Computers do not achieve spiritual abilities like consciousness.

How nerve cells communicate with each other - Comment on 2013 April 4

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It is still an unexplained secret, from where the brain knows which nerve cells have to be followed so that the acting together of the cells triggers the movement of arms and legs or supports memory. Read more:

Last month we had on this website the webpage 2013 Mar 12 (2) New bioelectrical revolution and today I again found something about how signals are transmitted in our body.

Here extracts, afterwards a comment:



How nerve cells communicate with each other

Neuropsychologist investigates glutamate receptors. They are the heart of signal transmission in the brain.

What goes on in our head? Why is it difficult for some men, to remember things, learn something new? What happens when the brain is affected with cramp, an epileptic attack robs ones consciousness?

In all of these phenomena the substance glutamate is involved. That is the most frequent message substance for the arousing signal transmission in the brain.

Without glutamate there would be no controlled movement, no sense perception, no learning and no memory. Glutamate has a central importance for the communication of the brain cells and the build-up of nerve paths.

Even so researchers do not know much about the special role of this message substance, which belongs into the group of neuron transmitters. In general the exact mode of operation of our thinking organ still remains a great puzzle.

Out of the picture giving processes of medicine we know more or less, which parts of the brain are participating in which thinking process and sicknesses, but these computer pictures do not explain what really happens in the 100 billion nerve cells in the brain.

Therefore look well. Upon the surface of the nerve cells, there where the abstract term of signal transmission becomes exactly visible. Neuron transmitters like glutamate dock there with the places suitable for them: with the receptors in the outer cover of nerve cells. This contact changes the structure of the cell cover.

Glutamate for instance is this way able to open certain channels: So charged particles, ions, can pass this membrane and build-up an electric tension; with it the emptying of message substances in direction of the next nerve cell can be activated. Within milliseconds information is so passed on from cell to cell hundred thousand fold.

It is still an unexplained secret, from where the brain knows which nerve cells have to be followed so that the acting together of the cells triggers the movement of arms and legs or supports memory.

Glutamate receptors. A special sub group from this, the ampa receptors.

Altogether researchers have already been able to identify 34 sub units: different proteins from which the receptors are put together. Every combination of these building blocks changes the qualities of the cell cover in a special way. This structured and functional variety could be the key why one single neuron transmitter can trigger so many different reactions in the nerve cells, why it can fulfil so many tasks. A detail for a better understanding of the brain.

The nerve cells do not seem to assemble the ampa receptors by chance out of the sub units, but according to definite rules.

Research cooperation to study the interaction of receptors with the function of other organs.

For that reason the neuron physiologist also belongs to the special research area communication and system relevance.

The brain weighs about 1400 grams; it mainly consists of nerve tissue and is covered by the meninges.

Modern super computers in principle reach the twofold exactness as the brain. But they differ from the way they work. The brain reaches its ability through the distinctive parallel use of information (connectivity). Computers do not achieve spiritual abilities like consciousness.


The last sentence is of course quite informative.

This last sentence expresses that the brain would have spiritual abilities.

So spiritual abilities are, according to this statement, abilities which are typical of the brain or have been developed evolutionary via the brain.

Here we actually have again what is wrong with science. They think the spiritual could be researched out of matter.

What they should do is to once sit down and look inside and get to know their spiritual nature and then learn to understand it and to know it, namely the spiritual part of man to then also understand the material nature of man.

The first task of a true scientist can only be to first of all understand the build-up of the human being, that man consists of Body and of Soul and of Spirit.

This is an absolute necessity because the entire material world is based on the human being, because God actually only created man in the beginning, spiritual man, and the material world only resulted because this man had been equipped with free will and therefore could behave wrongly and also did so, and fell, and became matter, as measure of punishment and measure of rehabilitation.

The article, from where the above quotes come, substantiates of course the entire research with the necessity of the fight against sicknesses, what I left out here. And here we again come to the criminal aspect of so-called research, see 2013 Mar 24 The ignorance of science and its terrible results, because healing is available for every kind of ailment, there is no exception and there is no necessity for medicine or muti; the only really necessary thing to do is to heal the wrong thinking of man. And that is the criminal aspect of science because they conceal the truth.

The only part of the human being which needs healing is the soul, and one cannot heal it with material means. And one cannot heal the soul when one does not even believe that it exists.

The behaviour of these scientist one can only describe as criminal. It is the result of the fact that they are not really scientists but quacks and followers of a fanatic religious sect, the sect of the materialist and the atheists.

The only mitigating thing one can grant them is that they mainly cause bodily harm compared with another group of religionists, the clerics, who inflict eternal harm to men by them hindering the souls of their costumers to get redeemed, because they prevent their costumers to come to God and they tell them that the membership in their pagan organizations will let them get into heaven and that the Sunday appearance in the cleric castles will be decisive for their salvation.


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