The quasi proof of the Higgs particle hangover mood.

The Higgs Hangover - Comment on 2013 March 12

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The quasi proof of the Higgs particle. Nevertheless here and there a hangover mood spreads. Read more:

Here extracts from an article:


The Higgs Hangover

Does fundamental physics die in beauty?

The quasi proof of the Higgs particle is a triumph of fundamental physics. Nevertheless here and there a hangover mood spreads. Because the proof cements an aesthetically unsatisfying model.

The situation with laws of the weak and electromagnetic forces is quite similar. On the basis of a symmetry, which is inherent in these laws, only massless particles are possible as mediators of the two forces. But reality looks differently. Only the photon, which mediates the electromagnetic force, is massless, while the W and Z bosons of the weak force have a mass. That is why a field, which spontaneously breaks the symmetry, was postulated to save the theory. Through interaction with the field, the so-called Higgs field, the W and Z bosons get a mass, while the photon remains massless. With the proof of a particle, where it is in all probability about the Higgs boson, which is associated with the Higgs field, this idea has been confirmed last year triumphantly.

There are however numerous physicists who are not so happy about this success. Lawrence Krauss, a leading cosmologist, found the apt expression for this mood, when he spoke about the «Higgs boson hangover» the other day: One has indeed found what was expected, but how does one continue? «The discovery of the Higgs confirmes the prediction of the standard model and therfore a large part of the theoretic foundations of modern elementary particle physics and cosmology», writes Krauss: «But now we are completely confused about the reasons of the standard model itself. I for my part supported before the experiment the outcome ‹No Higgs boson, but a lot of interesting stuff ›, because it would have meant that we are on the wrong track with our ideas.»

This hangover mood reflects a development in recent physics. It sounds paradox: The physicists seek a «perfect» theory, but nothing is more boring than such a theory. Actually one expects the adrenalin thrust of new data from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which possibly point over and above the horizon of the standard model; one expects the unexpected. Because this model is by far not the last word, found Steven Weinberg, one of its creators, already in the 1990s. And the reason for him lies - in the aesthetical.

Unattractive for example is that the model contains arbitrary seeming parameters; mass and charge of the particle are «simple so», as they are. Unattractive is also that the model does not cover the two other fundamental interactions – strong nuclear force and gravitation. But from a beautiful theory one would expect exactly this and if possible less arbitrary parameters; they would make understandable why the particle have the mass and charge which they have; they would show that the fundamental forces are symmetric, that finally means (at the origin of the universe) are equally strong.

Whether the last secrets of the universe are beautiful or not, one thing is for sure: they are expensive. Too expensive to be true?


The last paragraph very nicely reflects the illusions of the materialists. The materialists think to be onto the secrets of the universe by using matter to decipher matter.

They think matter and a lot of money is required, and physical and intellectual efforts.

To turn to the inside and to explore the book of life and to only seek what is already available in the inside, that does not come to their mind and so these so-called researchers will carry on researching in the dark and finally destroy the now existing world with their experiments and then, when they have managed this, behave like Otto Hahn and start to lament, just before they are devoured by the abyss.

Otto Hahn was quite maliciously towards Heisenberg when they got the news that the Americans had succeeded in building the atom bomb and to employ it over Hiroshima. When then the next report came how many lives the undertaking hat claimed, there the entire beautiful world of the so-called sciences and its achievements broke into pieces and he began to become immersed in a whirlpool of self-accusations.

See 2013 Jan 30 (3) – The blindness of scientists with the consequences of their researches.


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