The Republicans are powerless.

Obama outmanoeuvred the House of Representatives - Comment on 2013 February 17 (2)

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An obvious sign that Obama has successfully established his dictatorship is that he has outmanoeuvred the lower house. Despite the Republicans having a majority there, they are powerless. Read more:

In America democracy is gone but the leading politicians of the Republican Party still play democracy.

Today I read an article that highlights the mental state of most of the leading figures of the Republican Party. They all seem to be hypnotized by a president they do not understand and whom they believe to be a democratic minded person as they are.

This situation emerged through the description of a new man in Washington who simply does not seem to play the game all the others do.

Here some extracts from what I read today:


New Texas Senator Ted Cruz blazing a trail in Washington

For new U.S. senators, the drill typically goes something like this: Keep quiet once you arrive in Washington, learn how things work and then begin asserting yourself.

That is not exactly the path Ted Cruz is taking.

He has been in office for barely six weeks, but already the senator from Texas, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, has shown a provocative, in-your-face style that has won him criticism and praise.

While some Republican leaders have sought to broaden the party's appeal with a more moderate tone on a range of issues, Cruz has unabashedly - and often dramatically - cast himself as a hard-line conservative with a distaste for compromise.

It also prompted a warning to Cruz from a fellow Republican, John McCain of Arizona, who had sharply questioned Hagel during the hearings and was about to vote against Hagel's nomination.

Cruz's ambition and no-holds-barred style have made him a hero among conservative activists and raised talk that Cruz - like Florida Senator Marco Rubio, another Hispanic rising star among Republicans - might run for president as soon as 2016.

"He's a political phenomenon, and he has managed to become a national figure in a very short period of time," said Steve Munisteri, chairman of the Texas Republican Party. "I have no doubt that a year from now, virtually every Republican activist in the country will know who Ted Cruz is."

"And Cruz is no dummy. He's a smart, articulate guy. You'll be seeing and hearing him a lot."

"I see Ted as someone who gives a voice and representation to people like me, who feel like they have had no voice and no power," said Katrina Pierson, founder of the Grassroots Texans Network and a board member of the Dallas Tea Party, who was an early Cruz supporter.

But Cruz, a Harvard Law School graduate who was a clerk for former Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist and served as Texas solicitor general, has also built bridges with more established Republicans eager to court the party's conservative wing and promote a rising Hispanic star.


John McCain is mentioned above. He was opposing Obama four years ago. A year ago it was another senator. Both these men did not seem to understand what Obama is all about. They treated him like a fellow democratic politician and acted as if there is no threat to democracy at all. The country has already become a dictatorship and they are unaware of it and still play democracy.

The leaders of the Republican Party want to go for compromise and make deals with the dictator and thus just show a complete misunderstanding of the situation.

They act like the German politicians acted 80 years ago: 2013 Feb 05 The transformation of a democracy into a dictatorship.

Now this claim that the USA is already a dictatorship might sound exaggerated but that is just because Obama wants to hide this fact from the public, particularly from the world at large, because they are still to be incorporated into his empire.

An obvious sign that Obama has successfully established his dictatorship is that he has outmanoeuvred the lower house. Despite the Republicans having a majority there, they are powerless, because they do not understand the situation and Obama has replaced them by going directly to the people and there he has a majority.

Outmanoeuvring parliament was also one of Hitler's initial acts. He put some of the parliamentarians in jail and set the Reichstag on fire. Obama does it much more elegantly.

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