The age of Adam multiplied by seven.

Satan’s fall into the bottomless pit - Comment on 2013 May 1

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You know the age of Adam?! (nine hundred and thirty years) – See, once it has already elapsed; but when it will elapse six more times then you with all your helpers and accomplices shall find the fitting reward in the eternal fire of my wrath! Read more:

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Today I read details about Satan and especially about his fall into the bottomless pit.

Two chapters from the book Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) by Jakob Lorber follow. It is chapter 87 and 88 of the third volume:


^   jl.hag3.087,01
But when Enoch had heard such from the arch enemy of life, there he stood up, glorified and praised the Lord mightily in his heart and then directed the following over important words towards the blasphemer at the eternal divine Holiness, saying namely:

^   jl.hag3.087,02
»Listen now, you most malicious blasphemer, wanting to be high-handed! Myriads times myriads of Sun years, where one lasts 28 000 Earth years, you were always a most obstinate, most unruly renegade of God!

^   jl.hag3.087,03
What hasn't the Lord's infinite love all done to bring you devil, unrestrained of your freedom of will, back on the right way!

^   jl.hag3.087,04
Look up, all the countless suns and worlds of all kind the Lord has created because of you, so that you were to return on one or the other!

^   jl.hag3.087,05
On each sun and world God’s endless mercy has given you countless means to your hand, with the help of which you could have been able to return most easily. Never has the Lord put you off by your first outer freedom of your will even in a most minor part and has nowhere put the very gentlest barriers for you!

^   jl.hag3.087,06
Whenever you wanted a new sun with many earths and moons and haze stars for your pretended reform pleaded as an excuse, then the Lord created them according to your liking; you could indeed always play with the omnipotence of the eternal God!

^   jl.hag3.087,07
But for what did you use all these favours and unspeakable greatest mercies wasted for you?! – See, for nothing else than for the execution of what you had spoken now, and what you have already spoken into the face of the Lord of heaven and earth most cheekily at our previous meeting!

^   jl.hag3.087,08
But now listen, Satan, what the Lord now speaks to you through my mouth:

^   jl.hag3.087,09
Most disastrous evil-doer of my love, favour, forbearance, mercy, patience, gentleness, leniency and eternal untouchable holiness! I, your Lord and your God, now swear to you with all my eternal infinite might and power, your eternal complete downfall! What you have spoken now that shall happen irrevocably to your downfall!

^   jl.hag3.087,10
Up to now I still have never set a destination for you, but it was left to you to set before me dates over dates and still tell heaps of lies to me with each of it, to then still mock me on top as a stupid God full of weakness after always lying as if I would be blind and deaf and would not be able to see through your plans!

^   jl.hag3.087,11
But now I have become tired of your old misdeeds and that is why I now set a destination for you out of myself!

^   jl.hag3.087,12
You know the age of Adam?! (nine hundred and thirty years) – See, once it has already elapsed; but when it will elapse six more times then you with all your helpers and accomplices shall find the fitting reward in the eternal fire of my wrath!

^   jl.hag3.087,13
But so that you – so on the side until the last destination, now set by me for you, are to taste this fire, so I have just now lowered a little spark into the middle of the Earth and have erected a cooker inside for it and around the cooker a new home; to that place you will from now on occasionally be compelled for the testing of this little spark! - And that will happen whenever you, as now, will have committed a crime against me!

^   jl.hag3.087,14
But now I command you that you go into this home for so long as I will like it! Amen."'

^   jl.hag3.087,15
Here the Earth split down to the abyss. Smoke and flames blew out of the cleft, and Satan plunged into the abyss with the most horrible howling; and the Earth closed again after that.

^   jl.hag3.087,16
But the travellers praised and glorified God and then soon continued their journey.

^   jl.hag3.088,01
But on the way the travellers still talked about many things of this terrible scene, but it nevertheless had too little general worth, but only a local one for that time.

^   jl.hag3.088,02
But one question, from the side of Lamech, directed towards Enoch, when they had already almost reached the height, is of great worth, and even more so it’s reply, and is therefore not allowed to be absent in this new book of life; we still want to add this here. But the question is this:

^   jl.hag3.088,03
»Listen to me, you my most loved brother Enoch in the Lord, our most loving father! See, the great arch enemy of God and of all life is just a spirit after all! How indeed can he be held by matter, which is practically not at all there for him?! But so a spirit cannot be held by matter, of what use is then possibly the incarceration of Satan in the centre of the Earth? Will he not be here as soon as he just will want it?

^   jl.hag3.088,04
I well know that the almighty will of the Lord can bind and hold the old villain everywhere; but whether there is also still a material dungeon in the centre of the Earth necessary next to the almighty will of the Lord, that I certainly do not really understand! For that reason I beg you to just give me a clear explanation about this!«

^   jl.hag3.088,05
And Enoch smiled at Lamech and then said to him: »Listen, you my most loved brother, the reason that you now still do not understand this clearly may well be because each man sees that most badly what so to speak sits straight upon his nose!

^   jl.hag3.088,06
See, according to your body you are really just pure matter, the same as there is the entire soil! Tell me, is this nothing for your spirit? Can it go away from it when it wants, the regular way?

^   jl.hag3.088,07
Indeed, it, the spirit, can certainly little by little become always more master of matter through love towards God and can penetrate it and then be completely active in all its parts; but it nevertheless cannot leave it forthwith but until the Lord wants it!

^   jl.hag3.088,08
And when the spirit also leaves matter just according to the will of the Lord, then it nevertheless never leaves it as a complete purest, freest spirit, but it always leaves it in a new ethereal body, which it can then never leave eternally.

^   jl.hag3.088,09
But this ethereal body, as it must also take up a certain space, can, when the Lord wants it, just very well still be detained by courser matter and cannot part with it but until the Lord wants it!

^   jl.hag3.088,10
Why then? – Because matter is actually also nothing else than the fixed will of God and is therefore well suitable to capture every spirit, and is capable to be conquered by nothing than alone through the greatest humility, self-denial and love towards God!

^   jl.hag3.088,11
Do you understand such? – Yes, you understand it; hence we will now proceed towards our destination! Amen.«


So those were the two chapters and now a few remarks about it.

Enoch, who began to speak here in the beginning, is the seventh Patriarch.

He, with several companions, one of them being Lamech, Genesis 4:18, is on a journey from the city of Enoch in the plane to the hut of Adam on the height. It is the year 920 after the creation of Adam. So Adam is still alive. It is 10 years before the death of Adam.

In these just quoted two chapters are three numbers. The first gives information about one Sun year: 28 000 Earth years.

The second number is the age of Adam: 930 years.

And the third is that when the age of Adam, which has already elapsed once, will elapse six more times, the following is going to happen: “then you with all your helpers and accomplices shall find the fitting reward in the eternal fire of my wrath!”

That sounds like the abyss. In Revelation 20:1-3 the devil is cast into the bottomless pit for 1000 years and the case described above was just a foretaste of that.

When we now multiply these 930 years by six then we get 5 580 and when we add to this 930 years then we get 6 510 years.

Let us assume, according to The time of Adam’s creation, the year 4 174 before Christ as the year when Adam was created, then the year 2 336 after Christ results as the year of the coming fall into the bottomless pit.

In the second verse of chapter 88 we have a name for this book written by Jakob Lorber: new book of life.

And chapter 88 then still describes very graphically that all matter is just also only something spiritually, just a jail for us, from which we are to free ourselves.

And the means for the liberation is given: humility, self-denial and love towards God.

Every man sees that most badly what so to speak sits just on his nose. It is our body, our jail, and it is our life’s destination to get out of there.

And what actually is matter? Nothing else than the fixed will of God. And what do scientists say? When something spiritual, an idea, a mathematical formula, a wave function, collapses, or is observed, or exposed to the observation of a man, or influenced by the will of man, then the wave function becomes a physical particle, matter. Something spiritual became imprisoned in matter.


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