87 Per cent of Germans would vote for Obama.

The influence of Antichrist today - Comment on 2012 October 15 (2)

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2012 October 15 (2)

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The founders of the Federal Republic of Germany had, among other things, very much one thing in mind, to avoid that something like the seizure of power of the National Socialists, 1933, would repeat itself. But at the moment it looks as if the Germans are subject to a much more skilful and much more dangerous demagogue. Read more:

The real date this website started was actually the 7th of November 2008. On that day I read a prophecy by Bertha Dudde that gave me reasonable evidence that the just elected new leader of the United States is the expected Antichrist.

Have a look at that webpage: 2008 Nov 07 – The supremacy that the expected Antichrist is striving for will be granted to him.

Now since that time four years have passed and in these four years no evidence has appeared, at least to my knowledge, that the assumption then was wrong.

What struck me then, four years ago, was the fact that his so-called Christian nation could elect a man like Antichrist as their president.

Now, four years later, we have the situation that this man has a good chance to be re-elected.

But even if he is not re-elected, he is still and will remain a world leader. When he was elected four years ago, I believe, his grandfather was still alive, and is probably still now alive. So the grandson has the possible chance to live another couple of decades – and be active.

I then imagined how it would be like to live in a country where the head of state and the head of government is Antichrist.

What would it be like if a citizen is outspokenly against such a person, such a leader?

Now I read about a country where not just, let us say some 40 or 50 per cent of the population, are for this man, but many more.

I read about a percentage of 87 and yesterday I again read such an article: 2012 Oct 14 (3) – 87 Per cent of Germans are for Obama.

The article calls this a spectacular poll result and I think it is spectacular.

Now how would it be to live in such a country?

Some time ago in that country the leaders claimed that more than 99 per cent of the people voted for them and those results were not believed by all, were believed by some to be fabricated.

But these results of today give little reason that they are fabricated. Just imagine you live in that country and voice your opposition to Obama. You must feel like wearing a Judenstern – the Star of David.

Now let us think about a very practical political implication. Let us assume a political situation where the population becomes aware of that Merkel is opposed to Obama. Her time in office might come to a sudden end.

And this shows what influence Obama really has. He, already now, does not really depend on the vote of the people of his country. He might get re-elected in three weeks’ time, but even if he is not, it might just be a setback for him.

I want to give you an example of what happens to a politician who is outspoken against a dictatorship. Half a century ago the head of state of West Germany, the second one, stood before the Reichstag building, in West Berlin, the occasion was an anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall, and he spoke to the German people and was outspoken against that dictatorship that started just a few metres away from him. He was attacked and dragged through the mud by that dictatorship and the German people believed that what that dictatorship accused him off and this politician is still today belittled by the German people. The German people do not seem to have learned very much from the two dictatorships of last century.

Now let us come back to how it is to live in such a country like Germany where 87 per cent of the people are for a man who could be Antichrist. Just imagine the time has now arrived, possibly after the setback, that he now has left the time of deception and of causing conflict and is now in the time of brutal rule. What would it then be like to live there and be an opponent to him?

By the way, the time of deception and of causing conflict, was touched a little bit in the last but one entry, of yesterday, by how he acted against Merkel in Mexico, at the last G 20 summit.

So Obama seems to work on Merkel’s future.

So think about how it is already now in a country like Germany. And in many other countries it might be similar.

And when we then come back to a country like the United States, then there seem to be much less than 87 per cent of the people who are for Obama. May be just half of that percentage.

And one can still be there very outspoken about an opposition to that man. One could even have a good chance to win an election against him.

So the United States might therefore not be that bad.

But I want to come back to Germany.

How did this country behave as parts of it were ruled by a dictatorship? A dictatorship, which came from a country situated east of Germany?

First of all there was the most eastern part of Germany. It was taken away from Germany and the people remaining there and also the people, who were then placed there, had to live under this dictatorship. What did the then free part of Germany do for the liberation of these people? It has stabilized this enslavement by granting these areas, and with it the people, to that dictatorship.

And what about the middle part of Germany, that part, which many called East Germany? How did the people living in the free part of Germany behave towards these people living in lack of freedom?

I knew, at least, three men, who made an effort to help their compatriots in the east to freedom. I once talked to one of them and said to him, that I had not seen him for some time. After that he said, that he had not been at the uni. I then asked him where he had been and he said he had been in prison. And he then told me, that he had been an escape helper and that at one of his visits to the east he had been arrested and spend years in prison there. He also told me that this experience had ruined his life.

The other two experienced similar things. The stay in prison in Communist Germany had ruined them.

There was a fourth man. He was no escape helper, but someone who helped escape helpers to escape, to escape from jail. He mainly did this with money. He gave money to the dictators and they then released the escape helpers from prison and out of their dictatorship. This man had then the title of something like Federal Minister for All-German Affairs.

There were therefore people in Germany who did something against the lack of freedom of their compatriots.

But I now want to make a comparison. France once was also a country, which was not only partly ruled by a foreign, eastern, dictatorship, but almost completely.

But in this country, in France, which did not have a free, prosperous part, from which easily liberation could have started, there was a world famous movement, Free French, the Resistance. And the Resistance again had a world famous leader, General Charles De Gaulle.

In comparison to France one can describe the German will for liberation of their own people practically as not existing. On the contrary, many people there were of the opinion the dictatorial system is actually better and should also be taken on in the free part of the country.

The movements, which became known in Germany, and which also partly became known internationally, were movements of a terroristic kind, which shared their ideological convictions with those people, who practised the dictatorship in Germany.

On this occasion I must think of a man from the Ukraine, whom I quoted in detail in 2012 Jun 30 – The Weizsäckers – the grand master deceivers.

The Ukrainian Myroslaw Symtschytsch, therefore a man who also lived in a country, which suffered under foreign, eastern dictatorship, said the following:

You in the West sat still after all, like mice. You were afraid of Russia. But we, a small group without support, we fought until the demolishing of the Soviet Union.

Those in the west had no need to help their unfree fellow men to freedom, but what they had, was fear.

They were afraid, and what they also had was cowardice.

The founders of the Federal Republic of Germany had, among other things, very much one thing in mind, to avoid that something like the seizure of power of the National Socialists, 1933, would repeat itself. But at the moment it looks as if the Germans are subject to a much more skilful and much more dangerous demagogue.

87 %


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