Similarities of the rise of Hitler and Obama.

The transformation of a democracy into a dictatorship - Comment on 2013 February 5

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Today I once again read an article about the 30th of January 1933, the Machtergreifung (the seizure of power) through Hitler in Germany and it confirms my opinion that it is quite difficult in a democracy to prevent something like a transformation of a democracy into a dictatorship.

The weakness of democracy is that the leading heads are mostly inclined to assume that all other politicians also want democracy. And the serious thing about it is that this is also the case when the entire background of such an apparent democrat actually indicates the exact opposite.

I am of course thinking of such apparent democrats like Hitler and Obama. Their entire background and their known objectives are apparently simply not perceived. People fool themselves.

This becomes particularly clear with the conduct of top politicians of the opposition to the president in America. May it be the top politicians of the Republicans of the most recent past, therefore the heads of the government of America before Obama, inclusive of the then presidential candidates, or those of the present majority in the lower house there, who are in opposition to Obama and the presidential candidates of the Republicans of last year. One gets involved with day to day problems, but the main problem, which is much better understood by the normal people, namely the question whether the freedom of the country and the personal freedom will continue to remain in existence, or more precisely, that this freedom is threatened, is not discussed. They behave as if such a discussion would not be politically correct. And such an evading of the real problems of the people then causes of course frustration of the people of the country.

I want to bring here a few extracts of an article, which I read today and which quite well express that also then, 80 years ago, the politicians actually worried about matters of minor importance and lost sight of the fundamentals.

Here the excerpts. Franz von Papen and Hitler were those who mainly negotiated the governing alliance in Germany:


»What do you want!«, countered Franz von Papen the critics. »I have the trust of Hindenburg. In two months’ time we have Hitler in the corner, so that he squeals!«

Not only Hitler’s stirrup holder, also his opponents in the camp of the Republicans had no idea of the new government. »In the cabinet Hitler-Papen-Hugenberg the Harzburger Front has been resurrected«, it is said in the appeal of the 30th of January of the SPD party board, in which the followers are warned of actions outside of parliament. For the leaders of the SPD Hitler is a prisoner of the social reactionary power elites out of East Elbe large-scale land-holding and Rhenish Westphalian mining and iron and steel industries. Not he, but Papen and the »economy dictator« Hugenberg, so they believed, will determine the future politics, and the spell on the brown Messiah will soon be broken.

Also for most of the foreign diplomats the 30th of January 1933 did not mark the fundamental break, as it portrays itself to the sight looking back. So the British journalist Sefton Delmer heard from his friends in the British embassy that Hitler is »a chancellor in handcuffs«: »He is the prisoner of Papen and Hindenburg.«

The swiss envoy, Paul Dinichert, ...
Dinichert clearly recognizes that Hitler’s chancellorship is the result of a »political chess and assemble game«, where Papen has pulled the strings. But also he believes Hitler is now »with two of his disciples harnessed, wedged in or clamped – however one wants to illustrate it – between the colleagues of Papen and Hugenberg«.

Hindenburg’s attitude was decisive. He had had himself be convinced by Papen and other advisors, a »cabinet of national concentration«, in which Hitler could get both »framed« and »tamed« through the predominance of conservative ministers, would be a less risky solution of the crisis.

The pressing of the East Elbe owners of manorial estates was also important in the last act of the drama, because they had a privileged access to Hindenburg after all. Thereby they misjudged, just as the conservative majority in the cabinet, the determination of Hitler to evade all control. All of them believed to have »engaged« him for their aims. It was to last only a few weeks until that proved to be a magnificent illusion.


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The brilliant strategy of Obama to establish a dictatorship is not so much to achieve this in his own country, but to just use his own country as springboard to obtain world dictatorship. His own country will then quite automatically, together with many others, be transformed into a dictatorship.

Above it is said that Hitler was determined to evade all control and that seems to be the situation now in Washington. Obama seems to be determined to evade all control, particularly the control of the lower house.

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