To be active in Godís kingdom is a job which requires courage and determination.

Fearless Fighters - Comment on 2012 October 26

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2012 October 26

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Every thought which touches God, connects a man with God, and where God is present, there certainly no defeat is to be feared. Read more:

Today I read a message coming to us via Bertha Dudde, which is directed towards Bertha Dudde herself.

The title of the message is fearless fighter and the message encourages Bertha Dudde to be a fearless fighter.

And Bertha Dudde did not only receive that message and wrote it down and distributed it, she also applied it in her own life. She became more and more fearless and formed herself more and more into the image of Christ. As the years went on she received many more messages and these messages directly directed towards her decreased because they were no longer necessary because Bertha Dudde did what she was told. And fearless she had to be because there were many people around her weak in faith and doubting messages that were quite disturbing and unheard-of. And then there were all the people around her in that country where she lived who followed an atheistic dictatorship which at that time, 1942, was at the peak of its power, inside that country and all over the world. At that time, in January 1942, Germany had already conquered extensive areas of the world and seemed to be busy continuing doing to. The atheistic ideology seemed to be highly successful and all opposition in that country, and all voices calling for freedom, seemed to have been silenced. The opposition, which culminated on the 20th of July 1944, only really started to get active, after this dictatorship started to lose the war and Germany was in danger to be conquered by a foreign dictatorship. And exactly three years later, in January 1945, this foreign dictatorship arrived in Germany and began its regime of terror. Then Germany had two dictatorships at the same time, both atheistic and materialistic, and fighting each other. And in this time of terror Bertha Dudde sat down every day and wrote down a message from her Lord, a message that would become the most explicit revelation of the creator. So Bertha Dudde seemed to have been, especially during a time like 1942, a very lonely voice. And that in the middle of triumph of atheism. Just like in the time of the end.

Here now her message:


Father words. Fearless Fighters.

16. January 1942. B.D. NR. 2213.

Who is love in himself, gives you (singular) the following message: To be active in my kingdom is a job, which requires courage and determination, because a work for me attracts the hostility of the world. Who now has the will to fulfil this job to help mankind, he will certainly have nothing to fear, that he will ever lack power. And I will strengthen him and let him find spiritual superiority when he is exposed to such hostilities. And then he will appear courageously and full of strength; he will not timidly consider the consequences of his resistance, but he will know that he fulfils my will, and this certainty makes him calm and certain of victory. Every thought which touches me, connects him with me, and where I am present, there certainly no defeat is to be feared. I only want that I am remembered trustingly, that man takes his refuge in me when danger is threatening him. Because every thought calls for me, and I am immediately prepared to help my child because it remembers me. And I will certainly not leave in trouble and distress those who want to serve me and are in need of my power and support. And when the call is now received by you (singular; all yous in this message are singular) to mention my work, then no objection is to hold you back, then confess freely and openly that you are active for me, and do not be afraid Ė but believe that I am close to you and put every word into your mouth and that you therefore can speak nothing false but expresses what I want to say to men through you. I have to use a willing man who completely subordinates himself to my will; I cannot talk directly to them because men are too unbelieving and do not get in contact with me. The inhabitants of earth I also have to remember earthly, i.e., I cannot approach them spiritually and therefore also offer them nothing spiritually. But when man is willing then I can impart my power to him, so that he now carries out what I instruct him to do Ė that he speaks what I want to say to men so that he acts as I would act when I would be in the midst of them. Who is thus willing to work for me, him I give my power in richest measure, and he will express freely and without doubts that he stands in my pay. Because I need courageous fighters who appear so fearless that the world pays attention. I need fighters who unite and are not afraid by the measures of worldly rulers. Towards them I send an army of my angels when the fight threatens to become hard, and never will one of my fighters be exposed defencelessly to the opponent. I am with him myself, and my power is certainly invincible and my love for them overwhelming who stand up for me and fight for my name. And whatever might come, I know about everything, and everything has to come so as I think good and profitable for the souls. I still seek to save many souls and for this I use those who offer their services to me out of free will, because those alone I can use as my tools. And I reward their devotion with my love. I let my power overflow into them and take all fear away from them. I give them a courageous heart. I put the confidence into this heart that I am always close to them, and they will now speak intrepidly and confess me before the world. Amen. B.D. NR. 2213.


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