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2012 November 11

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There were monkeys of all sizes. Read more:

I was working with my computer, as I do now, and heard a strange noise from the kitchen, but did not pay much attention to it. During a break I went to the kitchen and saw a plastic bag with bread inside lying on the floor and thought that must have been the cat trying to get into the bag.

A while later I heard again a similar strange noise from the kitchen and I thought I might go and see what the cat is up to. I approached the open kitchen door slowly and tried to spot the cat but could not see it.

It happened that I looked at the kitchen window and their several pairs of eyes looked expectantly at me. There were monkeys of all sizes. So I looked at them and they at me.

I thought this is just too good. I can stand in my own home and can observe wild life just like that. Only a few steps away from me there it was. Full of life – and possible action.

After a while of observing this spectacle of nature I returned to my work, but then I heard again the now already familiar noise and approached again slowly the still open kitchen door.

Now I saw action. Some or one of the monkeys, a very small one, was inside the kitchen and noticing me, tried to get out of it. That all happened with lightning speed. The kitchen window was again occupied by a bunch of monkeys, observing me and what was going on in the kitchen and what kind of feeding opportunities there existed and probably directing the youngster.

Now I became aware of the opening position of the window. The window was adjusted to an opening position that just allowed only quite small monkeys to enter.

So I again observed wild life and enjoyed it.

Later in the day I went again to the kitchen and the results of the raid came to my notice. All the apricots were gone. Some of the bananas were gone. Some banana peels were lying on the floor. They had managed to get some slices of bread out of the plastic bag. I can’t remember what else had happened.

So I started to think about how it is to live in such nice surroundings where wild life is active so close by and can be observed in its full extent. But I also started to think about securing my food supply, especially then when I am not at home. Should I keep the window closed?

A couple of days later I was doing something in the kitchen and heard an unfamiliar noise behind me and turned around to see what is was. I saw a quite big monkey behind me, about one metre away from me, grabbing some bananas lying on the table next to the open door to the porch and the terrace.

Again with lightning speed he noticed me turning towards him and ran out of the door and jumped up a tree. I walked after him and he sat in the tree and started to peel a banana. He looked at what he was busy with, and he also observed his surroundings and he especially observed me expectantly, probable seeing if I showed any interest in his goods, which were formerly my goods.

After he had finished eating the banana he dropped the peel and started again to eat a banana. So he must have managed to get two bananas from my kitchen table. They were probably still connected to each other at the time of the expropriation. The peels were now lying on the floor of the terrace and I left them lying there in remembrance of the event.

All this was highly interesting, but I also started to make plans, how to avoid spending too much time carrying ever increasing food supplies from the shops to my home and therefore having to reduce my time for work.

The monkey troop visited me about every week or two weeks and I assumed that it was always the same troop and that my home was in the area of their territory.

I knew when they had arrived when I heard a certain noise from my roof. It was a flat tin roof and they ran up and down the roof. The roof was a very popular place because a big tree projected over it and dropped its fruit on it and the monkeys loved that fruit.

I could not overhear their arrival. When for example a fruit dropped onto the roof it was a big bang like for a person sitting inside a drum and someone outside hits the drum with a drumstick.

I also learned to differentiate between the arrival of the monkeys and some big birds walking on the roof.

Now quite a lot of people around me had problems, or rather thought they have problems, with the monkeys. There were always discussions in the media and people put forward their ideas and experiences and all kinds of fears were expressed.

Now one day I read a report about a lady who came up with something quite different from all the other opinions.

This lady said that she has got no problems at all with the monkeys and that one just has to have the right attitude towards them and that one has to talk to them, to communicate with them and that this communication can be quite detailed and satisfying.

She just communicates by thought transfer with the monkeys and tells them what she would like them to do and what she would not like them to do.

She said, she just respects the monkeys and she respects their right to exist and she communicates this to them and also that she wants the monkeys to respect her and her right to exist.

So she communicates with them and discusses details with them what they would like and what she would not like.

And she said that the monkeys always pay full attention when she addresses them. And that there are no conflicts and everything goes well when they arrive.

Now this made a lot of sense to me and I decided to adopt the same attitude and would also try to do the same whenever I had to deal with animals.

By that time I had changed location and therefore lost contact with that troop of monkeys

But I enjoy thinking about them and about the experience and about what this lady told the world around her how to deal with monkeys.

Here another report about speaking to animals were I really communicated, successfully, with them: 2012 Mar 17 – Having dominion over the creatures upon the earth


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