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Higgs: How "science" is made - Comment on 2012 November 5

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2012 November 5

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You now therefore know that you have discovered the Higgs boson? Read more:

Three days ago I wrote (2012 Nov 02 (2) – A second confirmation of the prophecies):

"We'd better come up with something before the private/federal grants dry up" also seems to apply to CERN. I read something that the scientists now want a much bigger accelerator than the one in Geneva. This seems to be an attack forward to camouflage all the missing results they so much hoped to find there. They want to divert the negative attention they get, because no real results are coming forward, by demanding a bigger machine. They practise the method of forward defence. The Higgs boson they allegedly found there, and for which no confirmations are coming forward, also seemed to have been such an attempt to stop the threatening dry up of the grants.

And then I also mentioned the People education stupefying campaign.

Today now I read an interview with CERN boss Heuer and it gave me the impression that he, Heuer, stands at the top of this People education stupefying campaign.

I bring an excerpt from this interview:

Question: You now therefore know that you have discovered the Higgs boson?

Heuer: I did not say it that way.

Question: Well, you said, for the layman it is regarded as found.

Heuer: Yes, for the layman. The indications are very strong, but scientifically it is not yet completely clear. We have found a particle which decays so as one would expect it from the Higgs particle.

And here another excerpt:

Question: For the theory of super symmetry, which would expand the laws of particle physics, one has found up to now no experimental indications at all, however. Some of your colleagues say the new particle could theoretically also still turn out to be something completely different than the Higgs. Should it therefore not have been said: We have a particle; we tell you in six months whether it is the Higgs?

Heuer: That we also cannot say in six months’ time.

Question: Then in four years?

Heuer: You cannot do that.

Question: Why not?

Heuer: I believe the general public would not understand why we are hesitant here. One would ask me then immediately why we have waited four years. We have now found a new particle. I just do not know whether I can write an H in front of it.

Question: And what happens when it turns out in some years that you cannot do that?

Heuer: That would be a sensation. Then we would probably have to rewrite something.

Question: Would physics then have lost its credibility?

Heuer: I do not know, but that is the reason why I exactly chose this way of expressing myself, so that I can say afterwards: People, I have said exactly that because I was careful.

Question: As Cern director, do you see yourself as scientist or as manager?

Heuer: Completely as manager.

What then has Heuer achieved with his People education stupefying campaign? He has achieved that when one reads today something about the Higgs boson, then it is regarded as discovered. Science has found the Higgs boson. We all experienced it on the 4th of July 2012. Mr Heuer told it to us and all have cheered and Mr Higgs himself was there and has held back a tear. And now he must get the Nobel prize. And Mrs Schavan has sent a telegram and congratulated – and she carries on sending money and is therefore main participant of this People education stupefying campaign.

What a nice example of witnessing science. And now out of theory truth came into being.

And this is just an example. Just an example of many others. Science, including physics, has drawn up a theory and after a quite short time it is forgotten that it is just a theory, and it has become truth.

I want to add here information which was on this website on the 3rd of June 2012 (2012 Jun 03):

Rolf-Dieter Heuer, director of CERN where the LHC is based, said he was confident that by the end of the year it will be possible to say whether the Higgs Boson, the particle which is responsible for giving mass to the universe, exists.

So that was Mr Heuer in the middle of the year and now the end of the year approaches and now Mr Heuer says, also in many years one cannot say that.

Mr Heuer, the science manager.

So the official version is this: "Heuer: Yes, for the layman." And what happens to the scientist when in a couple of years it turns out that one cannot say that? "Heuer: That would be a sensation. Then we would probably have to rewrite something."

People education stupefying campaign.

Mrs Merkel really should now also dismiss her second deputy in the chair of her party from the office federal minister and shut down CERN and put an end to the People education stupefying campaign.

Please note that the word layman is used in this interview. This is a nice indication of the religiosity of science, of this kind of science. It is not really science we are dealing here with. It is religion, the religion of the atheists and of the materialists.


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