Only Obama is still more powerful than the chancellor.

Merkel and Obama - Comment on 2012 December 6 (2)

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2012 December 6 (2)

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Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) plays on top in the league of the most powerful men of the world. Merkel lands on place two; only US President Barack Obama was before her. Read more:

This website has again and again brought information about Angela Merkel. A particular part of this information was related to the relationship of Angela Merkel with Obama. Here some examples:
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It more and more turns out that the most important leader of the world is a woman and that is Ms Merkel. And under important leader we understand a positive leader. And the most important negative leader of the world is Obama. This website brings an enormous amount of reasons for this.

Obama always cared about Ms Merkel, already before he was president. That is connected with is strategy. It has something to do with his appearance with men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. "And that is why he will be successful and the supremacy that he is striving for will be granted to him; it will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public are to be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him; he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds."

Ms Merkel cared less about Obama. She was always nice to him, but did not run after him. She has, as always, acted skilfully. She probably does not really like him, but in no way does she let this show in public. Only from details of people about her does something like this get through: her unease. There are many reasons for this, that she does not let this show, but the main reason is probably the fact that the overwhelming majority of German people is for Obama. Should this people get the feeling that Merkel stands in opposition to Obama, it would just do damage to her.

Actually the situation is quite interesting. There is probably no country in the world which is more for Obama than Germany. And there is probably no country in the world in which such a high percentage of people are against Obama, dead against him, like the United States.

The differences between the ones leading and the ones being led is already dramatic. Obama is the leader of America, a country which like no other having a large amount of people being against him. And Mr Merkel is the leader of Germany, who is against him, in a country which is for Obama like no other country.

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So Merkel can be something like an obstacle to Obama’s strategy. An obstacle to his actual aim: world dominance. Will he try, to remove this obstacle? Will the mood of the Germans remove Merkel? One can hardly assume that the mood among Germans towards Obama will change, rather towards Merkel.

Ms Merkel is very concerned about doing everything to win the next election. Will she go so far to adjust to the aims of Obama, when this seems to be necessary?

It will be interesting to further observe the relationship between Merkel and Obama.

Here extracts of an article I read today:


Only Obama is still more powerful than the chancellor

According to "Forbes" Angela Merkel is already the most powerful woman. Now she is also involved in the most powerful people on top. Recently she gave the gentleman on the third place a piece of her mind.

Barack Obama and Angela Merkel: The chancellor has to tolerate the US president before her on the "Forbes" list.

According to the US economy magazine "Forbes" Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) plays on top in the league of the most powerful men of the world. Merkel lands on place two in the list published on Wednesday; only US President Barack Obama was before her.

Already in August was Merkel chosen by "Forbes" as most powerful woman of the world. The chancellor is the "backbone" of the European Union and carries the fate of the Euro on her shoulders, substantiated the magazine its decision. Her power shows itself in the austerity politics, which she has prescribed to the countries of the Euro zone in the debt crisis. Last year Merkel lay on place four on the "Forbes" list of the powerful.

Obama is in the second year in a row again the "most powerful man in the world," after he was displaced at the end of 2010 for one year by China’s head of state Hu Jintao. "Forbes" substantiated the decision for Obama that the president, after the election at the beginning of November, remains "supreme commander of the world’s greatest military as well as head of the only economic and cultural super power."

According to "Forbes" four factors play a role in the determination of the most powerful personality of the world: the number of people influenced by them, the financial resources available to them, the question whether they influence more than one area, and the way they bring their power into action to change the world.


Here still another note:

Merkel’s influence is mainly based on her personality. The economic power of her country certainly plays a role in this, but the military power of Germany is rather second or third class.

Germans do not really seem to be aware of this extraordinary personality of Merkel. When one has a look at opinion polls for her then they are quite high, but compared to those of Obama small, and that quite clearly speaks against the degree of spiritual maturity of the German people. 87 per cent of them are for Obama, and now probably even more. A people who are fond of slavery. They just had two dictatorships and now they are going for a third one.


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