The cowards were afraid of Russia.

The cowards - Comment on 2013 April 22 (2)

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“You in the West sat still after all, like mice. You were afraid of Russia.” Read more:

Yesterday I read a “comment and analysis” and I want to bring some extracts from it:

A dangerous silence on ideology of Boston terrorists

OUR media behaved politely after the Boston bombing.

None jumped to the correct conclusion: these terrorists were yet again Muslim.

In fact, even after brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were identified and found to be - surprise! - Muslim, some still pretended not to notice or think it relevant.

Muslim? Really? What an amazing coincidence.

Probably meaningless.

"No clear motive", even though by then we knew Tamerlan, the elder brother, named after a famous Muslim warrior, had called himself "very religious" and died with a bomb strapped to his chest.

Moreover, a YouTube account in his name was stuffed with videos of calls to jihad and homages to terrorism.

Now what could have helped motivate him to blow up Westerners with pressure cooker bombs of the kind featured on jihadist internet manuals?

This is, of course, the approved way of reporting - or not reporting - Muslim terrorists.

That's why on Friday, just before the Tsarnaev brothers were cornered, AM ran a pre-emptive piece on a Muslim apologist warning us not to assume the bombers were what they were.

"Government agencies have cast that shadow on American Muslims, Arabs, South-Asian for over a decade now," he complained.

Actually, what casts that shadow is not mean police or nasty media.

It is Muslim extremists blowing up people.

Now this “comment and analysis” is about Muslims and on this website religious organisations are not exactly supported and that applies to all religious organisations because they just keep people away from God by actually putting their organisations first and not God.

But what I am after here is the behaviour of people, in this case the behaviour of media people, by them simply not reporting the truth about situations because organisations put up pressure upon them to report in their favour.

I brought an example of media people giving in to the pressure of organisations a month ago: 2013 Mar 19 – The bullying of Catholicism and the giving way of the media

People are getting bullied and they put up with it. They are cowards. They do not stand up for truth.

The Catholic Church is doing this bullying for 2000 years. The worst terrorist organisation the world has ever seen. Just think of crusades, inquisition, burning of witches, and raping of boys. The last takes place for 2000 years. In most countries still today a person risks his life reporting a Catholic priest to the police. And nobody is doing something about this on-going crimes committed everywhere in the world. The only country seems to be Australia that is now doing something against this terror organisation, with the Royal Commission. Thousands of boys are getting raped every day by Catholic priest and compared with this the Muslim extremists seem rather insignificant. And the Catholics have started to kill the prophets 2000 years ago and are doing so still today. The word stake stands for it. Today they have other methods. Today's Grand Inquisitor is called sect representative. And all the cowards of the world put up with it.

And the politicians are just one group of cowards doing nothing.

Two weeks ago Margret Thatcher died. She was one of the very few who dared to stand up against the bullying of the Soviet Union, which overshadowed the politics of the previous century.

Last year we had the webpage 2012 Jun 30 – The Weizsäckers – the grand master deceivers and there these Weizsäckers were shown as such people bowing down to the dictatorship of the Soviet Union.

But on that webpage was also a report about the Ukrainian Myroslaw Symtschytsch.

Here a quote from Myroslaw Symtschytsch: “You in the West sat still after all, like mice. You were afraid of Russia.”

People and politicians were afraid of Russia and some of them even cooperated openly with Russia and betrayed their country and the West to Russia. A prime example was the German foreign minister Genscher. For many years he helped that regime in the Kremlin to achieve their objectives of dominating the world and the moment that regime collapsed he resigned from his position because now the sudden change in the Kremlin threatened his reputation. All the documentation in the Kremlin witnessing his cooperation with the Soviet Union was now suddenly open for inspection.

All the chancellors of Germany, from Schröder to Kohl to Schmidt and to Brandt were such supporters of that regime in the Kremlin. Schröder was already as student fighting for that regime. Kohl just had contempt for people who fought that regime and suffered under it. Schmidt still today expressed his admiration for slave masters like Mao. And Brandt was simply a puppet of the communists.

Let me quote some extracts from an article I read four days ago:

Sex in the chancellery

Willy Brandt and his erotic „supplies“

A secret dossier shook the government of Brandt 1974. The Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Detective Department) had made a list of ladies, who served the federal chancellor. Key figure was the spy Guillaume.

At a journey with the special train it was a Swede woman who was allowed in at night in the compartment of the boss, at the other a French woman. At stays in Hamburg most of the time the female journalist came into the hotel suite, in Berlin it was often about a Yugoslavia woman, in Paris a well-known publisher. Prostitutes also played a role.

In the dossier, with which the Federal Interior Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher had sent his Senior Minister Official Klaus Kinkel via helicopter from Bonn to Hamburg, such hours of love were listed by the dozen. „Supplies“ it was called there. Kinkel went to the hotel "Atlantic" and put the document next to the breakfast cup of a gentleman. He was deeply shocked. Not because what he read there, but that he could read it, as official protocol.

It was definitely not new for the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt what he got served up there by Kinkel on the early morning of the 1st of May 1974. After all, it was himself who got “supplied” with those women, because in fits of urgency he had demanded it, as often as it was possible. But that this was now all listed for him in the so-called "Herold Paper" – so called according to the president at that time of the Federal Detective Department Horst Herold – he did not like it at all.

Particularly many details. For example the entry about a stay of the chancellor in a hotel in Munich lasting several days. The security boss was supposed to have instructed a new co-worker: “Once I am away and the boss needs something, then you go down to the reception and take one of them who sits around there. You ask for the price and sends her up to the chancellor. The adviser pays then for everything.”

Horst Herold was more shocked than the chancellor, being obviously beyond saving at the mercy of his desires, when he compiled the dossier with the co-workers of the escort command of the chancellor, the "Sicherungsgruppe Bonn" (Security Group Bonn). In the process it had namely become clear that these supplies too often took literally place under the eyes of DDR-Staatssicherheit (East German State Security). The chancellor was exposed.

Exactly that adviser of Brandt who had opened the door to the chamber of the chancellor in most of the cases, had been arrested a few days earlier as top spy: NVA-Hauptmann (NVA captain) Günter Guillaume. The BKA assumed that Guillaume hat sent tapes of the talks and other sounds in the love nights to East Berlin. According to the protocol Guillaume is supposed to have occasionally fetched women into the train for himself. But that did not let him fraternize with his west boss. His ear and his eye belonged to the Stasi.

One could not even grant cluelessness to the chancellor about it. For one year he had been informed about that Guillaume was investigated. Two months earlier he had been informed that the suspicion was hard and the arrest imminent. In spite of this he left the job of women supply to the spy for still more weeks.

Willy Brandt, the man who deployed the Stasi directly in the chancellery. He not only was a coward, but a slave of the Soviet Union.

That Brandt was not charged and sentenced for high treason could only happen because the entire political establishment at his time of being chancellor and also until his death consisted of cowards who did not dare to speak out against the slave masters in Moscow who enslaved people in Germany and everywhere east of the iron curtain.


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