there that this is not happening because of a basic atheistic attitude.

So as the free democrats covered up for years that their leader was a Nazi, so the Greens cover up that they are a party for the promotion of child abusers.

See 2013 May 05 (2) – Genscher was Nazi.

The Lutheran Church keeps an extreme low profile because it feels already that it will be their turn next, and that also their hypocrisy, which they have in common with other churches of the club called orthodoxy, will be uncovered and dragged into the limelight.

Every person who today reports a Catholic priest has to reckon on coming across people at the first attempt, who somehow have a connection with these just mentioned organizations and therefore have an interest to conceal their skeletons in the basement.

The Catholic mafia is widespread and that makes it possible for priests to calmly carry on with the raping of children and the danger to be discovered is small, and the danger in case a priest is really getting caught, that he then is also called to account and put away, is still much smaller. And also then his organisation will care for him and financially safeguard him. And the stay in clink will anyway not last long and it is actually not so unpleasant there. And also not every priest who rapes a boy is getting a beating in jail by a fellow jailbird.

See 2011 Jul 21 (3) – Abuse Salzgitter: Priest in imprisonment while awaiting trial beaten up

So there are actually no reasons for a Catholic priest to give up his hobby, the raping of boys. The negative side of this business can be neglected.

An exception could be when a mother of a raped boy is interested in the priest and he however turns her down and does not go to bed with her and she then gets her revenge that she brings him into prison by reporting him to the police – because of the boy – see 2012 Jan 28 – Two years Catholic abuse scandal. She went to the police the next day; that was an urgent need of hers – revenge - not the stopping of the raping of the boy.

Normally raped boys have no chance. The Christian parties are afraid to lose voters and therefore cover a terroristic association like the Catholic Church and the rest of the parties are terroristic associations themselves, fighting the ancient fight against God, have atheistic basic structures. And what about the parents? It is them who vote for these parties.

The boy has no chance against this Catholic Mafia.


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