How the nature of all intercession is to be out of the eternal order.

About the nature of intercession - Comment on 2013 March 4 (2)

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A brother should do so much to the other as he can out of the living, indeed out of God and through Godís living love, and God will then look at his deed and his intercession as if it would be something before God. Read more:

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Creation - Part 3 - Hereafter

Today now I read again something about intercession.

Here Chapter 172 of the first volume of the work Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God) by Jakob Lorber:


^   01
And therefore Henoch remained silent and Sethlahem kept silent like him, quietly expecting the great coming one.

^   02
But they did not have to wait very long; because before you know where you are, he at the side of Jared and Abedam was also already there. But in the meantime Adam with Eve and the children of Seth had to go to the morning height already known to us and to wait there happily for him and all the others who are all known to us from the hut of Adam.

^   03
Hardly arriving at Henoch at the altar of sacrifice, the high Abedam asked immediately: »Dear Henoch, listen, I have heard grumbling out of the hearts of some who are from midday! Sethlahem certainly has shut them up; but now their heart cries the more wretchedly and is full of wickedness!

^   04
What do you think that we should do to them?«

^   05
And Henoch replied to the high questioner: »Oh Abba, you say it in my heart! Let it happen according to your will, and then it will be best with them!

^   06
And Abedam said upon this again to Henoch: »See Henoch, the nightly storm was allowed for their sake alone so that it was supposed to humble their arrogant hearts; alone what small effect it had upon them you have seen with your own eyes and heard with your oven ears!

^   07
Would it not be better that such wicked people would not be than that they are?!

^   08
That is why one should just let the earth devour them so that their breath does not pollute this holy place further?!

^   09
Now, what do you think, would it be right when it happens to them according to the worth of their hearts?«

^   10
And Henoch replied to Abedam: »Lord, you who are full of love and mercy, your will is always holy and your compassion infinite, and you do not need this that someone should beseech you; but you still give us the opportunities in which we should check our own hearts how much neighbourly love and brotherly love lives in them, and to what extent we have come similar to you in compassion.

^   11
See, because I recognize such through your infinite favour and mercy that nothing than only pure mercy and love of yours against my brothers is in me, a little spark of your endless, over holy love fire, so also I come to you in my only seeming mercy and acknowledge that nothing is mine but everything yours, - my love is your love in me, my compassion your compassion in me! Because of that, oh Abba, eternal thanks, praise and prize for that.

^   12
Oh Abba, so I feel mercy over someone in me, but there I also feel at the same time how infinite late against you I come out with my mercy!

^   13
Where would a poor, weak blind man be already in time when I would like to come to his help according to my mercy when you would not have taken pity on him already infinitely earlier?!

^   14
But I can ask you that you might take pity on the weak and blind! But when I ask you for this, oh Abba, there I do not ask to move you for something, but that you might most favourably look at my heart when it brings a small sacrifice for the brothers to you out of your treasure!

^   15
Therefore I then say also here as everywhere and all the time: Oh Abba, your holy will may be done! And what kind of love and compassion my heart offers you for the brothers Ė a small sacrifice against your infinite love and compassion -, receive it most favourably as if it was something before you so that also I then, when you have completely taken pity on someone in visible action for us who are blind, can and are allowed to rejoice with those to whom your visible compassion went!

^   16
Oh Abba, take up this my confession most favourably, and have patience with my foolishness; your holy will now and for ever! Amen.«

^   17
And Abedam looked at Henoch over friendly and replied the following:

^   18
»Dear Henoch, perfect was your speech because it showed how your heart is made, and how much wisdom out of love reigns in it! But so that you would like to become completely aware how the nature of all intercession is to be out of the eternal order, so hear:

^   19
When you see that a poor brother, or also sister, no matter how his nature is, that means that he either is poor in body through weakness or even complete uselessness of one or the other sense, or that he is poor in the heart, poor of love, poor in the power for action, poor in will, poor of insight, poor in intellect or become completely impoverished in spirit and of everything what is of the spirit, and you take pity on him out of love of your heart towards me and out of it only then towards the brother or sister, see, then your compassion is a perfect one, because then it is already a reception of my great compassion the same way as if the wind drifts through the forest and there moves the trees and touches every leave on the tree, why then every little leave fans and through the fanning also accomplishes a little wind of its own, which is taken up by the big wind so as if it would really be something in relation to it.

^   20
But you will have noticed already quite often when the wind goes that it there also touches the withered leaves; alone, because they are withered and therefore stiff and dead, so they do not withstand the pull of the wind, soon break from the branch and then flutter down dead to the dead earth. And even if the big wind carries them along for a while so they still sink little by little down where destruction awaits them!

^   21
The leave of the tree has such purpose; but not man then! But woe to him so he has become withered on the tree of life; truly, he will not escape his destruction!

^   22
But such is to be gathered from the parable that only the living man can be touched to the living compassion through my great compassion; consequently his compassion is received by my one, as if it would be something. But just like the wind picks up the fanned little air of the leave and, then carries it along letting it bath its co-leaves, that is also how things stand with compassion of the man against his fellow men, because of that a brother then should do so much to the other as he can out of the living, indeed out of me and living love through me, and I will then look at his deed and his intercession as if it would be something from me!

^   23
See, when therefore the wind goes, then it takes your breath along, as if it would be something! But do you perhaps think your breath will either reinforce the wind or perhaps even give it another direction?!

^   24
Oh see, such perhaps the breath of all living men taken together is not able to do! Because the mighty wind comes, no-one of men knows from where; and where to it goes, also nobody knows, but it lets you become aware of its orderly direction out of its procession alone. When you breathe with that direction then your breath will be taken up and be taken along; but when you breathe against the procession on your own authority, then your breath will be pushed back and will break at your own mouth and so help to suppress your own life!

^   25
When you cry at a river and tears of sympathy fall from your eye, truly, also they will, when you have let your tears fall into the water of the river so that they have become one with the riverís water, taken along to the sea of mercy! But when someone would also cry at the river, but would not pay attention to the riverís water and would let his tears fall upon the sand of the bank of the river, will such tears perhaps also reach the sea?!

^   26
See, who there thinks to move me to a co-compassion through his intercession, is not he still more stupid than one who would be of the opinion wherever he has cried a tear the sea would have to come there and take up his tear, without taking in the slightest account of what the sea is, and where even every little stream takes its direction in any case?!

^   27
But who lets himself be moved through me, he is OK with his compassion, and his tears fall already immediately into the sea!

^   28
Who then has prayed before me or moved me to create you when there was still nothing except me?! Or have I perhaps since then become harder and more loveless because I should let myself be moved to something through my creatures?!

^   29
Oh see, that is truly not necessary, but certainly of such that my children let themselves be moved by me in their hearts and take me up in pure love, then pay attention to the procession of my great compassion and then livingly become co-mercifully! See, that is my will!

^   30
Because I asked you so earlier what there should happen with these rebellious ones, there your answer was certainly right, because you let yourself be seized and moved by me, and so also in future with everyone there should be just sympathy with every poor man, because everyone is a brother to the other in my love; but when I want to resurrect the dead, who will there perhaps ask that I would not like to do such?!

^   31
And see, Henoch, you who has not fully grasped my earlier question, also these grumblers must be first devoured from the earth of true humility, until they would become alive!

^   32
That is therefore also why I now gave you such teaching. But now let the grumblers approach me! Amen.«


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