The sad outcome of the Large Hadron Collider.

Cern review of 2012 - Comment on 2012 December 19

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2012 December 19

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How Mr Heuer manages Cern. Read more:

Today I read an interview with the Cern Boss.

Here some extracts:


Mr Heuer, at the much noticed press conference in July at which Cern announced the results of the search for the Higgs particle, you said: "As a layman I would say we have got it." What then says today the scientists in you?

Since then I am at "We have it very probably". The properties of the particle discovered at Cern indicate that it is about the Higgs particle. But as scientist I must be careful. Before I speak of the Higgs particle I still have to see its spin. The data which we have collected in the measuring time now ending, should be enough for a first rough spin measurement. When it then transpires that the particle has a spin of 0 then one could omit the reservation Higgs-like.

Still a year ago you said that the search for the Higgs particle will still last till the end of the year 2012. Did you consciously understate the case then?

I really tried to take pressure from the scientists. That is why I inserted a little buffer so that people do not come to me and ask what is then now with the promised results. But what at that time I could not see, that were the great progresses which were made in the analysis of the data.

Back to physics at Cern: When the Large Hadron Collider was commissioned you showed yourself confident that already in the first year new particles could be discovered which are supposed to be connected through certain symmetry, the so-called super symmetry, with the particles known today. Is it now the time to say goodbye to this idea?

Super symmetric particles have a relative simple signature, and their masses should be within the reach of the LHC. That is why many of us hoped for a quick discovery. That has proven false. The masses of these particles either lie higher than expected or they link weaker to ordinary matter. Through the up to now fruitless search the air for super symmetry particle models has become thinner; some researchers even say: too thin. That however applies to super symmetric models only, of which parameters are subject to certain limitations. In less restricted models the air to breathe is still very good.

Your hope to find new physics with the LHC outside of the standard model is therefore unbroken?

As chairman of Cern I have to be optimistic. There are so many questions which the standard model of particle physics cannot answer. That is why there must be something new, no matter how it may look. The question is just, with which energies does it show itself. That is why I confidently look at the year 2015 when the LHC is again commissioned after a two year rebuilding break with almost double energy.

Some physicists think it to be a nightmare when only the Higgs particle of the standard model would be found at the LHC and otherwise nothing at all. What then would be so alarming with that?

When one would see no deviation from the standard model at the LHC, we would grope in the dark with the search for a new physics. One thing is clear. The LHC must at least show indirectly with which energy scale one can reckon with new particles or new physical effects. Otherwise I would not know how one could place a succession project on the table of the sponsors. There must be good reasons for the building of a new accelerator which advances to still higher energies.


Not only when one looks upon this year, but upon the entire time of the existence of the LHC, then the results don’t look too impressive.

Apart from the widely published over speed of light of neutrinos the successes were meagre.

That the Higgs particle is the Higgs particle did not materialize despite the announcement that it would be decided still this year.

Many hoped for a quick discovery of super symmetric particles. That has proven false.

The hope to find new physics with the LHC outside of the standard model is unbroken, but precisely just a hope.

It is not known how one could place a succession project on the table of the sponsors. There must be good reasons for the building of a new accelerator which advances to still higher energies. And they do not seem to exist.

But there is one thing that is positive in any case. And that is the chief there. He will certainly talk the politicians into a still bigger machine, und will get the money for this out of them. Heuer is a man who is a match for every politician and for every journalist.

The most important politician here is Ms Schavan and her scientific qualifications were yesterday examined in public when the University of Düsseldorf announced that it has introduced proceedings for the revocation of her qualifications.

The achievements of physics in the last just under hundred years are altogether not very great. Despite the knowledge of quantum mechanics they carry on sticking to their attitude that there is no spiritual world.

Seth however says that they will make a leap forward, that scientists will really discover that matter comes into being out of consciousness. So we will see when the first signs of this will be notices by the public.

A particular heavy blow for the physicists was this year the announcement about the Ice Cube experiment, 2012 Apr 28 – Astrophysics: Where does the cosmic radiation come from?, and their admission that basically they do not know what really happens. They still do not seem to have recovered from this blow. Their entire astrophysical structure of theories seems to be destroyed. The problem of the astrophysicists seems to be not to have a Heuer. They should sign on Heuer. When he would manage their problems then they would gain great advantages from this setback and get huge sums released from the politicians.

See 2012 Nov 05 – Higgs: How "science" is made

So Ms Merkel might have to replace Ms Schawan soon and then she should put a person into her position who is not a blind believer in science and also use this opportunity to replace Mr Heuer, with a man who does not represent the interests of the scientists and supports their religion, the religon of the atheists, but represents the interests of the taxpayers and understands the difference between real science and pseude science. The best of course would be to stop pumping money to Cern.

Ms Merkel has used Fukushima to introduce the change of energy production and now she should use Ms Schawan and her thesis to introduce the change of science production.


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