Obama will hand over the USA to a world government.

The end-time researcher - Comment on 2012 November 30

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2012 November 30

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29 per cent of the Republicans believe that Barack Obama will hand over the USA to a world government. Read more:

Today I again read such an article about the 21st of December 2012 and it was typical, typical in its simple-mindedness.

The heading was End-Time Research and it was an interview with an "apocalypse researcher," who "warns of an end-time belief."

It was an interview in one of the big daily newspapers and the simple-mindedness of the interviewed as well as the simple-mindedness of the interviewer takes some beating.

The "end-time researcher" was asked by the interviewer what one then has to think of the talk around the 21st of December 2012 and the "end-time researcher" says: "But from the scientific view such prophecies are nonsense."

The "end-time researcher" then says that there is no gigantic planet wandering about in the universe, which will soon collide with earth.

But reality looks like this, that at the moment scientists have investigations running, which cost gigantic amounts and which deal with searching, through automatic surveys, for such celestial bodies wandering about in the universe, and that so timely that warnings can still be given.

There were several webpages about this on this website, for instance
2011 Nov 07 (3) – Collision course: the space rocks that threaten our lives.

And the "end-time researcher" says so and the "end-time reporter" writes it down, that there is no gigantic planet wandering about in space, which will soon collide with earth, and he, the "end-time reporter," does it without raising the smallest protest. It looks as if with today’s death of newspapers the newspapers are only able to afford the most simple-minded reporters.

The "end-time researcher," exactly the same as all the others of his colleagues, pleads for calmness in the face of esoteric world end scenarios about the 21st of December 2012. One should ignore it widely.

That is of course an informative comment because with this he actually makes a prediction for the future; he prophecies what the future will bring and what the future will not bring.

And then the "end-time researcher" makes the following comment: "But out of scientific view such prophecies are nonsense."

It is exactly science which deals with this "nonsense" increasingly. This his comment is therefore scientifically completely untenable. But what he repeats here with this comment is his negative attitude towards prophecies. He is therefore against that things can be forecasted, but at the same time confirms himself as forecaster and tells us what the future cannot bring.

A further comment is, "One must of course take this just as little seriously as the speculations about the 21st of December 2012." So he is very clearly a man, who knows the future and can pronounce prophecies about it. A true prophet.

He is a man who gives himself a scientific appearance, but in reality is just a religious fanatic and whom one can therefore only describe as simple-minded and stupid. And that is quite well expressed by him representing the regiment of Antichrist and that with all his talk it is about fighting the opponents of Antichrist.

"A very unpleasant form appears in the United States. Many of the free churches there have the opinion that the horrors of the apocalypse are imminent and will still start during the lifetime of most of men."

And now still some more comments from him:

"In the USA free churches, to which about 25 per cent of the population belongs, have extreme power."

"In the USA the prophesied Antichrist is again and again identified with current politicians. In the first election campaign of Barack Obama four years ago free church fanatics earnestly questioned whether the then presidential candidate could be the Antichrist. According to a "Newsweek" opinion poll 45 per cent of the Christians in the USA believed that the world will end in a battle between good and evil, that this final struggle is imminent and the Christians are called to wage this fight on the side of good."

"According to an opinion poll of the market research institute Harris Interactive from the year 2010, 29 per cent of the Republicans believe that Barack Obama will hand over the USA to a world government. In the evangelical world view the rule of Antichrist at the beginning of the apocalypse is meant with this. This far spread dangerous conviction influences of course also practical politics."

"In the USA many people see the world involved in an unconditional end struggle of good against evil. We Europeans must realize that everyone who rules in America must make allowances for this. This also explains some of the strange meanderings in US American politics. This apocalyptic world view is much more dangerous than all end prophecies, which refer to Mayas or Hopis."

Our "end-time researcher" is therefore a true disciple of Obama and courageously fights for his lord and master. But with it he also gives us a nice insight into the thinking of people, of people in the USA and of those people whom he describes as "we Europeans."

He as a European belongs of course to those who know it all and with it he belongs to the great majority. In Germany there are to be 87 per cent who are for Obama – and know it all.

Therefore quite a large group of people exists in the USA who are not yet followers of Obama and there the USA seems to be an exception. The rest of the world seems to be clearly for Obama and to out oneself as an opponent of Obama in the rest of the world is today already a risky business.

To observe the rest of the world as it hardens in its Obama faith is therefore not particularly exciting. How a large part of Americans will behave in the near future is compared with that already more interesting.

The only resistance against Obama seems to exist in his own country. And that is already under his control. Therefore there seems to be very little to resist his victory run to world control.

At the moment it therefore looks already as if only a suitable opportunity is required and mankind will carry Obama on its shoulders.

The coming development seems therefore already now to begin to emerge. In future it will therefore more and more depend on the personal decision for or against God. And there it will depend on keeping to God directly – and not to the clerics. The cleric will normally always be inclined to matter and who follows him will be deserted.


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