The US president drives his opponents in front of him.

The transformation of the USA into a dictatorship - Comment on 2013 January 20

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Obama has changed; since his re-election he appears clearly more aggressive, decisive, at times high-handedly. Read more:

I think today might be the last time a president is sworn in in the United States.

Most politicians think, democracy will continue as it has done in the past. So they for example speculate about 2016 and who will then run for the presidency. The thinking of the populace seems to be a little bit different. Frustration and anger seems to be widespread. The politicians seem to treat the present president as one of them and use traditional ways and means to do their business, but a lot of the normal people seem to regard the present president as their enemy and as someone to be fought and resisted.

The Republicans have the majority in the lower house but they seem to be no match for the president. The president always seems to manage to outwit them and make their plans ineffective.

Obama’s attitude towards his second term was discussed in
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The Americans have no history of dictatorship and therefore the possibility of a Machtergreifung – a seizure of power – is not much part of their imaginations. From the Germans one could expect to be more aware of such a possibility, a repetition of what happened 1933 in their country, but they have already handed over their country to this new dictatorship and are completely unaware of this fact. This fact was highlighted at the time before the 6th of November 2012 when polls showed that an unbelievable high percentage of German people were for Obama, a much higher percentage than in the rest of the world. See
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The United States of America is probably the only country in the world with a high percentage of people being real followers of Christ and this results in a situation where many people in that country are consciously or unconsciously aware of what is happening. And so they resist what is happening – resist the devil.

But there seems to be quite a difference between them and their representatives in parliament. These representatives play the game of democracy – and are tricked by it. In this respect the situation is similar to that of Germany in 1933. Also then the entire Machtergreifung was managed according to the rule of democracy. In the morning of the 30th of January 1933 Germany was a democracy and in the evening the Machtergreifung had taken place. In America this happens much slower. Much had been done already between 2009 and 2012, but as from today we are likely to see quite an acceleration.

One reaction of the people seems to be that they buy even more guns than in the past. Another some attempts to propagate the moving out of the union of certain states.

Here a report of today:

Opinion poll to the second term of office

Only half of Americans are satisfied with Obama

Conflicting evidence for US President Obama: In an opinion poll at the start of his second term of office only about half of the questioned show to be satisfied with his discharge of his office. With it he does just as well as his predecessor George W. Bush.

So why are so many Americans and why are so many Christians frustrated and why are so many more Americans and so many more Christians becoming frustrated? Because they do not know about the times of the end and who know about it do not really believe it. But he who knows the prophecies and sees them becoming true, he also knows that this present world is coming to a close and a new one will begin and the decline of mankind will have an end and there will be a new beginning and it will then be possible to really enjoy life.

But one must not forget in the present situation that Obama’s real aim is world ruler and so he will organize his dictatorship in the US in such a way that it will facilitate is higher ambition. He will carry on being obliging towards rulers of other countries.

I am now quoting from an article to today’s event:

Obama’s second term of office: From Mr Change to Mr That’s that

"Hope" was yesterday: In his second term of office a new, more uncompromising Barack Obama is to be observed who fights for is inheritance.

What now already becomes clear: He will fight hard for his inheritance. Obama has changed; since his re-election he appears clearly more aggressive, decisive, at times high-handedly. He seems determined to fight his politics through and to show no consideration for a Congress in which the opposite Republicans reject reflex-like every proposal out of the White House.

Obama’s promise to reconcile the political camps, his longing for compromise and his utopic wish to change Washington – all this the president has given up in the course of his first term of office. Since a long time no one believes any longer in "Hope" and "Change" and "Yes, we can." "That’s’s that" could be the slogan of the coming four years.

First the president is quite successful with his That’s that politics and drives his just as uncompromising opponents in front of him. They are certainly powerful – but unpopular: In opinion polls the Americans blame by a majority the Republicans in Congress that nothing makes progress. Obama on the other hand, the election victory in the back, feels himself confirmed and as strong as not since a long time, and he enjoys rising popularity rates.

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