God opens the inner sight for men.

How one lives in the spirit - Comment on 2013 April 19

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We can experience men who have gone over, and have a talk with them ourselves, so that we might see from this that there will never be an end to our being in God. Read more:

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Today I read reports about the hereafter and want to quote one of them.

When we deal with the time of the end then it is also about the transition into the kingdom on the other side and we should acquire knowledge about this future place of residence; all our thinking should actually be directed towards this spiritual kingdom because we fix our eye on what is unseen because what is unseen is eternal.

Because we live by faith.

The report about the hereafter I have from Jakob Lorber’s work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God). It comes there from the third volume, the tenth chapter.

God once again visited his children and was among them as man and made it possible for them to get informed about the hereafter by enabling them to talk to their relatives who had already gone to the other side.

These were three men among the children of God around Adam. The first one was Abel, the second son of Adam and Eve. These two first human beings were 920 years old. So it was 10 years before Adam’s death. At the time Abel was already several hundred years in the spiritual kingdom. The second was Zuriel. He had been taken away by God recently.

Here the words of God, which he spoke when he took away Zuriel and what happened then:

^   jl.hag2.005,32
« Zuriel, but now you also come to me and receive the greatest reward for your loyalty!

^   jl.hag2.005,33
See, now I make you a great angel and put you as a loyal watchman and invisible protector of all my children, and from now on you will forever see my face and be glad in my light!«

^   jl.hag2.005,34
And he touched Zuriel, and Zuriel became luminous more than the sun and soon disappeared from all their countenances.

Zuriel was the grandfather of Noah on his mother’s side. Noah’s mother was Ghemela, the daughter of Zuriel. Noah’s father was Lamech and his father was Methuschelach. At that time Noah was not yet born.

We know about Henoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, on his father’s side, that he was also raptured by God; but that had not happened then; it happened only 67 years later.

We know about Henoch that he was taken away by God, and also about Elijah. These two cases are the two cases, which are described in the Old Testament, but they are just examples. There were many other cases, then, and today this will probably not have changed in principle.

Sehel was a further case, then. Sehel was the youngest son of Seth. He disappeared shortly after Zuriel disappeared, because he was called by God and equipped with great power to work in endless space according to God’s will.

Now I bring the last part of a speech which God addressed to his children:

^   jl.hag3.008,13
But so that you see how one lives in the spirit I also open for you the inner sight completely!

^   jl.hag3.008,14
And so then see the three among us, who have gone over, and have a talk with them yourselves, so that you might see from this that there will never be an end to your being in me, and also that the dragon is always a great liar!

^   jl.hag3.008,15
Therefore have a talk, and let it be announced to you how the spirit lives free most happily, rules and reigns forever! Amen!«

So God opens the inner sight for men. Advanced beings can expand their own consciousness upon the spiritual world and they can also influence the consciousness of others so that also their inner sight is opened.

And now comes the beginning of this report about the meeting of the living with their relatives in the spiritual kingdom:

^   jl.hag3.009,01
Here all the fathers were glad above all measure. Adam and Eve hurried to Abel, Seth to Sehel and Ghemala to Zuriel and had a talk about things of the spirit and about its most perfect and freest and therefore most happy life.

I now omit some passages and come immediately to the main part, to Zuriel:

^   jl.hag3.010,01
But after this also Ghemela asked her father Zuriel whether there is much difference between life of this world and life of the spirit, and whether the spirit man can perhaps also see the natural world and those men who still live in the body on it.

^   jl.hag3.010,02
And Zuriel answered her: »Listen, you daughter of the Lord, that is a vain question! Life is everywhere one and the same, and there can be no difference in itself between life and life when the same is a life out of the Lord; but when life is not out of the Lord then it is also no longer life but utter death, which is also well conscious of itself, but that consciousness is only a deception of one’s own, in which all that of what a dead person is conscious of is shaped so like a bad, vain pure dream, because its world is no base and all possession is more vain than most loose foam!

^   jl.hag3.010,03
But you must here not look at the matter of things as if it were dead, because it does not express consciousness for you; because it is not dead, because quite mighty powers are reigning in it and itself is actually nothing other than an expression of divine will power and might expressing itself everywhere, but as dead you only have to imagine what has possibly obstinately separated itself from the Lord according to the freedom of will received from the Lord and then wants to continue without God out of its own power.

^   jl.hag3.010,04
It certainly continues as a result of divine love and mercy, but how dreadful, - that is quite a different sentence.

^   jl.hag3.010,05
But from this you, my daughter in the Lord, can already infer that actual life expresses itself everywhere and under all circumstances in one and the same way.

^   jl.hag3.010,06
When you still cannot grasp this completely then just look at the Lord! See, he is in himself the most complete life of all life; all our life is out of him! Do you find a difference between him and me?

^   jl.hag3.010,07
You say: ‚According to the apparent nature, none!’

^   jl.hag3.010,08
Good, I tell you; but in this lies indeed the complete answer of our question! Just only notice: we are what we are out of God the Lord; all of ourselves is his complete image!

^   jl.hag3.010,09
Therefore quite surely is our life also his life, and we might live when and where we like, - as soon as we see and grasp the reason of life, as we have turned our heart towards him, so we live already a perfect life, whether still in fleshly body, or whether in pure spirit, there is no difference!

^   jl.hag3.010,10
But whether the pure and free spirit can also see the natural world and everything what is upon it, see, my dear daughter in the Lord, that is quite a very superfluous question! When actual life is everywhere completely equal, then the seeing will probably make there no difference!

^   jl.hag3.010,11
But ask yourself whether you see the world with your flesh, which is actually just a quite insensitive matter, or with your spirit out of the flesh!

^   jl.hag3.010,12
See, now it dawned on you! Therefore, when your spirit covered by matter can see things, then also the pure, free spirit will well be able to do such, when the Lord wants to have it!

^   jl.hag3.010,13
But when the Lord does not want this, then neither the free nor the tied up spirit is able to see something; because as the Lord can take the seeing from the body, so he can also from the spirit.

^   jl.hag3.010,14
But as you now according to the will of the Lord see the spiritual and the natural world, so I now see, as always, when the Lord wants it, and when it is necessary, also both!

^   jl.hag3.010,15
But when we spirits are destined to serve the worlds with great love power out of the Lord, then tell me how such would be possible when we would not have that face to face (that means visibly in front of the eyes), which we are to serve!

^   jl.hag3.010,16
You now see matter through and through; you can see me, a spirit, therefore I can also see you, - and therefore there is no difference between true life and life!

^   jl.hag3.010,17
There is indeed a difference now between me and you, and this difference lies in your flesh, which is not able of spiritual movement and cannot make a fast change of place; but it nevertheless lies in your flesh to think and feel such livingly!

^   jl.hag3.010,18
See, but that is also everything what is necessary for you to know for the time being! When you will go yourself always deeper into the spirit, then you will experience all this still in your body most livingly. – I also wish such for you with all my heart in the name of the Lord! Amen.«

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