New plagiarism accusation against Schavan.

Germany: Plagiarism affair about education minister - Comment on 2012 October 14

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2012 October 14

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Thesis of Annette Schavan: Expert recognizes intention of deception. Read more:

Here excerpts from an article I read today:


Thesis of Annette Schavan: Expert recognizes intention of deception

New plagiarism accusation against the minister of education: The expert of the university comes to an unambiguous decision. In the thesis of Annette Schavan he recognizes a "leading intention of deception". Does she now lose her title?

It were first anonymous plagiarism hunters who accused the federal education minister of having not only worked untidily in her thesis but having deceived. The report of an inspector of the Düsseldorf Heinrich Heine University has now also been tabled - and it comes to a similar result.

The expert recognizes "the typical picture of a plagiarism way of action" at several places of the thesis of Federal Education Minister Annette Schavan (CDU). In the confidential 75 pages paper he takes stock after detailed examination: "In view of the general pattern of the complete picture a leading intention to deceive is not only to be stated but also based on the specific characteristics of places of data."

The analysis was written by the professor for Jewish studies, Stefan Rohrbacher, who at the same time chairs the doctoral committee dealing with the examination process. The scientist carried out his examination according to "the basis of the original texts in autopsy". He objected to text places on 60 of the 351 pages.

His report is the basis for consultations of the doctoral committee, which is planned for Wednesday. Three further professors sit next to Rohrbacher in the committee, two scientific co-workers and a student representative. They give a recommendation to the faculty counsel, which then has to decide upon a deprivation of the doctorate.

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