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Soul energy, individual particles, faster-than-light communication and consciousness - Comment on 2012 October 19 (2)

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2012 October 19 (2)

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Quantum Reversal of Soul Energy. The Hypothesis about the Absence of Individual Particles. Is Faster-Than-Light Communication Possible? The NOE Hypothesis and the Unification of General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness. Consciousness, the Laws of Physics, the Big Bang, and the Structure of the Universe. Read more:

Today I came across something like a list of summaries of articles and I have picked five of these summaries and quote them here.

The subject of the first three summaries is Quantum Physics and the subject of the last two summaries is Relativity and Cosmology.

Here the five summaries:


Quantum Reversal of Soul Energy
In the last decades, the existence of the Soul has been seriously considered by Quantum Physics. It has been frequently described as a body of unknown energy coupled to human body by means of a mutual interaction. The Quantum Physics shows that energy is quantized, i.e., it has discrete values that are defined as energy levels. Thus, along the life of a person, the energy of its soul is characterized by several quantum levels of energy. Here, we show by means of application of specific electromagnetic radiations on the human body, that it is possible to revert the energy of the soul to previous energy levels. This process can have several therapeutic applications.

The Hypothesis about the Absence of Individual Particles
Are the observations, as if confirming the existence of elementary particles, only a certain interpretation of the observer? Does the theory, that sequentially denies particles existence, contradict with observations and internal logic? The hypothesis is that sometimes we register the "particles" only due to the way of observation, but in fact we take the energy from continuous wave field. "Objective isolation of particles" may be done without any experimenter assistance, but even in this case "particles" are just different dynamical field state. We interpret the transitions between the native states of a wave field as a "birth" or "disappearance" of particles. Sometimes we observe field energy splashing, like "sprays", as "particles tracks". According to the hypothesis, "randomness" in "particles" detection is related to the statistical nature of the "wave receivers" work. For instance, "receivers" in the form of multiple "atoms" with a probability depending on the intensity of the reference wave can pull out just such small portions of reference wave, which lead to eigenstates of "atoms", which is interpreted as "capture of particles".

Is Faster-Than-Light Communication Possible?
It is shown here using elementary quantum mechanics that a method exists for transmitting signals faster than the speed of light. The method relies on measurement of the uncertainty of momentum for one photon of each pair. The uncertainty is affected by whether momentum or position is measured for the partners, due to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. For each pair the effect is instantaneous; so if the measurement of momentum uncertainty, done on one end, is distant from the momentum/position measurement switching done on the other end, then such behavior can be utilized for faster-than-light signaling.

The NOE Hypothesis and the Unification of General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness
The NOE Hypothesis concepts are extracted from the combined work of Blavatsky, Bailey and Besant. The original paper, “A New Cosmological Model for Matter, Energy, Sound, the Origin of the Universe and Gravity” is intended as a bridging paper between esoteric philosophy fact and scientific hypothesis . The concepts have been translated into the language of physics and chemistry from the often abstruse language found in philosophy. This paper expands on the concepts and unifies General Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness. String Theory is superseded by the Spirilla Hypothesis. Origins of the Universe, definitions for time and space, gravity and Quantum Entanglement are discussed relative to life.

Consciousness, the Laws of Physics, the Big Bang, and the Structure of the Universe
In general, science accepts that both the structure of the universe and the laws of physics were created simultaneously at the beginning of the Big Bang, and have since remained constant throughout the observable universe. The experimental evidence detailed in this paper demonstrates that consciousness, in its widest sense, was also created at the time of the big bang, and together with the storage, communication and perception of information, is intimately connected to the structure of the universe and the laws of physics. The introduction of the concept of consciousness helps to explain the “weird” effects of quantum physics and hitherto other inexplicable phenomena including entanglement, dark energy, inflation theory, and the possible connection between the essence of consciousness and the Higgs field. This paper augments existing knowledge with published findings from recent mind science experiments. Using noetics and without the use of physical equipment, equations are found with high correlation coefficients which include universal constants such as the Golden Ratio, 1.61803... (φ), Feigenbaum’s Constant, 4.6692... (δ), sine 1/3, and polyhedra angles. It is thus demonstrated that both consciousness and the structure of the universe are closely linked to concepts including: Universal constants; Geometry; Chaos theory; Numbers and Mathematics; Vortices; Fractal geometry; Interaction of Mind and Matter; Multi-body Interactions; Entanglement; and Information. General acceptance of the above facts should lead to a monumental paradigm shift in mankind’s understanding of the cosmos and its incorporation of consciousness. Key Words Mind; Consciousness; Spirals; Torus; Vorticity; Chaos; Feigenbaum’s Constant; Golden Ratio; Gravity; Electromagnetism; Entanglement; Cosmic and Subtle Energies; Planck level: Higgs Field; Structure of the Universe


When one has a look at such considerations as they are made in the just quoted summaries, then one can only come to the conclusion that the material, which comes to us via Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde is head and shoulders above all such considerations.

When one then also considers why men do not fall back upon this highly superior material, then one can again only come to the conclusion that this is actually the fault of so-called Christianity. Christianity has this material but does not make use of it, even refuses it. And that because this material uncovers the whole hypocrisy of organized Christianity. This organized religion actually fights true Christianity, that what we are told in the Bible and that what is given to us from God recently. When a publishing house really would like to do something unique then the total work of Bertha Dudde in the English language would for instance be highly suitable for this, but as far as I see, something like this does not exist.

In the fifth summary above the work of Blavatsky, Bailey and Besant is mentioned. I dealt with the works of these three Ladies a while and since I found Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde I did not return to these works. Today I would regard my time too valuable for this.

With the works of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde we have something which explains very well all that, which is mentioned above in the five summaries, and these explanations make sense, are conclusive and in agreement with the book of books.

It is just a pity to observe people who struggle for knowledge but do not know these works.


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