In the hereafter a still immature soul wanders about in a despairing state.

State of light and darkness after demise: Robert Blum - Comment on 2012 September 8 (2)

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2012 September 8 (2)

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When the soul is still immature, its spiritual eye is still closed. And therefore it is still dark and lightless around such a soul. It sees everything like shadows and it now wanders about in a despairing state trying to find the way, like a man robbed of his eyesight, who nowhere finds his way. Read more:

Five days ago we had 2012 Sep 03 – Celestial bodies and there it was about men who depart from earth and make up that what they have failed to do on earth – to free themselves from the addiction to matter. And there was also an example of men who die and who on the other side stand in desire for something and never have it tangibly or perceptibly in front of them but in imagination only.

And then we also had the entry 2012 Feb 22 (2) – Jesus the Christ and there it was among other things about Pope Benedict XIV, who was thrown into hell.

What the typical cleric experiences on the other side, we had seen in 2012 Feb 10 – Scientists and clerics.

And today now it is about men who die and never have the desire for spiritual things. Here a message from Bertha Dudde:


State of light and darkness after demise

20. May 1941. B.D. NR. 1927.

As soon as you end earth life a change takes place around you and your surroundings. The bodily eye dies; what you now see, you see with the spiritual eye, and it is now, according to the state of maturity of the soul, able to grasp what is around it. It will be able to take in everything when man on earth has striven spiritually and the soul has already reached a certain degree of maturity accordingly; it will however see little when the soul is still immature. Because then its spiritual eye is still closed. And therefore it is still dark and lightless around such a soul. It sees everything like shadows and it now wanders about in a despairing state trying to find the way, like a man robbed of his eyesight, who nowhere finds his way. It is a sad situation, and the soul is now far removed from looking at its surroundings as divine kingdom. Restlessly it wanders around, until after a long time it comes across souls, which are in the same state. Now the souls can tell their trouble and also do it, according to their knowledge. They will moan and grumble or despairingly remain in complete apathy. And still the coming together with such souls is the only possibility to improve their state, by them advising one another and considering means to come out of this lightless area. And as soon as this desire becomes active in them, light beings appear in a cover of their light gestalt and give advice to them for the improvement of their situation. In this despairing state the souls grasp every possibility when they are not completely hardened and they then get into darker and darker areas, instead of coming to the light. There is so much misery and suffering in this lightless kingdom that many a soul feels the desire in itself to help and now does everything for its part to soothe the suffering. Then their love activity begins, which they neglected on earth. And with this love activity also the spiritual eye begins to be able to see. The soul will be able to see more and more around itself, and it will therefore also become more knowledgeable because it now sees what spiritual knowledge brings in; has desire for more and more bright light, through this gets into contact with light beings, receives broadened knowledge from them, passes on the knowledge in its urge to help and is therefore constantly active in love. Therefore it now strives up; it becomes more and more brighter and clearer around such a soul, and soon it has escaped from the dark kingdom, to now being in the light permanently. Once the soul has decided on love activity through the suffering of the souls surrounding it, then its state is no longer hopeless. But it is bad for the souls which permanently remain in their inactivity, which only think of their own terrible state and which remain completely untouched by the suffering of the others. They also cannot be left in this state; otherwise other stirrings can never develop in them. That is why their state becomes more and more lightless; their agonies more and more unbearable so that they finally try to flee their surroundings so that also the sympathy for the suffering of the others awakens with the own suffering. Because the soul can only redeem itself through love activity, i.e. free itself out of darkness and climb up to the light. In such a state the soul is particularly needy of prayer of the people on earth – because this imparts the power to it and strengthens its will up. These souls are so pitiful, and extraordinary help can be given to them through a prayer in love; but how many souls must do without prayer – which have never been lovingly active on earth, few good thoughts follow them into the hereafter, and that is why their state is also so remarkably hopeless. And still the wrestling on the part of the light beings about such souls does not decrease. And also the already further advanced souls look after them and try to bring help to them because what is full of light descends constantly to darkness to redeem what is not completely opposing. Amen. B.D. NR. 1927.


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I now bring an example of an immature soul how it wanders about in a despairing state in the hereafter.

1848 a German politician went from Frankfurt to Austria to support forces there which wanted to achieve changes, but he came upon resistance and was shot according to martial law. His name was Robert Blum.

In the time from 27. November 1848 to 02. January 1851 Jakob Lorber wrote down what had become of Robert Blum in the hereafter.

Robert Blum was transported into the hereafter on the 9th of November 1848. On the orders of the highest imperial commander, Prince Windischgrätz, he was shot according to martial law in the Brigittenau, Vienna.

The title of the writing of Jakob Lorber about Robert Blum is "Von der Hölle zum Himmel" (From hell to heaven) und now follow excerpts from it and I confine myself to places which mainly describe the beginning state in the state of darkness:


But in about 7 hours after his execution where his soul so to speak again gathered together, he quickly convinced himself of the groundlessness of his earthly belief and very soon became just too uncontradictorily aware of that he lives on. But there his conviction of the individual continuation after the body’s death changed into another unbelief, and that is therefore: - he now thought and claimed for himself that he was certainly let on to the place of execution, but was blindly (only apparently) shot to endure the complete agony of death. But because he was only shot at blindly, that is why the officer also had his eyes bandaged, so that he should not notice the empty shooting into the air, - so he was just stunned of fear, collapsed and from there on brought into a dark dungeon in a complete unconscious state, from where a strong complaint of German citizens would surely soon set him in desired freedom.
Now only the strong darkness disturbs him, (his stay seems to him) as a very dark hole, which however does not appear to him as damp and evil-smelling. He also feels his feet and hands and finds that nowhere fetters are put on. But as he feels without fetters, he tries to investigate the largeness of his dungeon, and how for instance the floor is. Whether there is not perhaps a secret court near him?!
But he is not a little surprised when he first perceives no floor at all and just as little any dungeon wall; but second also cannot find anything of a hammock in which he perhaps hangs in a free catacomb space.

This thing appears to him very strange and doubtful. He also checks his feeling whether it perhaps is not still half dead so to speak in the limbs. But he convinces himself through an efficient pinching and rubbing at all his soul body parts that his feeling is not dead at all but to the contrary is just too much alive.
After he now has convinced himself from all sides, exactly checking, that he is completely alive and finds himself from no side in any way locked in, except from a most complete night of darkness, - there he finally asks himself completely despairingly upset:
"Where am I then in three devil’s name? What then did these thirsty bloodhounds made out of me? They did not shoot me, otherwise I would not live! …"

After these words he keeps quiet and still for quite a long while and only rubs sometimes the eyes to get rid of an all due narcotic turbidity. But because it still does not want to become brighter despite all his preconceived patience and despite all eye rubbing, so he starts to completely doubt the new acquirement of eyesight and therefore becomes more infuriated from one moment to the next. But when the light does not want to appear also despite him constantly becoming more and more infuriated, so he shouts quite strongly:
"What then happened to me?! What kind of damned state is this?! – Is there no longer any God? …"

After these words he makes strangling attempts with him. He makes some quite efficient operation at his throat, but of course without all effect; because he so to speak seizes every time through and through, without also feeling a faintest trace of any suffocation! – That makes our man be startled, and he constantly becomes more and more confused of ideas about his state. But as it does not work at all with the suffocation, he decides to move dead-straight ahead. "Because," he says for himself completely infuriated, "darker and more bottomless than it is here, it certainly cannot be in the entire endless space, …"

Here our man makes usual walking movements with his feet. But because he perceives no ground underneath his feet, - so they just seem for him to make merely mutual, useless pendulum movements, which effect a getting on just as little as if someone would sit on a bench and would stroll with the feet in the air to and fro. That is why he again meditates with himself upon another way of further movement and says:
"With hands and feet I must start to swim …"

Here he starts to make formal swimming movements with hands and feet, of course does not feel any advance through any draught. But that does not disconcert him. He continues his swimming movements. The more he works the more he also feels that his efforts are in vain. Because he notices it that this black air does not have him feel the slightest resistance! That is why he again stops his swimming movements and says:
"I am a donkey and most stupid fool! – Why do I strive hard in vain?! Where there is nothing, there is nothing! …"

After these words our man becomes completely dumb and quiet with the mouth, but the more active in his heart, what makes him already again angry, because in this activity he perceives the more life and the more a comprehensive activity in himself; the calmer he gets the greater also his inner activity gets; and the more he wants to suppress it the stronger it appears.
There a new kind of despair and anger rage drives him already again. Because it becomes more and more clear to him that he cannot get rid this way of life which is burdensome to him above everything. There he again starts to talk: "But now I would like to know in all devils’ name what then life is in itself, which is more than pig stupid, that one cannot get rid of it!? …"

Says Robert further: "The so-called Lord's Prayer is among all prayer formulas probably the best! Because so has the wise Jesus taught his followers to pray. Unfortunately was this prayer still never completely understood, ..."

"Oh you good teacher and Master Jesus! When your fate is about also equal to mine, so you will also certainly pretty often have regretted in such a situation after the most disgraceful execution having done so much good for evil men?! – Almost 2000 years in such night! – Oh most noble one! – that must be very hard! "
When our man utters the name Jesus so very sympathetically and very respectfully a lightning drives from the rising to the going down, over which our freedom apostle very much takes fright, but at the same time still also feels a great joy, because that way he got the conviction that he is not blind.
But at the same time he also starts to think about what then perhaps was the cause of this very bright lightning after all? He now thinks to and fro and up and down. He goes through all reasons for the awakening of electricity known to him. But he finds here nothing for a sufficient explanation of this first light appearance in this state still inconceivable to him.


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