The hypnagogic state is the ideal state to experiment with different states of consciousness.

Celestial bodies - Spiritual and earthly substances - Comment on 2012 September 26

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2012 September 26

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In the hypnagogic state a human being can consciously change from one state of consciousness into another. And that can happen immediately. And it can be done as an act of will. Read more:

On this website it is sometimes pointed out that all celestial bodies are inhabited. Today now I read the following three announcements coming via Bertha Dudde, which deal with aspects of this matter.

Here the messages:


Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.

6. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2142a.

Only that man gets closer to the problem of the creation of the world whose thoughts are turned towards God, because he broods about the coming into being of the cosmos, about infinity and the creator of all things. He will not draw quick conclusions; he will conjecture and ask questions in thinking, and mentally he will also receive answers as soon as he pays attention to his thoughts. The smallest willingness to be instructed by certain powers, God rewards in a way that he instructs them to direct the train of thought of man into the right path, and therefore his thinking will correspond with truth, and he will as it were draw wisdoms out of himself. The spirit out of God instructs him, and therefore man stands in truth. The world is the product of divine will. It is the thought of God having become form. Everything tangible and earthly visible belongs to earth, the kingdom of matter. But outside of it is the spiritual world, not visible to the human eye, however came likewise out of the divine power of creation. For the cosmos holds innumerable creations, its raw materials are spiritual substance, which human eye cannot perceive, because it can only see earthly matter. Would man be able to see these spiritual substances, then a great knowledge would be opened to him, however his free will endangered, because what he would see, would be determining for his entire earth life. But the knowledge about it must remain hidden for him, so that he can cover his life walk on earth completely uninfluenced. God’s will, wisdom and love let constantly creations come into being, which appear to man only as really faraway heavenly bodies, which he therefore suspects in the same composition like earth. However these heavenly bodies are of such different shaping and completely inaccessible to the inhabitants of earth. Nevertheless human spirit can also roam into these creations and, what he sees and hears, take down to earth. And this is an extraordinary favour of God because man as such will never be able to reach that kingdom, and that is why he would completely lack the knowledge about it. But this way the spirit instructs him in the following way:
B.D. NR. 2142a.


Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.

7. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2142b.

There is nothing in the cosmos what does not have its origin in God. Consequently everything must announce divine wisdom, i.e., it must correspond to a plan which God has devised in his wisdom. Therefore nothing is futile in the cosmos, no matter how it may appear to man. The heavenly bodies now correspond to their purpose like earth, although they are formed differently. Everything in the cosmos gives the still unfree spiritual the possibility to develop up. That is the only purpose of every work of creation. But one must now by no means assume that therefore all works of creation are of the same substance, that therefore only earthly substance, matter, can be the reception station for the undeveloped spiritual, because this assumption would postulate that everything in the cosmos consists of the same earthly substance. It would further postulate that all celestial bodies are inhabited by the same beings, men, but this would mean a remaining in always the same state, therefore in the undeveloped state of lifelessness, i.e. inactivity. It would further mean permanent darkness, and therefore all celestial bodies would have to be lightless creations. But the higher developed beings would perceive this creation as unbearable force because they would find no beings willing to receive their light delivery; therefore the striving towards God would never find fulfilment when the being would not be redeemed from its earth bound state and came into free regions where an activity without the cover of force is possible. Therefore creations must also exist, which no longer mean force for the being. But every earthly substance is a force for the spiritual existing in it, consequently this must be ruled out, and creations must exist, which can only be explained pure spiritually because they are only pure spiritual substances. They exist, however not visible to human eye, but only perceptible to the spiritual eye. So they are to be addressed as spiritual creations, which means so much as that they can only be seen after life on earth, that they hold spiritual beings, which have already covered earth life and are to develop higher. But the degree of maturity of the beings is different; consequently also the creations must be different, which now serve as stay for the beings. Amen. B.D. NR. 2142b.


Celestial bodies. Spiritual and earthly substance.

7. November 1941. B.D. NR. 2143.

For the ascent development of the spiritual the serving activity is decisive, and that means also a certain activity is demanded of the being depending on the place of the stay, and this again corresponds to the nature of the celestial body, which has those beings as inhabitants. Earthly visible and tangible substances also postulate an activity, which again bring about what is visible and tangible, and consequently also the soul, the spiritual, must be in a cover, which is tangible and visible. But the activity can also only exist in pure spiritual work, i.e. not bound to a form or earthly creation and yet be likewise a serving in love, through which the being reaches perfection. Consequently the maturing of these beings does not need to be made dependent on earthly creations, i.e. material creations. On the contrary, the ascent development can proceed faster and easier in spiritual regions. However the activity in spiritual surroundings is difficult to describe to men. One cannot make it understandable to them because man cannot imagine a life without bodily outer form, but no thing is impossible with God, and therefore he created things, which appear unacceptable to human intellect, which would have to be declared as not being according to human ideas, however cannot be imagined as non-existent in the universe and therefore also cannot be denied. And these are those celestial bodies, which are visible to men standing as stars in the sky. These stars are at infinite distances from each other; they are always a world of their own. God’s omnipotence, wisdom and love testifies to every creation; but man does not grasp the way of the celestial bodies as long as he dwells on earth, because he cannot imagine what does not consist of earthly substance. But the spiritual in man is also a substance completely independent on earthly matter, and it leaves behind everything what is earthly tangible or visible on earth, as soon as it goes through the gate of eternity into the spiritual kingdom. And therefore the stay of the soul after the death of the body is no creation out of earthly substances, but the innumerable heavenly bodies are intended for it, which are visible to the human eye as shining celestial bodies, but in reality cannot be seen by the human eye because they are no earthly creations, but which yet were created by God for the ascent development of the still imperfect spiritual. Amen. B.D. NR. 2143.


One sentence we read was, "They exist, however not visible to the human eye, but only perceptible to the spiritual eye."

So there a difference is made between the human eye and the spiritual eye.

The human eye is a sense organ. It is the physical organ that allows us to see, to see physical things.

Now what is then the spiritual eye?

We have six physical sense organs and we have six physical senses: we see, we hear, we smell, we feel and we taste.

These are the outer senses. Now we also have inner senses. With the spiritual eye, which is an inner sense organ, we can see spiritual things. This is actually not so difficult to understand and I want to give a simple example. When I sleep I dream and there I see things and I remember them when I wake up. But while I was dreaming I had my eye closed. So how could I see with my eyes closed? I could see what happened in the dream because I saw with my spiritual eyes. Despite my physical eyes being closed, I observed what happened in the dream event.

Now one can actually experiment with the difference between seeing physically and seeing spiritually and that is in the state before falling asleep. In the hypnagogic state the eyes are closed and things are seen as in the dream state but the person is still somehow aware of not being really asleep and is therefore half awake or half asleep. The person still has control over the body, or some control over it. One thing the person can do is to decide to switch from seeing spiritually to seeing physically and that even by keeping the eyes closed. When the switch has been made the person just sees what he normally would see with closed eyes and that would be darkness, which would depend on the degree of lightness of the surrounding area, for example the bedroom. So it is a matter of the will to make this switch. To make the switch back to the hypnagogic state is probably not so easy or takes some time. But the main thing is that it can be done. So the difference of seeing through the spiritual eyes and seeing through the physical eyes can be experienced.

So to imagine what seeing through the spiritual eyes is like, is to just remember, what is seen during a dream. Perception during the dream state is quite different from the perception during the awake state. They are different states of consciousness. And that is what it is about with different celestial bodies. If we want to really experience what is going on on another star or planet then we will have to learn to operate in another state of consciousness. We have to learn to perceive with our spiritual eyes.

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So in the hypnagogic state a human being can consciously change from one state of consciousness into another. And that can happen immediately. And it can be done as an act of will.

So the hypnagogic state is the ideal state to experiment with different states of consciousness.

Finally let me bring a quote from 2012 Feb 14 – “Barren” planets: Theoretically, a thoroughly educated space traveller in your time, landing upon a strange planet, would be able to adjust his own consciousness so that he could perceive the planet in various “sequences” of time.


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