Every, no matter how far away, star is so known to him as this Earth.

God revealed all treasures of the heavens to him - Comment on 2013 February 11

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But that is why I have also opened for him all treasures of the heavens. Every, no matter how far away, star is so known to him as this Earth. With the eye of his spirit he can look at those and admire to his heart’s content; but to him such does not concern him much now because I alone am everything in everything to him! Read more:

Today I bring extracts from a report about Jakob Lorber, which I read today:


When Lorber had already filled several exercise books with his writings a certain Johannes Busch, subsequent publisher and founder of present Neusalem-Verlag (publishing house), received also news about the works, which Lorber had written down. Busch came to Graz to get to know Lorber personally. He already believed in the genuineness of the writings after what he had heard and read. And when he arrived in Graz and had ascertained the home of Lorber, he already threw himself in front of Lorber’s door on the knees and prayed and sighed. – Lorber, who was just reading in the Bible, picked up his ears. And when the sighing did not stop, he opened the door and was of course quite astonished seeing a stranger before his door kneeling and hearing him sighing – and asked: "What is this then? What is that to mean? Stand up and tell me what you are doing there and what you want!" – Then Busch said: "Are you the holy prophet Lorber who writes the beautiful words?" Then Lorber answered with modesty: "I am certainly Lorber, but I am not a ‘holy’ man. – Come inside, then we can talk about the words undisturbed and you can be present when I am called by the Lord to write."

Lorber just had his manner that he, when he spoke or asked in excitement, stuttered out especially the first word; but otherwise he did not stutter. After that the two, Lorber and Busch, conferred often with each other. And Busch then offered to have the writings printed, what he then also did. He therefore was the founder of the now in Bietigheim (Würtemberg) existing publishing house for Lorber’s works, and there are also the original writings of Lorber well kept, which were later brought there.

In the following now still a letter of the year 1855 of Lorber to the already mentioned Johann Busch which gives information about Lorber’s soul life.

After business communications the Lord began to speak and dictated through the hand of Lorber: "My dear friend, you seek me because you love me; and therefore it is easy for you to lively effectively obey my commandment of love.

See, men now invent all kinds of things and also believe all kinds of things. And men, who have invented very much, no longer believe anything at all in the end – except that what they have invented and which possible greatest profit it brings in! These are the children of the world which are in many things cleverer than the children of the light!

But to my true children of the heart I nevertheless give quite other things, which the clever children of the world will never get into their corrupted mind! – See! My servant (Lorber) is truly poor for my sake; because he could be very rich because as tone artist he also has the best abilities for this through my favour. But he turned down employment and very advantageous proposals – everything out of great love for me. And when he das 2 guilder money, then he contents himself with 40 pennies and 1 guilder and 60 pennies he distributes among the poor.

But that is why I have also opened for him all treasures of the heavens. Every, no matter how far away, star is so known to him as this Earth. With the eye of his spirit he can look at those and admire to his heart’s content; but to him such does not concern him much now because I alone am everything in everything to him!

And see, that alone is the right way to my heart!


That was something about Jakob Lorber, who lived in the century before last century; and Credo Mutwa, who lived in this century and perhaps still lives, says:

These creatures took away from men their great abilities: The power to only speak through the spirit, the power to move things through the spirit only, the power to see the future and the past and the power to travel spiritually in different worlds.

That was in The importance of sciences; and in “Barren” planets it says:

“Effective” space travel, creative space travel on your part, will not occur until you learn that your space-time system is one focus. Otherwise you will seem to visit one dead world after another, blind to civilizations that may exist on any of them. Some of these difficulties could be transcended if you learned to understand the miraculous multidimensionality of even your own physical structure, and allowed your consciousness some of its greater freedom.

This comes from Seth and this is not the Seth from the Bible, the son of Adam and Eve, but the Seth who spoke last century to Robert F. Butts and who used the wife of Robert F. Butts, Jane Roberts, to speak through her, because he was already over there on the other side.

The article I read today about Jakob Lorber came from Karl Gottfried Ritter von Leitner. Ritter von Leitner was a poet and Styrian class secretary. He reports the following about Lorber:

When he spoke about this he also repeatedly made the comment that during the hearing of the voice speaking to him he also has a pictorial view of what is heard.

Jakob Lorber therefore not only heard the words which he wrote down, he also saw that what he reported with words, and that means that when he wrote down something about a certain planet, then he also saw this planet and what happened there.

That much to space travel and true astronomy and getting to know the universe and now still something about faith, or rather disbelief, in things which God tells us.

I therefore still want to bring another quote from what I read today. It is also from that what Karl Gottfried Ritter von Leitner reported about Jakob Lorber:

Finally also a case happened which lets one assume that Lorber also had the ability to develop himself into a materialization medium, as one calls this lately. – At that time he lived in a room at ground level in Wickenburggasse, in which his desk stood directly at the window, where the entrance door was close by to the right. One day, so he told me, when he was just sitting at the table and wrote, suddenly to his right stood a female figure between table and door in the normal coat costume at that time and gave him a friendly smile when he looked up from the quill, and was pleased at the same time, as someone who succeeded with an intended surprise. In this figure he recognized his former pupil R., a young girl who had received teaching in singing and had devoted herself to as singer of the stage, but had died some time ago. When she noticed the expression of astonishment with which he stared at her she said: "Yes, yes, it is me! Just touch me!" And when he hesitated after that, she repeated her request urgently: "Now, so just touch me!" – When Lorber now finally followed her, he really felt the elastic resistance of a human body; but as soon as he hardly had let it go of, the entire figure had also suddenly already disappeared.

I was completely astonished about this account, but did not dare to say something against this to the storyteller, who himself made a mysterious expression of astonishment with it, and let the entire thing rest, which I was inclined to silently regard it more as a trick of the senses than as a real fact, by me well knowing that Lorber felt hurt through all doubt, which one would put in his words. Only in most recent times, when from all sides, especially from England and America, frequent news came in about touchable, plastic spirit appearances and famous scholars not only from own countries, but also in Germany witnessed about their reality, I again remembered that account of Lorber, and it won the more of importance in my eyes as the object of it was strikingly confirmed through the present, similar phenomena and at the same time it was demonstrated that also for this kind of medium ship the priority can be taken up by Lorber.

So here we have a man, the Styrian class secretary Karl Gottfried Ritter von Leitner, and he reports about Jakob Lorber. Ritter von Leitner now was most closely familiar with Jakob Lorber and his work and obviously a true disciple of Jesus Christ. And what does he now do when he hears about a materialization? He was completely astonished about this account and was inclined to silently regard it more as a trick of the senses than as a real fact. God tells him something, and resistance arises immediately. When a report comes from the side of God then immediately reasons are found against it. When a report comes from the world then it gets accepted without any objection, especially when it comes from scientists. When something appears frequently in the news, then it simple is so, when God has a message then it must be about a trick of the senses.

The entire physical world is a materialization. Jesus materialized himself and Thomas touched him and Christians read something like this but it seems that all this is just somehow religion for them, but they think the entire thing is more a trick of the senses when something like this happens to them in their own life.

Ritter von Leitner gets to know the probably greatest prophet, and he knows his work most intimately, but believes the world more than God.

Leitner knows the works of Jakob Lorber and there it is described in detail how Enoch, the seventh patriarch from Adam, comes to earth thousands of years after him being taken up by God and represents himself to disciples and is examined by them, including being touched by them so that they could even feel his bones, and all this seems to mean nothing to Leitner, or just something nice to read about to satisfy religion.

And so one cannot be surprised when scientists believe nothing at all when already the best informed Christians have problems with faith, and first have to be convinced through worldly news.


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