The necessity of personal training and all possible experience.

The great parable in which lies the beginning and the end - Comment on 2013 April 22

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For man as a work of the fullest freedom of will personal training and then all possible self-experience is necessary. Read more:

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A parable follows which gives information about us.

Lamech has got a question and God answers it. Lamech is the ninth Patriarch, the father of the tenth, Noah. Lamech used the opportunity where God visited his children in the gestalt of a man.

The following is the 25th chapter of the third volume of the work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) by Jakob Lorber:

^   jl.hag3.025,01
But also Lamech stepped before God and requested the permission to also be allowed to rid himself of a tangled knot before him.

^   jl.hag3.025,02
And the Lord said to him: »I know what you have, and Enoch also knows it! But Kisehel cannot yet see it in the most secret depth of your heart, what is in it; therefore you may part with it aloud because of Kisehel, after all, - and so then announce to me your tangled bundle!«

^   jl.hag3.025,03
With a heart burning with love Lamech thanked for this lofty favour and then loudly produced the following question sentence, which was this:

^   jl.hag3.025,04
»Most loving, holy, unspeakable good father, you have really created Satana out of you and not out of somewhere else! But how is it now then still possible that this being created out of you is so very dreadfully evil, as in you really everything had to be extremely good from eternity on, because you are yourself endless good and that is why indeed also nothing evil can come out of you?

^   jl.hag3.025,05
But as this Satana created out of you is so seriously extremely evil, so by no means I know how to help and advise myself in this point. I think so by myself and also feel it very clearly; when I here could get things straight, then I would also just have everything what I need for the complete calming of my spirit!«

^   jl.hag3.025,06
Upon this very convincing expression of Lamech the Lord replied, saying namely: »When you take it humanely wise then this must certainly give you the most tangled knot; but when you can look at it purely spiritually, then soon all confusion will get lost, and you will see there a solution of things, which will be countless times more clearer for your than there is the light of the sun on the most clean, bright full midday!

^   jl.hag3.025,07
However it is difficult to give such with words understandable to you, because it is in the deepest depth of all my infinite divine wisdom.

^   jl.hag3.025,08
But I want to enlighten the thing for you through a parable! The more you will look at this parable in the course of time, the more you will penetrate into the spirit of truth in this endless deep secret matter; so then listen:

^   jl.hag3.025,09
An extremely wise and loving good man has made the plan in himself to take a wife for himself and to father children with her, who are to be like him in everything and are to take possession of the immense treasures and riches everyone according to its kind, which he owns in endless fullness!

^   jl.hag3.025,10
That would certainly be a very good plan; but how to execute when in the entire large area no female being exists?!

^   jl.hag3.025,11
But what does the extremely wise man do? - Without stopping to think he says to himself:

^   jl.hag3.025,12
»What do I want to search in this endless territory of mine, what cannot be found?! I indeed have in myself what I need; I have love, I have all wisdom and have the power out of the two!

^   jl.hag3.025,13
That is why I want to see whether I cannot create a woman out of myself which is to live up to me in everything! Because I have now already other things as completely existing called out of me; there I will certainly also succeed in such?!

^   jl.hag3.025,14
And therefore I will make an idea completely similar for me and put it in my firmest will, and very soon it will be shown whether I need to carry on searching for that what does not is, nor can be at all outside of me!'

^   jl.hag3.025,15
Imagined, done, and the marvellous work stands before the man! With endless great pleasure the mighty most wise work master looks at it.

^   jl.hag3.025,16
But the work is just like a still dead machine of his will, does not move otherwise than alone only according to the will of the work master and only speaks what the work master thinks into it and then wants to have spoken by the work.

^   jl.hag3.025,17
But there the master's wisdom thinks about it and says: 'The work is there; but in it there is nothing else but myself! When I leave it like this then it will be of little use; but if I give the work an own, free, independent life, then I also must just put up with when it will turn away from me, and act according to its own free will.

^   jl.hag3.025,18
But I am indeed still powerful above everything. When it will step over the prescribed limit then I will just know how to meet it; because it still remains of course my work forever!'

^   jl.hag3.025,19
So the wise man speaks to himself, and therefore he also does it.

^   jl.hag3.025,20
The work is free and moves and soon speaks differently than the man wants it; and that is a great triumph of the work master, that his work starts to express a free activity exceedingly lively, without however being able to ever step out of the sphere of will of the master.

^   jl.hag3.025,21
But the man still wants more, namely the fullest freedom of will of the work; and to that end personal training and then all possible self-experience for the work is necessary.

^   jl.hag3.025,22
But this training still continues now, while the creating reproduction is moreover to be seen as a maim part of such great training. And the man is now, as always, on the point to see the final most certain completion of his work quite brightly!

^   jl.hag3.025,23
See, that is quite a great parable; because the beginning and the end lies completely in it! Pay attention to this in you, and it will become brighter and brighter in your depths! - But now we advance again! Amen.«

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