The 1968er: paedophilia and terror.

The 1968er and terror - Comment on 2013 May 5 (3)

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The 1968er: programmatic forerunners of sexual abuse of children and terror. Read more:

Today I read something about Cohn-Bendit and the 1968er. He was just one of these people. Other well-known politicians belong to them who were supporters and fellow travellers and mimickers: Heinrich Albertz, Brandt, von Weizsäcker, Schmidt, Schröder, Fischer, Barzel, Kohl, Genscher.


Abuse: “The spirit of the age has helped paedophiles”

The sexual revolution was a step for paedophiles says the therapist in the talk about child abuse and the case of Daniel Cohn-Bendit.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is currently caught up with his account in his book Der große Basar (The great bazaar) from the year 1975, in which he enthusiastically describes sexual meetings with small children in a Frankfurt Kinderladen (children shop), where he worked. Cohn-Bendit has again and again dismissed these lines as “bad literature”, “provocation” or as “writing of its time”. What kind of time are we talking about?

It was about legalizing sexual relationships between adults and children. Also the Greens had groups, which were firmly in favour of it.

But in the work with victims we have felt the unpleasant after-affects still in the ninetieth. We got to hear all the time we are behind the times. Since 1968 another wind is blowing, namely one that children have a right of sexual relations with adults.

There was a long-lasting solidarity of leftists, not only Greens, with the alleged persecuted paedophiles. The organization Kind im Zentrum (Child in the centre) was still attacked for its work in the ninetieth; that was daily routine.

The Hesse CDU, not exactly known to be pussyfooters, has called Cohn-Bendit a “programmatic forerunner of sexual abuse of children”.

The 1968er and paedophilia: Parts of leftists and the alternative scene understood paedophilia as emancipation in the sixtieth and seventieth.


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