Elders continued to talk to the ancestors.

South Africa: Zuma calls on ancestors - Comment on 2012 November 26 (2)

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2012 November 26 (2)

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President Jacob Zuma has turned to his ancestors for help. Traditional incense was burnt, a symbol of communicating with the ancestors. Read more:

Ancestor worship has been a subject on this website. One of the last webpages was
2012 Oct 11 – Intercession for men far from God.
Extracts from an article, which provides details of ancestor worship, I read today:


Zuma calls on ancestors

President Jacob Zuma, who faces mounting criticism and a strong attempt to remove him as ANC leader, has turned to his ancestors for help before Mangaung.

Zuma’s family slaughtered 12 cows and burnt traditional incense at his Nkandla homestead, at a ceremony in which Zulu warriors danced, sang songs and brandished traditional weapons.

ANC leaders were nowhere to be seen, but Zuma, in leopard skin, lifted his spear and danced as thousands prayed for him to win a second term as ANC president.

Buses transported family members and relatives from around KZN. The ceremony started at the homestead of the Nxamalala clan’s Bheki Zuma, where traditional incense was burnt, a symbol of communicating with the ancestors.

The ceremony ended in his luxurious homestead, where his brother Michael and other elders continued to talk to the ancestors.


So Zuma is a man who believes in the existence of the spiritual world. He calls on ancestors. And not only that, he also asks Christians to pray for him. Just imagine his atheistic comrades from his party opining their paper in the morning and seeing their chief standing there with his head bowed and Christians standing around him and laying their hands on him.

And not only that, he even upsets the Christian clerics. He talks to his people about God and heaven and even about hell. He talks about that man who carries a fork … who cooks people. He even goes so far to talk about the rapture. He preaches Jesus: "When (Jesus) fetches us ... " So he says "us" and therefore counts himself as one of those who are getting fetched – raptured. Now that is even for a clergymen too much and so the clerics get upset and complain about the president of their country, probably because he, Jacob Zuma, takes their job away – preaching Jesus – at an election rally.

Have a look at
2011 Feb 06 (2) – South Africa: God is on the ANC’s side, Zuma tells crowd

So the pure Marxist-Leninists in his party can’t sleep at night thinking about Zuma getting chosen to be president of their party and of their country for a second term – a man who is obviously not an atheist. When they had found Zuma to be able to replace Mbeki, the atheists thought, now the time had finally arrived where they could establish communism in their country. And they did everything in their power to get him elected. And when he then was the chief of the country he turned out to be a believer – a man who believed in life after death, in spiritual beings, in God, in Jesus, in spirit beings he could communicate with. What a terrible disappointment. So now they try to get him out.

South Africa had always been the ideal country for a communist takeover. All the underprivileged masses where there and just had to be activated. And every time the comrades thought the revolution had finally arrived, it turned out that nothing like it had happened.

But now comes the really interesting aspect of all this. According to the prophecies communism will take over the whole word. And there, in the prophecies, communism is not some sort of philosophy, but something it has always been and that is a regime of terror over the people, particularly over the people who like to remain free. So what will happen when the entire world now wants to be ruled by Antichrist and there are rulers who are not atheists, who are believers, and they are still at the helm of their country. How will they behave?

Here some more news:


South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has appealed to his ancestors to help him hold on to the leadership of the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

Mr Zuma attended a ceremony at his village on Sunday, where 12 cattle were slaughtered and incense burnt as people prayed for his re-election.

His opponents are pushing for him to be ousted as ANC leader at the party's conference next month.

Mr Zuma, a polygamist with 21 children, is a well-known Zulu traditionalist.

He beat his predecessor Thabo Mbeki in a bitterly contested election in 2007 for the leadership of the ANC.


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