The spiritual kingdom does not exist for an intellectual scientist.

Spiritual progress – scientific progress - Comment on 2012 September 23 (2)

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2012 September 23 (2)

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The spiritual kingdom is for an intellectual like researcher an unenlightened area, an area that is unrecognizable for him in his darkness and he therefore also does not seek to research it as not being in existence. Read more:

Today I read announcements by Bertha Dudde, which deal with spiritual progress and I bring them here.

In one of these announcements it is stated, that light givers fulfil their task – they penetrate with their light rays every work of creation, and there is nothing where the rays do not find their way. This of course reminds one of neutrinos, which also penetrate all matter and are hardly influenced by matter.

Here the announcements:


Spiritual knowledge result of right walk before God.

23. October 1941. B.D. NR. 2124.

Incomprehensible remains for man, that spiritual knowledge is the result of right walk before God – that therefore not the striving for the knowledge on the way of methodical schooling makes man to one who knows, but the latter can be completely switched off and still deepest knowledge can be won, when man, instead of striving for school wisdom, makes an effort to live according to the will of God – that therefore the right wisdom is not head like acquired, but the heart and its perception is determining, when man wants to become knowledgeable. Man certainly can acquire human wisdom on the way of the intellect, but this is only applicable to earth life, therefore also only profitable for earth life, but can never in the least increase spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is completely independent of endeavours, of earthly eagerness to learn and the successes so acquired or gained results. And that is why a man, whose thinking and acting is not based in his love, remains spiritual ignorant, although he fills up his life exclusively with intellectual like research, because he always remains outside of the spiritual kingdom, and his knowledge about it is defective; this kingdom is for him an unenlightened area, an area that is unrecognizable for him in his darkness and he therefore also does not seek to research it as not being in existence. Consequently he also acquires no spiritual knowledge; he does not desire it and also does nothing to form himself to be able to receive. So he does not consciously work on himself; he neither tries to ennoble his nature nor to walk consciously according to the will of God, and so also his heart will not be able to be receptive for spiritual wisdom, when it is imparted to him by fellow man. The man who perceives and acts well and noble is different in his entire thinking than a man who spends his life in inconsideration against fellow man and in self-love. The former will pay attention to everything what brings him closer to the divine creator – he will recognize in, around and above him the work of a power, and get in touch with this power, and therefore his attention will be mentally called to the will of God, i.e., he will recognize the divine order and know that only life in divine order will bring the eternal divinity closer to him. And when he has the will to come closer to God then God also comes to meet him, and that in form of knowledge. So always the life according to the will of God will always determine the knowledge of man. Also when man does not consciously strive for divine wisdom, but he will not be able to think otherwise then right, when it is about spiritual things, about things which lie outside of the earthly, which do not affect the body, but its soul and spirit. And he will affirm these thoughts without resistance; he will perceive his thoughts with a certain certainty as corresponding to truth and announce them to his fellow men, because his spirit tells it to him, that he stands in right thinking. And where men come together who are active in love and strive for the good, there the exchange of thoughts will result in complete agreement, and already from this it is evident that they all walk in truth, that the same has been mentally imparted to them and that is why they, with good reason, can call themselves knowing. And the more men make an effort to form themselves, i.e., their soul, the deeper they penetrate into spiritual knowledge. Soon there is nothing more for them what is unclear or incomprehensible to them. Because a well formed soul is unswervingly active in love. Love activity draws God in – and God as eternal truth hands it out to man as proof of his love for him. And so man will truly be informed right and have great knowledge at his disposal when he concludes earth life. But he who acquires earthly wisdom through study or research, who absorbs wisdom won humanly in himself, he will not always be in truth. It certainly also can reach him when his attitude towards God is corresponding to His will, but then it is never to be attributed to intellectual brooding or research, but his conduct only brings in the knowledge about truth. And man takes this knowledge with him into eternity, while earthly knowledge remains behind or rather passes away into nothing and a man who stands in high reputation on earth can enter the hereafter poor with spiritual goods, when he attaches too much importance to his earthly knowledge and does not fulfil the preconditions which earn him spiritual knowledge on earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 2124.


The way to the eternal home with God. Prayer.

24. October 1941. B.D. NR. 2125.

The way to the eternal home is far for him who does not walk with God because he goes many wrong ways before he reaches that way which leads up, and the time of his walk on earth has been wasted when the aim was not the eternal home. To go with God means to have a guide who directs every step and to whom man can entrust himself completely. And then he can go his way unconcerned; he will not go wrong although the way is sometimes burdensome and appears to be difficult to pass. God protects him that he does not stumble; he takes him by the hand and leads him off over rocks and stones, through thorns and scrub, always again on to the right way, which securely leads to the aim. And this way is short when man walks with his sight turned up, when he walks it with God.
The guiding word of every man shall be:
     Lord, be with me and guide me ....
     let me not go one step alone ....
     Lord, let me always recognize you,
     let me always be your protégé....
     you remain close to me in every trouble
     and you look after me....
     help that I can pray to you,
     my God, intimately....
     give favour to me and power of faith and always a pure heart
     and turn my sight to you, towards the eternal home ....
Amen. B.D. NR. 2125.


Earthly light and spiritual light.

24. and 25.10.1941. B.D. NR. 2126.

All beings press towards the light and flee darkness as soon as they have once perceived the benefit of the light. And because the final purpose of all creation is to redeem the beings out of darkness, the benefit of the light must first once be proved to it, so that they now aim at the light voluntarily. They must be radiated through by the light, and this is the assignment of the light spending heavenly bodies, which God let come into being for this purpose and which always and eternally send their light into the cosmos for the stimulation of all that what holds beings in itself. These light givers fulfil now their assignment – with their light rays they penetrate every work of creation, and there is nothing where the rays do not find their way. Even the apparently impenetrable solid form perceives this irradiation as being beneficial and awakens through this to life, i.e., it becomes active in itself even if not visible to the human eye because the light rays cause that life is stirred and nothing remains unchanged through the activity of this, what awakens to life. What is active unfolds a power, and where a power is expressed, something new comes into being. Therefore the light rays contribute to the increase of that what is. And that is the development of all beings that they change their outer cover all the time, therefore enliven always new forms, and this the light radiation brings about. The heavenly bodies, which send the light into the cosmos, therefore contribute to the redemption of the beings, because they loosen the outer form in every stage; they bring about the dissolving of the solid form even if lasting for ages; they enliven the plant kingdom, which awakens to live through the light radiation especially clearly, i.e. is engaged in permanent change. They are also unusually beneficently perceived by the beings which cover the earth walk in the animal life. And they are in the end indispensable for the being in the last stage, for man, who is not able to live without light. Light is always supplied to the beings which still languish in darkness, and they instinctively press towards the light, because the beings only feel happy in the light. But in the human stage the being can also, apart from the light necessary for life, feel the benefit of spiritual supply of light and aim at it as well. But latter is up to it because it’s free will decides this whether it desires the influx of light out of the spiritual kingdom. (25.10.1941) In the stage of free will the being will also strive for light, which continually flows towards it for the upkeep of it’s bodily life. Because it also needs the light for earthly activity. When the environment of the being is light and bright, it is also willing to be active. The being fights continually against darkness by trying to break through it through own light generation, when legally the supply of light is interrupted. And also that lies in the area of earthly ability. The light, which man needs earthly, he also can generate earthly, where he is in need of. And he will use this ability as far as possible because man asks for light as long as he carries out an activity, which he does not need to hide before the world. But the light out of the spiritual kingdom he does not need for his earthly activity, and that is why not every man endeavours to step into the circle of the radiation of this light, but this first depends on the strength of the desire for approach towards God. Spiritual light will flow towards man who opens himself to take it up. Spiritual light certainly flows against every man, but only penetrates him when he wants it to let it penetrate him. Because spiritual light is knowledge about truth, which certainly is accessible to every man, but is not desired by every man. Men do not need this light for the execution of earthly activity, consequently only those men appreciate it who recognize God as the eternal light and want to come close to this light. These strive for truth; they are hungry for knowledge and open their hearts for every light ray, which is imparted to them out of the spiritual kingdom in form of knowledge. Because for them ignorance is a state like darkest night, which they seek to break through, into which they would like to carry light. They want to banish darkness; they want that light forces its way through everywhere where a shadow of ignorance is still recognizable. And this desire for light lets also darkness flee because where the desire is, the light flows in without stopping. There the gates are open that the light can penetrate unhindered. And light will be victorious over darkness all the time, but in the stage of free will man has to decide for himself whether light or darkness accompanies his earth walk. His will alone decides; his striving for light lets him dwell in light. But the desire for darkness bars the light the access to the human heart, and this will is decisive for eternity. This will depends on the fullness of light, which can make the being infinitely happy some day in eternity or also be lacking, because happiness will always be there where light is and the lack of light means a very painful state for the being. Amen. B.D. NR. 2126.


We have here therefore three announcements coming via Bertha Dudde and I would like to contribute just on comment to the first. There it says that the spiritual kingdom is for an intellectual like researcher an unenlightened area, an area that is unrecognizable for him in his darkness and he therefore also does not seek to research it as not being in existence. The spiritual kingdom simply does not exist for such people and that is why also the wrong conclusion of the theory of evolution results for these people, that they simply postulate an evolution of the outer form, but in reality it is the interior which is subject to an evolution, it is the inner gestalt, the psychic stuff, which develops and which changes from one form to the next and develops through this. But the outer form always remains the same. The psychic stuff, the actual being inside the outer form, changes from the mineral form to the vegetable form and then to the animal form and eventually to the human form and finally leaves the form completely and exists further without form. But the form does not change. It is subject to no evolution. The form of an animal for instance is only subject to a change because it is born and lives and then dies, but the form of the animal is not subject to change from one generation to the next.

This one insight that the spiritual kingdom simply does not exist for people who research intellectually, allows a spiritually advance man to form a judgement of the entire sciences. As sciences are completely dominated by such intellectual researchers, they are in a state, which is far away from the real situation. The real impulses seem to always come from such scientists who, at least not admittedly, have themselves liberated from the ghetto thinking of their colleagues and have made excursions into the world of true spiritual science and found there things which gave them impulses.

On this occasion I must always think of the string theory and I always have the impression that people who came up with this have read about that what is described by Jakob Lorber as tongues of fire.

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