The grand master of deception, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, in full action.

The blindness of scientists with the consequences of their researches - Comment on 2013 January 30 (2)

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While particularly Hahn, with his discovery of nuclear fission everything had started 1938, began to become immersed in a whirlpool of self-accusations, others like Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker developed the imagination, they, the Germans, had anyway never earnestly worked on an atom bomb, but only on a civilian "uranium machine". Read more:

Today’s day is an interesting one.

Today 80 years ago a historic event took place. On the 30th of January 1933 Hitler became chancellor of the empire – Reichskanzler. An event which at that time was hardly seen in its consequences. Yesterday I read a report about the opinions of people who were then ambassadors of their country in Berlin and what they thought. They remained calm. The envoys in Berlin thought the NSDAP not being able to govern and expected its quick failure. Quite soon they were to regret their judgement.

I am interested in this event because the seizure of power 80 years ago gives nice indications how the future seizure of power will take place, when the real world ruler will appear. According to information getting collected on this website, the seizure of power has already started. Just 10 days ago I dealt with this: 2013 Jan 20 – The transformation of the USA into a dictatorship.

Here now an extract from an article I read yesterday. It is a statement, which the American consul general in Berlin, George S. Messersmith, sent 4 days after the Machtergreifung to the State Department:

But one can assume that the Hitler regime, whether it lasts a few months or longer, is only a phase in the development to more stable political conditions and that this government will be followed by one, which will show greater stability than those, which Germany had in the last years. People are politically exhausted.

The naivety of before 80 years can be compared with the one of today.

About the US ambassador Frederic M. Sackett the article writes that he simply did not believe the National Socialists are capable of government.

And out of this, one can certainly deduct that he did not believe at all them being capable of setting up something like a dictatorship. Such a thought probably hardly crossed his mind.

And so it is today, such a thought, that the USA is transformed into a dictatorship, does not occur to most people, particularly not to those who observe political developments and report about them. There the simple man might have less problems.

Here a quote from that article about the time after the 30th of January 1933:

But in the weeks after that, the entire dynamic of the regime started to develop – on government and administration level just as in the terror in the street. Only after the demand for emigration visas in the consulates rose and refugee movements to the neighbouring countries started, the diplomatic observers slowly grasped the importance of the 30th of January.

And now a further quote about the "Gleichschaltung" (forcing into line) of life and thinking of people. There it is about Germany, about 1933, but this "Gleichschaltung" is now, 80 years later, already more advanced than then. Today the entire world seems already to be forced into line, to have decided in favour of Obama, and the Germans, which are certainly fond of dictatorships, are leaders. Here therefore how it was in Germany at that time:

Influentlial figures of the diplomatic corps like the French Ambassador André François-Poncet, the British Ambassador Horace Rumbold and his successor Eric Phipps or the Danish envoy Herluf Zahle and consul generals like George Messersmith, whom his colleagues in Washington not for nothing had presented with the nickname "40 pages George," reported in detail about how the National Socialists forced the different political levels, the economy and its associations, the press, the cultural life and the area of education into line.

And now a picture of mood of that time, a picture which is not unfamiliar to that of today:

Diplomats tried to impart to the readers in the ministries at home what it means to live in a dictatorship, from which at the same time a vague attractiveness comes, as a "new beginning" after the crises of the last years. Especially as it found support in the most different social groups, as far as former supporters of the labour parties. They explained that not only certain groups of political opponents and German Jews were covered by legal arbitrary use of power and persecution, but wide parts of the population. In many cases the atmosphere is shaped by fear and intimidating conformity to the new circumstances. But in exactly the same way the diplomats also reported right from the beginning about propagandistically incited and fanatic masses, which still seem to outdo the official politics of radicalism with their attitude of expectation.

What a nice description of the time of the end and the cheering about Antichrist.

Then the article speaks about contradictions in the reporting, that therefore the assessment of the situation by the political observers could only confuse the reader.

And then the regime is described, that it on the one hand excluded and mercilessly persecuted people right from the beginning but on the other hand also had attractive spiritual and material offers ready for the members of the "Volksgemeinschaft" (community of people).

And now still another quote:

So the French Ambassador François-Poncet wrote already at the end of March 1933: In many areas a double tendency shows with the Nazis: the one, which wants to destroy everything, demands everything, controls everything and which grants extensive satisfaction to the eager revolutionaries of the Sturmabteilung (storm unit). Contrary to this the other wants to reach an imagination of moderation, reason, accommodating political spirit and makes an effort for approval of the earnest parts of the population.

Today with Obama the double tendency only shows in the preparations he makes for wanting to demand everything, for wanting to control everything. The other tendency, to reach an imagination of moderation, reason, accommodating political spirit and making an effort for approval of the earnest parts of the population, is compared with that fully going on for four years, and that on the entire Earth.

And now a concluding quote from the article I read yesterday:

I is clear that the German government wants peace for the next years to strengthen its position, wrote Messersmith on the 9th of May, but there is every reason to assume that the new Germany, once this strengthening has been reached, will strive in every way, to force its will upon the rest of the world.

The striving of Hitler was to force his will upon the world and Obama still surpasses this; he also wants to force his will upon God. And his failure is accordingly, the abyss.

So that was what I read yesterday. But now I want to come to the actual subject of today and there it is about the effects of the event of 80 years ago.

And there we are not so much concerned with politicians and political observers, but more with scientists and their behaviour and particularly their behaviour with dictatorships, but also with their efforts to justify themselves ethically, to justify themselves for their inhuman discoveries.

On this website there was the webpage 2012 Jun 22 (2) – Weizsäcker was always dead wrong and also 2012 Jun 30 – The Weizsäckers – the grand master deceivers and today I read an article, which confirms and underlines this great ability of the Weizsäckers to deceive.

But Weizsäcker the scientist only seems to be one typical case. This intent of scientists to deceive does not seem to be limited to him.

Today I read a report about a book. The title of the book is "Die Nacht der Physiker. Heisenberg, Hahn, Weizsäcker und die deutsche Bombe" (The Night of the Physicists, Heisenberg, Hahn, Weizsäcker and the German bomb). The author is Richard von Schirach. And Richard von Schirach is the son of Baldur von Schirach. And Baldur von Schirach was a quite well-known Nazi figure. He was the "Reichsjugendführer" (Youth leader of the Empire).

What now comes gives insight into the thinking of scientists, insight, which is quite unique.

Here now a quote from the article, an article about the book The Night of the Physicists, which I read today. The night it is all about is the night after the atom bomb fell on Hiroshima:

The title of the new publication is an allusion to that night of fate in August 1945 in the English Farm Hall, in which suddenly all illusions of the German scientists collapsed – and a new sham existence was born: the one of the peaceful use of nuclear research under Hitler.

Under strict observance of secrecy ten German nuclear scientists, among them Heisenberg, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker and Otto Hahn, had been taken away on the 3rd of July 1945 to Farm Hall, a spacy country seat near Cambridge. The custody lasted six months. While the special guests waited for offers of the Allies, for the English and the Americans it was only about that German knowledge did not fall into the hands of the Russians or French. The researchers lived almost luxuriously on the country seat, especially for conditions after the war, nevertheless some felt like being in a concentration camp, as the astonished Englishmen listened in on. The rooms of the nuclear researchers had been bugged extensively – a circumstance, which the tapped themselves thought to be ruled out, they did not believe the Englishmen to be capable of Gestapo methods. Only 1993 a selection of the listening protocols were published: the perfect stuff for a thrilling scientific drama about genius, delusions and guilt.

When the BBC reported the dropping of the atom bomb over Hiroshima on the 6th of August 1945, the German scientists first believed in an American propaganda lie. At the most Heisenberg thought the deployment of a new super explosive possible – too shocking was the imagination that the USA should have managed what had been impossible for the Germans. Maliciously the chemist Otto Hahn got to the heart of the matter: "In any case, Heisenberg, all of you are just second-class and you have had it." In the following hours the six British listening specialists became witnesses of a historic night of confessions, accusations, collapses, tears and the last self-deceptions, so Schirach.

First technical details were discussed; they also started to admit the chancelessness of the Third Empire as against the Allies. Only the news of the hundred thousand civilian victims gave the attention to the human consequences: While particularly Hahn, with his discovery of nuclear fission everything had started 1938, began to become immersed in a whirlpool of self-accusations, others like Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker developed the imagination, they, the Germans, had anyway never earnestly worked on an atom bomb, but only on a civilian "uranium machine".

Here we have it. The grand master of deception, Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, in full action.

Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, the very image of him, his very self, with all the details: Date and location and witnesses and tape recordings.

A genuine scientist – just as he really is.

That is the picture of science. That is scientific reality.

And a last quote:

So the recognition of one’s own failure was given a new interpretation of voluntary self-limitation, quasi into an act of resistance. A flattering justification, so Schirach: The reason that the uranium organization was not able to supply Hitler with the wanted bomb was, apart from the lack of resources, above all that Heisenberg was certainly a brilliant theoretician, but as leader of such a project a miscast – and that the decisive specialist for gas diffusion, the Jew Gustav Hertz, was absent. Right from the beginning the technical challenges caused the German researchers to go to work despondently, other than the American colleagues under Robert Oppenheimer. For a long time Schirach‘s portrayal of the race between the German uranium project and the American Manhatten Project reads like a scientific crime thriller, where the consequences of the new discoveries remain faded out. All the more shocking Schirach‘s account of the devastations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An accomplished brutal change of perspective, which reflects that blindness against the consequences of their research, which was characteristic of the physicists on both sides.

So now we know how the physicists, scientists, think. And in addition to it still world famous ones, physicists with great names.

The blindness against the consequences of their research.

What a sentence. It says it all. Everything what Bertha Dudde writes in her announcements about the times of the end, how experiments of scientists will trigger the actual end, is here reflected.

The blindness of scientists in the face of the consequences of their research.

This webpage should put an end to every blind faith in science. As long as men do not recognize the foolishness of most of our scientists, let themselves being impressed by scientific reports, keep their blind faith in science, they will also remain blind and finally follow Antichrist. Also most of the Christians believe almost everything what is reported in the media about science, but when there are reports about Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde’s prophecies, then they "know" that that is ridiculous.

Peter says that the elements shall melt with fervent heat and this meltdown is forecast by Bertha Dudde in detail and the last sentence in the last quote above says that the blindness against the consequences of their research is characteristic of the physicists on both sides.

See Last Judgement


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