I do not want to destroy you, but preserve and guide you back on strange ways there from where you went out full of sinful overweening pride!

Adam’s speech about his fall - Comment on 2013 January 8

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And the little flame above the head of eternal love expanded in a moment and ignited the droplets to countless great suns; but the suns sprayed earths in the warmth of eternal love, and these their moons. Read more:

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A weak ago we had 2013 Jan 01 – From level to level through the material world and there the quoted text was called a description of the development of man, which is formulated quite differently than we know it from the work of Bertha Dudde and today I now want to bring again such a description and also this is again different.

Here now follows a description from the work of Jakob Lorber, from Die Haushaltung Gottes (The household of God), Volume 1, Chapter 40 (jl.hag1.040,01-40):


And when Adam had heard such from Seth, Enos and the over devout Enoch, there he was highly pleased when he saw how far my love is above the love of all men, and wondered not little because of this he became aware that my love had even sunk into the deep of the curse to the smooth brood of serpents, and spoke, moved through and through because of it, the following short speech, which speech was still famous after that for a long time and survived until the flood, but was not recorded, but only spread from mouth to mouth. But this speech goes like this:

»Oh my children! Open wide your eyes and grasp the far stretched fields of the Earth, which now, as far as your view reaches, is almost already everywhere sown with my blessed children! Look also down into the deep and look out over the dark, far stretched depths, and look towards the morning to the over-high, always burning mountain! Grasp the whole Earth, when you can, and see me, the first man of this Earth, - yes, what do I say, see me as the supposed complete first, who preceded all creatures in the spirit as creature and was shining more than the middle of the Sun and wanted to be greater than God! And God showed me the might of his holiness, and I was damned and was thrown into the infinite depths of the divine sea of wrath and from there was hurled from one fury into the other through infinite depths. Yes, eternities over eternities might have elapsed; alone nevertheless no little place was to be found in the wide boundlessness, where I would have been able to find any point of rest in this great void.

And as I so fell from one infinity to the other and fell eternally forth and forth, for ever and always for ever, there I started to become aware of the greatness and infinite and for ever lasting might of God, and my vain endeavour became clear to me.

But I still thought to myself: ‘Of what use is this insight now for you? I am now too far from God; and it is impossible that he now can know anything anymore about me; because in this endless void nothing but eternal oblivion of God prevails. I fell for ever from fury to fury, where endless floods of fire hit my forehead constantly and broad tongues of flames licked at my entrails and burned me more than white glowing plates of ore; but now I myself have sunk under these floods of fury eternity deep. Where is now the incensed God, and where am I? – Everything there is deaf, infinite night!’

And see, when such thoughts of remorse exchanged themselves through in me, there I then suddenly noticed a being like me hovering after me out of the eternal heights. The being reached me like lightning, seized me with a powerful hand and looked at me gently smiling and said: ‘Lucifer, you poor, fallen spirit, do you know me?’

And I said: ‘How should I recognize you in this dark void empty of beings. But when you can destroy me and make like that what never was, does not exist and no longer will be, then do it, and I want to thank you in advance, so that you might not return from this place without beings, without thanks to your heights unknown to me!’

And hear, the being spoke: ‘Listen! I do not want to destroy you, but preserve and guide you back on strange ways there from where you went out full of sinful overweening pride!’

And I said: ‘Do what you can; but consider the greatness of the wrath of God! Because I was great and have been destroyed; therefore you should think – and would you have come into being any way still greater than me -, that God is for ever and infinite and full of flaming fury wrath!’

And the being replied: ‘Did you then never also measure the love in God? – See, even when the floods of wrath are great, but his love also reaches still there where the deep floods of fury dried up under endless edges of infinity, where a second infinity takes its start.’

And I replied to that: ‘See, when I was still a prince of all light, there was shown to me a weak little flame. This I should have worshipped; because it was the eternal love of God. In my brightness of radiation I could not believe this and saw myself far superior above the weak little flame. And see, there the fury of my height of light seized me. I ignited myself still more and in my fury wanted to completely destroy the little flame; alone there divine wrath seized me, and I was hurled to this place into this eternal dark void, which I have reached only after eternities.’

And see, there I suddenly saw the little flame hovering above the head of this being, but the being spoke again to me: ‘Lucifer, do you now recognize me?’ – And I replied: ‘Yes, Lord, I recognize you; you are God’s love and reache further than his infinite flood of wrath. Look at me in your favour, and create for me a solid little place so that I might find rest in this eternal emptiness!’

And see, there a tear rolled out of the light eye of eternal love down into the dark spaces of eternity and became a great stretch of water. And love breathed over the great stretches of water in the deep, and the waters divided, and out of the stretches of water became countless drops. And the little flame above the head of eternal love expanded in a moment and ignited the droplets to countless great suns; but the suns sprayed earths in the warmth of eternal love, and these their moons.

And see, out of the middle of the tear of God this Earth swam up to me, and love blessed it and breathed at it, and Earth flowered like a garden and was smooth, beautiful and level; but no living being could there be recognized. Love alone looked at Earth, and it was teeming with life of all kind on it, like in the oceans and other stretches of water, on the solid, as in the active air.

See, all that I saw and now I am fully conscious of this through the special favour of the Lord. – But when the Earth was now so cultivated according to the will of the love of God and according to eternal order, then love directed its eyes to the height of God and said:

‘Let us, you holy powers of the father, make man and give him a living soul, so that what is fallen finds a point of rest and humbles itself before you and me and all might of our holiness!

There it thundered out of the eternal spaces filled with fire, and the thunder was the voice of God, and only love understood this voice; and after that it formed out of a fine clay – look here – these feet, which carry me already over nine hundred years, the hands and – short, so as I stand before you, so eternal love formed me!

And soon I stood there. But I was still dead and neither stirring nor movement was noticeable with me. There eternal love inclined over this dead form and through the nostrils with the living breath blew a living soul into the entrails; and see, there I became alive, as now, the first man of the wide Earth, and looked at the great creation and did not have joy at it and was tired of my miraculous existence and could not grasp how, when and what and why and from where I had come; because my alive form equipped with a soul could not see the creating eternal love.

And see, there eternal love let the form sink to the ground into the first sleep and spoke to me: ‘See your place of rest! Move into the heart of this living home; because for you I prepared it well. In it you will find a well taken table on which the will of God will be drawn with great trains of fire; you are to turn on it and to take your will and take up for it the will of God!

See, that is the strange way on which I want to lead you back! Never look at you, but always to the table of God; then you will live with me eternally and rule from a throne over infinity! But woe betide you, when you still fall once again; then love will become even the curse for you, and I will give man another sprit, which at first will go out from me, - but you will then have to leave anew this viewpoint for eternities of eternities, and never a time will be given to you than the eternal fire in the wrath of God and in the curse of love!

Therefore consider what that means! The wrath of God can be eased when love steps into the means; but when love itself will curse against you, who then will protect you against the eternal wrath of the divinity, and which will then be the means between the wrath of God and you? I tell you: nothing but judgement and damnation! Because you are a work of God out of me. But where is the being, which would like to touch God’s glory? Because either a work is to become according to the will of the free power of the eternal holiness of God – because that is why a free will was given to you that you might recognize the will of the eternal power of God in you -, but when you do not want this then nothing matters with you, and you are then to recognize the infinite power of God when it will banish you into eternal, burning emptiness.

Because with God no being is in any consideration, and he also does not care eternally about millions of such spirits, as you are one; because he is at any moment able to call into being countless billions of still greater spirits than you, to then again destroy them for ever when they do not correspond to his eternal glory!

That is why you should consider what God is and what he wants, and what you are, and what you are to want with your free will awarded to you, so that the great glory of God might be revealed in you and so also in all who have come out of you and are fallen in you and with you!

See the wide grave of Earth and also that of all the countless worlds of stars! I take from you the great burden of the ones fallen with you and put them now into the Earth and into all stars, and no dust particle shall hover uselessly and shall hold in itself a living being like you.’

And see, there love took the spirit and put it into the sleeping form; and the spirit liked it well in me as it saw that it was well secured and was freed from such a great burden, which it had to carry for such a long time, but now it was carried in the living home, which eternal love had prepared there.

And as I had become one with the spirit this way, see, there eternal love woke me. I woke up and stood as a single man in the view of the entire immeasurable creation and saw no-one but me, the grass of the earth and its shrubbery and trees and also the shining Sun at the wide, blue firmament. There I started to be afraid. I left the place, sought a company and also found not one being, which was like me!

And when I was tired of searching, I again fell down to earth, and a sweet sleep seized me. And see, in this sleep I had the following dream: In the middle of my heart I saw an infinite charming being, and this being spoke in me to me:

‘Look at me, how I am beautiful and delightful and have a form like yours and can well look out over it! Even if my gestalt was once only a great light, which sent its rays along the endless spaces and consumed itself in such over-size, so I still could never see my form, because I was light myself, in which countless forms unveiled themselves. The forms were taken away from me, in which I saw myself being made infinit and well felt; but for this, form is now given to me myself, and this form is more beautiful than all my former light, and I so much like myself in this form that I have a great joy with me and love myself and are loved by you and have a great desire in me for me and can draw you towards me, when I want, and you must always follow the pull of my desire!’

And see, I really had a great pleasure with me in me. And as I was still so sleeping faster and faster in this pleasure, there I saw a light hand reach through and through me until the middle of the heart and holding on to my second me. And at first it resisted; but soon it was subject to the mighty fingers of the love of Jehovah; because the light hand was the hand of eternal love!

Soon the mighty finger of God broke one rib in my second me; reached into its innermost and soon pulled a worm out of its entrails and finally closed again the place where the mighty finger of the Lord had made a way for itself for the taking away of the self-loving desire. But after that my second I no longer looked so charming as before, and its form was like mine, and I no longer had the pull to it, but we both were pulled by eternal love. Then I saw the spirit lapse into a slumber, and in this slumber it dissolved and flowed over into all my parts, and webecame completely one.

While I was still dreaming this, see, there suddenly a gentle voice woke me, and this voice was a voice of the Lord and said: ‘Adam, you son of the Earth, awake, and see your helper!’ – And I saw Eva in front of me and was happy above measure; because I saw my second I stepped out of me, and it had a great joy with me, and this joy was the first love, which I, the first, unborn man felt, and for the first time saw my beloved wife – and loved her purely in the purest lap of the eternal love of God in all fullness of the first life!

And see further, in such sweet feeling I spent three days and three nights. But then I suddenly felt a certain emptiness in me, and I did not know, what I should have made out of it, or what should or could become of it!

It was desolate around my heart and dry in the mouth, - and see, there suddenly eternal love stood before me, quite mild and lovingly looking, breathed on me and strengthened me and said: ‘Adam see, you are hungry and thirsty for food and drink, and your love, which is to be called ‘Eva’, not less. – Look at the trees, which I will now bless; their fruit eat to the strengthening of your body as well as your soul. But from that tree there in the middle of the garden you are not to eat before I will come again, to bless you and the tree; because on that day when you will eat of that tree, death will also enter you. You will certainly be tempted; but be steadfast until the third time, then you will ruin the worm of death, which gnaws at the same tree, clean Eva and prepare for you and her and everyone, who came and comes out of you, an over-free, blessed, eternal life in God.

See, that is why I made time, so that your temptation would only just last briefly – but the won life for ever!

See, you have to fight with no foreign power, but with yourself; because I have subjugated everything to you, but only yourself I could not and was not allowed to, so that life will become your own. Therefore do not disregard this easy commandment, and rise above yourself so that you might live for ever!

See, the worm is your evil out from the bottom and carries the sting of death in itself; that is why you are not to bite into the sting of the worm, which I have taken from you out of your heart in sleep before Eva and formed Eva out of it, who is dear to you, because she came into being out of your love and her flesh out of your desire and the root of death remained in her, which you are to enliven through your obedience!

Dear Adam, see, I, the eternal love of God, out of which all life flows, tell you this begging: Do not ruin for me such a great work with you! You certainly know how long a time of times has elapsed since then, when I caught you in the eternal fall from life to death! See, probably a billion of such Earth years might have elapsed, when time would have existed already then, and I was not afraid of every care, to rescue you, dear created brother; but because I did so much, so still do the little and give me back my beloved brother so that we might again become for ever one love in God our holy father. Amen’

And see, then love left me. But I ate and drank and strengthened me – to disobedience! Oh children, listen, I became disobedient to eternal love!

The Earth might be able to tell you the greatness of my misdeed; because no stone remained on another, and infinity was filled with the great power of God’s wrath!

I hid myself and cried bitter tears of remorse; and eternal love did not spurn my tears, and the tears of Eva were pleasant to it. Oh children, listen, love makes everything good again! – I again failed on the Sabbath and cried aloud over my depravity. And see, love sent an angel and let me be guided out of the garden of temptation into a land, which Seth still knows quite well, into a land of recovery, but also into a land of mourning, - and again into a land of joy. Because when I removed the curse from the head of Cain, who had become ruined by my sting of death, because it came into being by the juice of the apple, which was beslavered by the worm of death, so the love of the Lord gave me my dear Abel-Seth, and now hundred years ago the new angel of eternal love of the Lord guided us all into the country of recognition of God and his eternal truth, where Abel planted the sword and picked the red and white berries from the shrub!

Now see, children, the immeasurable love of God, what it has done to me and to all of you, still does and will do for ever. That is why you are to be happy when eternal love also visits the children of Cain; but no-one of us is to go there without the expressed commandment of the Lord, because the kingdom of the Earth there exists out of the excrements of worms! That is why, when the Lord has not first blessed someone, he should not dare to go there! Because all evil now lies in the wives of the deep; therefore do not pollute yourselves with them! Amen.«


See 235 jl.ev04.162,03-11


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