Talking to God in the outer mouth language is the completely wrong way.

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To the really wise man his inner living word tells him the bottom of all truth. And for the really wise man who is questioned it is likewise not necessary to be questioned; because the spirit announces to him the need of his brother. Read more:

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Today I read something that deals with the heart of all communication.

The subject communication has always plaid an important role on this website.

One example of this are the webpages which deal with the Seti project. The last of this is probably 2013 Feb 12 Seti: Search specifically for extra-terrestrials unsuccessful.

But that was just as already mentioned only an example.

To go into the subject of communication in some more detail, so to speak as an introduction, to get into the right mood, I repeat here something from Creation - Part 3.

Here therefore this paragraph:

When we plan and think through everything meaningful before we start it, then this principle will obviously also be true of our own origin and there will be a being which has planned us and built us. And because everything in principle is spiritual and all material consists of spiritual substances, so also fundamental communication will be spiritual. The man Robert Monroe was very busy to gather out of body experiences and his experiences let him think about the spiritual side of life and his suspicion started when he thought to have won a good insight into these his human experiences. Cheerfully and without any fuss he had set out on out of body situations and had returned and was always sure that his guiding self knew the answers and would take care of all appearing difficulties. That worked very well, and it was perhaps the reason why a slight suspicion began to stir that his ego might consider itself to be too great. He could not, because he always wanted to know exactly how everything works, leave something good at rest, and had to find out what was behind it. At several excursions in the out of body state he tried to become aware of who was responsible for the drive and the steering. He says that in the beginning it was hard to comprehend the contact. Only the awareness of a friendly presence was there behind him, which set the direction. He turned around but there was nothing visible, at best the indication of a well-meaning presence. But it was there and seemed to clearly come from outside. He thought about past experiences and went through his notes about it and noticed that often a hand was there which helped him to get out of something or which was laid down on his arm or an answer to a call for help or a discreet tip. He had called such things helpers. Now we come to our subject communication. He tried during his out of body experiences to establish contact with these beings, with individual ones and with several, but it was in vain. But then he found out that the reason he did not get an answer was because no words were spoken, only pictures and sensations and action. Only when he gradually grasped that he so to speak did not speak their language, a change took place. Words and language, as we make use of them, is something pure human. He became aware that he had drawn human conclusions, and also that he received an answer regardless of his method of communication. They were not men and still he communicated with them. He then tried every time a different method of communication. He sent silent thoughts to the assumed presence behind him: pictures, activities, feelings and sensations. And every time a reaction came. He says, it took quite long until he understood, and the beings were admirably patient until he won the right analytical and subjective attitude to be able to understand. He says it was a landmark in his consciousness when he learned to understand the beginnings of this non-verbal system of communication. He recognized that non-verbal communication is possible, and also the difference to verbal communication. With the recognition of this communication the depth and the extent of his out of body experiences changed. He was frequently escorted to a kind of lessons where there were teachers and students, and where he was one of the students. The teacher was a glowing white, radiating sphere of light and he could feel around him the radiation of other students. The instruction consisted of a seemingly standard bombardment with information units, which consisted of total experience, and which had to be assimilated and understood immediately, and with thought spheres, which hardly can be converted into words and which he just calls routine. Robert Monroe says that this is obviously a very familiar process of communication in the non-verbal communication.

Now still webpages of this website, as a third example, which deal with communication which come from my own experiences:
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But now to that what I read today.

I now bring Chapter 46 of the third Volume of the work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) by Jakob Lorber. The place of action is the city of Enoch, which is known to us from Genesis 4:17. The time is the year 920 after Adam. And the participants are, among others, the main speaker, and that is God who visits his children in the gestalt of a man, and who at that point in time of the dialogue is not yet recognized as God and is therefore called main speaker. Then Enoch is present among others and that is the seventh patriarch, counted from Adam. These patriarchs form the main tribe line, which leads up to Noah, and is therefore the line which survives Noah's Flood. Then the "upper Lamech" is present and he is the ninth patriarch, therefore the father of Noah and the grandson of Enoch. Noah was then not born yet. Enoch and the upper Lamech are described in Genesis 5. The "lower Lamech" was present as well. He is described in Genesis 4. The lower Lamech lived down in the valley, as descendent of Cain, and the upper Lamech up in the mountains, together with Adam and Eve, who were then still alive.

Now follows the quote:

^   jl.hag3.046,01
But nevertheless after a while one of the critics got up and directed the following words towards the speaker and said: »Listen, dear friend and brother! That you are obviously wiser than all of us at this table, that I and certainly all of us have now gathered from your words. And so I am also already in advance convinced that you will solve my following main question for all of us; and so I then request from you for that reason that you would like to listen to me.«

^   jl.hag3.046,02
But the main speaker said to this one who wanted to ask him; »Listen, true wisdom out of the Lord God, the God of hosts, should neither ask nor be asked! Because to the really wise man his inner living word tells him the bottom of all truth. And for the really wise man who is questioned it is likewise not necessary to be questioned; because the spirit announces to him the need of his brother.

^   jl.hag3.046,03
But when you would like to ask me, say, in what way is then your wisdom which you as sharp critic formerly commended yourself upon me?

^   jl.hag3.046,04
See, but when you are a real wise man then you should soon see in the light of your wisdom that it must be known to me as a wise man what is on your mind without your natural human question!

^   jl.hag3.046,05
But you want to ask me; are you therefore a wise man, and do you perhaps think me to be a wise man indeed and in the bottom of your life?

^   jl.hag3.046,06
Do you thing the high guests for instance do not know this? Oh, just go to them, and they will tell you what I have now told you!«

^   jl.hag3.046,07
Here the critic was embarrassed and did not know what he should do; because from the words of the main speaker he gathered exactly that he must have noticed that he wanted to lay a little trapping snare in this his question he wanted to put forward.

^   jl.hag3.046,08
But because he then also soon became aware of that this main speaker was not easily turned away, he then started little by little to take quite different measures in his heart.

^   jl.hag3.046,09
And because the main speaker noticed such, there he immediately directed the following words towards the critic and said:

^   jl.hag3.046,10
»Listen, I want to give you a right answer in response to your question, which you formerly wanted to give to me, to catch me, because you now allowed a different spirit to arise in your heart; but this shall be the answer:

^   jl.hag3.046,11
You think that man could not express himself comprehensibly without word before his human brothers, and therefore the mouth word is the completion of the silent thought word in the heart, because only in this way man manifests himself before all other creatures of Earth; and so one would have to worship and thank and commend and praise God the Lord indeed only always with the perfect words, but not with the inner thoughts or words of feeling which only fill the spirit.

^   jl.hag3.046,12
See, that is exactly the completely wrong way! Just by this that man has become a sense and world servant and has turned himself outwardly, he has also come into the outward mouth language and can now understand his brother not otherwise than through the word of the mouth, which actually is nothing but merely only the most outer bark of a tree.

^   jl.hag3.046,13
But by this he has lost incalculably much through this apparent profit; because when man would have remained with his inner language of the spirit, then the entire creation would stand there for him being able to speak, and he could understand the things in their reason. But so he has become a silent observer and has spoilt in himself all his senses through his turning outwardly; so that he became deaf, blind and numb over that, like the bark of a tree and understands nothing of the reason of things; indeed he does not even know himself and not the wailing heart of his brother!

^   jl.hag3.046,14
Wouldn't you now also still like with it to direct the acknowledgment and worship of God, who really is the most inward life inside of man himself, completely outwardly, so that as a result you could also lose God and become a heathen or even a complete denier of God?!«

^   jl.hag3.046,15
Here all felt quite strange at the table of the speaker, as well as - except for Enoch, the upper Lamech and Hored - also the ones sitting at the main table.

^   jl.hag3.046,16
And the lower Lamech started to scratch his head very much, and would have liked to make again a remark, - but the speaker had not yet finished; therefore he waited also patiently for the ending of the things.

At the beginning of this just quoted chapter it is described how the critic wants to ask the main speaker a question, but the main speaker gets there first and then explains to the critic that he already knows his question, and that is of course a very practical example how real communication works.

The natural human question is therefore the material means of communication, and the people of the world think that man could not express himself comprehensibly without words before his human brothers.

And this material communication is brought into contrast to the inner language of the spirit.

It is our inner language of the spirit which is universal and that even on all levels and also on all levels of different states of consciousness. And it is not just universal among human beings, but also under animals, and also among animals and humans.

And this language also works with beings on other celestial bodies and the Seti people just need to change to this inner language of the spirit and their work will be crowned with success.

It is that language we use when we communicate with spirit beings and it is particularly the language we use to communicate with God.

And what is perhaps even more important, it is the language with which one obtains access to the real self.

The inner living word guides us to our real self.

Therefore it is about the difference between the inner language of the spirit and the outer language of the mouth.

This inner language of the spirit we have to learn and then make use of it and then we will have made the start to become wise and are enabled to really communicate.

But because of this, that man has gotten into the outer mouth language, he has lost incalculably much through this apparent profit; because when man would have remained with his inner language of the spirit then the entire creation would have stood there for him being able to speak, and he could understand the things in their reason.

Especially the speaking to God in this outer language of the mouth is the completely wrong way.

I want to bring an example of these two possibilities of communication. A "missionary" comes to Africa and there he teaches his newly won followers the mouth prayers of his denomination. The "missionary" directs the acknowledgment and worship of God, who really is the most inward life inside of man himself, completely outwardly, and with this he and his new converts lose God and become heathens or even complete deniers of God. The native sangoma however, who the "missionary" probably thinks is a heathen, has the ability to know the question of him who comes to him to get advice or to get healed. This sangoma is the true wise man because true wisdom should neither ask nor be asked. Because to the really wise man his inner living word tells him the bottom of all truth. The man seeking advice automatically makes the test by expecting from the sangoma that he knows his request without him having informed the sangoma. When the sangoma can tell him what his request is, then he is convinced that he is dealing with a wise man. The seeker of advice behaves like Nebuchadnezzar who not only wants his dream being interpreted, but also wants that the dream interpreter, as a sign of his competence, can tell him the content of the dream. When the dream interpreter can do this, then he, Nebuchadnezzar, will also buy his interpretation. The "missionary" however will probably not even understand such a request because, even when he perhaps knows the story of Nebuchadnezzar and Daniel, the story will have for him no reality, not to mention faith.


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