The twelve dirtiest cardinals.

Cardinals: The "Dirty Dozen" - Comment on 2013 March 7 (3)

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Abuse victims warn of "Filthy Dozen." Read more:

Before pope election

Abuse victims warn of "Dirty Dozen"

Abuse victims drew up a list of cardinals who had failed in the paedophile scandal. Among them are also some of the most promising candidates for the office of the pope.

Also church abuse victims took now part in the discussions before the election of the pope. So a list of names of cardinals was drawn up by a representative body, which according to their opinion should not become pope because of the failure in the paedophile scandal.

The list given the title "Dirty Dozen" also includes the promising candidates like the Canadian Cardila Marc Ouellet (68) and the Milano Cardinal Angelo Scola (71).

The list of the accused cardinals includes Curia Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana, the previous Cardinal State Secretary Tarsicio Bertone, the Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka, Archbishop Norberto Rivera Carrera from Mexico, Archbishop Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga from Honduras, the New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the Washington Archbishop Donald Wuerl, the Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley, the Milano Archbishop Angelo Scola, Curia Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, Sydney Archbishop George Pell and the Canadian Curia Cardinal Marc Ouellet.


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