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Intercession for men far from God - Comment on 2012 October 11

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2012 October 11

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Intercession is able to do very much, and the greatest part of mankind would be redeemed when one would ask God for love and favour for the other. Read more:

For spiritually awakened people there is a particularly productive area of activity, and that is to look after other men spiritually and to help them in a spiritual way. Today now I read the following announcement by Bertha Dudde and am glad to now have a further message which tells us something about the prayer of intercession:


Intercession for men far from God.

2. December 1941. B.D. NR. 2172.

In furthest remoteness from God are those men who think themselves too superior to call on God for help – who can neither believe in a power, which is ready to help and omnipotent, nor see in prayer a bridge, which leads to the eternal divinity – who therefore also establish no connection and consequently stand completely lonely when difficulties approach them where earthly help is no longer able to do anything. Because when man in this trouble does not find to God, this is a proof that he still remains in gross resistance against God, that earth life has not yet yielded ascent development for him; that he therefore is in a very needy state when he has to give up earth life. He has not yet consciously done anything with himself to reach a higher level. He also lacks power for it because he has not requested this in prayer. And still also those men are to feel the blessing of prayer because they will be able to notice a distinct flexibility of their nature as soon as a fellow man prays for these. This intercession is able to do very much, and the greatest part of mankind would be redeemed when one would ask God for love and favour for the other. Then the will of refusal would no longer be so great because God hears the prayer, which shows unselfish neighbourly love, when for the gift of recognition is prayed for fellow man. God’s infinite love is immediately prepared to fulfil such prayer because it bears witness to the love towards fellow man. But the remoteness of God is only to be lessened through love, and when the being itself fails, then it can be helped still on earth through intercession and the right way be shown. The remoter man is from the eternal divinity the more incomprehensible is for him also the thought of help. And that is why he also does not turn in prayer to God. But because only through intimate prayer a change of thinking can be achieved, man is to miss no possibility to pray intimately for his fellow man who is still weak in faith. The power of prayer is enormous, and through believing prayer man achieves everything, and especially on the spiritual state it has an effect, i.e., man will give up his resistance against all spiritual; he will become contemplative and now think over that what he before refused all the time, and come to another result than before. Man who prays for his fellow man for spiritual enlightenment has extraordinary influence on latter, and this is expressed so that he now willingly hears what is imparted to him, even if he was at first opposed to it, that he thinks it over, and when he later becomes again aware of it, accepts it gladly and with pleasure. And through this the remoteness of God is decreased. Intimate prayer earns greatest power and therefore must have an effect on fellow man when this prayer was for him. That is why people remote from God are not hopelessly lost because when someone is found who recognizes their great spiritual misery and wants to liberate them from it, he has himself an effective means at hand – the intimate intercession with God, which the before unteachable man feels to be extremely beneficient and he cannot close his mind to this love. And he will be led to the right way and still come to enlightenment even if often only after a long time; but he is not hopelessly at the mercy of the influence of the enemy but the good wrestling beings will gain the victory and help to redeem the man out of his state remote from God. Amen. B.D. NR. 2172.


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