Nothing can overcome man when it is not God’s will.

How God’s protection works - Comment on 2012 September 16

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2012 September 16

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Only when man gives his will completely to God, when he has become quiet in God – then he no longer needs such means of education, and then suffering and affliction passes him, and the events in the world he hardly notices. Read more:

Today I read an announcement by Bertha Dudde which contains several details about God’s will and our will.

Five days ago it was about a similar subject, 2012 Sep 11 – Faith and trust in God’s help – End of suffering and today we actually continue this subject with today’s message and also here we hear again how and why we can trust in God’s protection.

It makes it easier to trust in God’s protection when one understands the "technicalities" involved. So let us have a look at them.

Here Bertha Dudde:


World events. Action and will. Effect.

1. and 2. October 1941. B.D. NR. 2092.

The will of God governs in heaven and on earth, and his love and wisdom is determining whatever happens on earth as in the hereafter. Everything is determined beforehand; however conditioned through the will of men, so far it is about earthly events. That is why it is wrong to assume that human discretion could annul divine laws – it is wrong when men believe to have influence on earthly events. Because God’s will must first give approval before human will can have an effect. And God also gives his assent and does not hinder human will. But he then directs every event according to his will. And so men can think and act completely free – but what God does not want, does not happen, because his will is decisive. This recognition man must have to give himself completely carefree up to God – he must know that nothing can overcome him when it is not God’s will – he must know that that what overcomes him finds its explanation in God’s omnipotence, love and wisdom and can contribute to him being blessed and that the will of fellow men can certainly be the occasion for the earthly development of life, but it still remains reserved for God which effects this human will brings on. (2.10.1941) If the will is good, then it will also be in agreement with divine will, because then good powers are those who influence man, and of course so as it is wanted by God. Then the will of man will always express itself so that it corresponds with what God has decided in his wisdom. Because all good is divine; it is the expression of divine will. On the other hand the bad will strives for what is directed against God. But so that it can be carried out, man has to use a power, which however reaches him from God – the power of life, which first makes the execution of his will possible. Consequently also a bad action can only be carried out when God allows it, otherwise he would have to end his life if he wants to hinder him – or else he directs other events so that a carrying out of a bad action becomes impossible. But the will of man is then judged like accomplished action. If God however allows that man lets his will become action then this action is an event – a happening in human life which again serves the souls as higher development. Because the bad is not always acknowledged; it also can have good educational results by it causing abhorrence and favours the striving for good action and thinking. And God knows about the effects of each bad action and therefore allows it because his love and wisdom is continually meant for the still imperfect souls, which need the most varied means of education to mature. He certainly allows the bad, but he by no means sanctions it. It cannot find his consent what is born out of evil will, but because he gave free will to man for the time of his existence on earth, he cannot be hindered in this will. But a hindering of this would be when the power would be withdrawn from him to carry out his will. But on the other hand world events are determined since eternity because God directs the effects of every evil action so as he, in his wisdom, recognizes it as beneficial for the souls. And human will gives occasion for this, but God decrees it according to his wise judgement. And man is completely uninvolved in the effect, although it looks as if men determine world events themselves. The wisdom of God does not allow this at all, and in the knowledge of this, man is to let everything happen to him because it is necessary for his spiritual state. He is not to rebel against his fate – he certainly is to abhor what he recognizes as wrong; he is never allowed to approve what evil human will has caused. But no matter how it comes, he must see it as God-sent, who lets the evil will of men, i.e. its effect, still become the school of the spirit. If man is good, i.e., he abhors the bad deeds, then he will need no painful means of education, and then also all heaviness, and what appears to be insurmountable, passes him without touching him extraordinarily. But few men are so perfect that they are completely free of wrong. This awareness is also to let them bear the fate which is allotted to them. Only when man gives his will completely to God, when he has become quiet in God – then he no longer needs such means of education, and then suffering and affliction passes him, and the events in the world he hardly notices. Amen. B.D. NR. 2092.


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